ISF's - Day 8 - Playoff C1 Argentina at Japan

July 24, 2009

Saskatoon, SK

Game C1


A super fantast sunny, hot sunny day in the ball yard - what a great day for Fastball!

Welcome our colleagues from Argentina media again to the media box and a lady reporter/photograpjer from Japan.
Check this site for the news in Spanish:

Terry Baytor is in the house getting ready to cover some of the final games on TV.


Wu on the dish.

Kunihiko IIda pitching for Japan
Lucas Mata has the ball for Argentina

no runs one hit, no errors, one lob for Japan

69, Fernando Petric, grounds to short, out at 1b
9, 2b,  Pablo Montero, fly out to lf, two down
31, Bruno Motroni, out
no runs, no hits, no errors, no score

19, Kenji Nakamura, out
2, out
5, Masateru Matsuoka, and we have a DIP (Dreaded Illegal Pitch);  and another DIP - 1b blue then the 3b blue, taking turns with the DIP's. out
- Manager of the Argentina team having a nice chat with the home plate blue about the state of DIP's in Saskatoon.

32, Gustavo Guerinieri, and its the 1b blue's turn to call a DIP. - a walk
18, Gustavo Goody, out at 1b, moves the runner to 2b
12, Julio Gamarci, caught looking.
22, Mauricio Caceres, walks
49, 1b,   Leonardo Latasa, nails it to the cf wall and scores two while he rests on 2b
11, 3b,   Luciano Coccia, grounds it to ss who kicks it around a bit and is safe on 1b while runner is on 3b
69, rf,  top of order, Leonardo Petric, high fly to rf for the final out
two runs on two hits, no errors, left two ob
2-0 for Argentina

23, out
6, Tsukamoto Masakazu, 2b,  out at 1b
8, rf,  top of order, Hiroshi Ishimura, grounds to 2b for the out at 1b
1:43 pm
no runs on no hits
2-0 lead for Argentina

9,  Montero, out at 1b
31, Bruno Motroni, and a very nice stop by 2b for the out at 1b - real nice play
32, Gustavo Guerinieri, pops high to rf and out
no runs, no hits, no errors, no one lefton
2-0 lead for Argentina

fast paced game

1, grounded a single to cf but turned it into a double with great speed.
15, out
12, Yasumitsu Harada, a single over the pitcher's head to score a run.
19, high fly to cf, rifled it into 2b to nail the runner. close call.
one run on two hits,  no errors, none left on
2-1 for Argentina leading

good sized crowd building up this afternoon for a great day of fastball. rougly 1/4 crowd in my estimate but building up. we had 7,000 last night and we will beat that by much more tonight

18, Gustavo Goody, up the middle single
12, grounds one but is out at 1b, moves the runner to 2b
22, lf,  Mauricio Caceres, and we almost had the perfect lf hit, looked in, back lf corner, but called foul; caught looking
- pitching change - a lefty, 13, Kengo Terui
delay to give some minor first aid to the runner who slid in
last out
one run on two hits one lob, no errors
3-1 for Argentina leading Japan after four

stands should really be full for this game, its great fastball!  two teams are evenly matched and playing well.

2, Ono, high pop and the 3b gets it, out
5, Matsuoka, and we have a DIP again, thought we were over that!  3b blue. drives one down 3b side for a single
23, single and we have runners on 1 and 2 with only one out
6, Tsukamoto, and we have a major meeting on the mound;  BUNT, and the 1b bobbles it, the run scores and we have runners on 2 and 3. call at home was close but Wu was on it.
8, rf,  Ishimura, just about took the head off of his 3b coach, duck! - much chatter about the balls and strikes from AR team and fans. called third strike.
1, Yokoyama, out at 1b in a nice play from ss
one run on two hits, one error, and two lob
2:22pm  - a longer inning
3-2 lead for Argentina

very bright sun so I cannot see the score board at all

69, Petric, to the cf fence and out
9, 2b,  Pablo Montero,  single
31, c,  Bruno Montroni,  singles down the left side, runners on 1 and 2
- we will have a pitching change: 24, Tatsuya Hamaguchi
32, Gustavo Guerinieri, - chatter from AR bench sounds like "Illegal" so blue on 3b scolds them - grounds to 3b and running throw to 1b nails him
18, ss,  Gustavo Goody, and he CRUSHES one over the 250' sign in cf - two run home run
12, Julio Gamarci, walks - 2 will run for him, Jose Pintos
22, lf,  Mauricio Caceres, walks, so we have runners on 1 and 2
49, 1b,  Leonardo Latasa, called 3rd strike for the final out
3 runs on 3 hits, 2 lob

Preview:  James Darby will pitch for GB in the next game.

15, ss,  Hazeyama, and a DIP was heard;  walks
12, Harada, single down the left side, runners on 1 and 2 - a runner at 1b
19, Nakamura, single and the 2b drops the ball on the flip to ss, and the bases are loaded - but now we have a full meeting of 4 of the 6 blue. - runner was actually out and ball was dropped on the transfer.
 - and the call stands!  after the two minute meeting the blue informed the AR coach and he is turning blue. bases still loaded and no one out
2, Ono, and he smashes one to cf to score two. runners on 2 and 3 - no one out.
5, Matsuka, sac bunt to move the runners
23, lf,  Suzuki,  oh oh, a DIP and a run walks in - the AR coach is not pleased at all - talks to the plate ump then over to the window to talk to the UIC to no avail
- now a call at home plate, should be foul ball, runner from 3b to him slid, needs minfor medical attention, he is not out, it was a foul ball
- Suzuki still at bat, pops to cf and missed, scores one, runner safe on 1b
6, Tsukamoto - coach out for a long chat with Mata and co. - a delay - now a pitching change - 36 Juan Potolicchio is in to pitch - a good hand for Lucas Mata leaving the game
Tsukamoto, out at1b
two out
8, Ishimura, pops one to lf and scores another run, safe on 1b  - now 7-6 for Japan, quite a turn around - my first prediction is crumbling
1, Yokomayma, - runner on 1b is on 2b before anyone sees him - strikes out to end the inning
3:14pm  a very long half inning
5 runs on 4 hits, one error, 1 lob
7-6 lead for Japan over Argentina

watch for announcment coming up at the break on SportsNet coverage of the final two games.

27, Andres Gamarci, pop high to 1b and out
69, Petric, hit batter, walk to first
9, Pablo Montero, strikes out looking
31, - runner steals second; 31, Motroni,  walks
32, Gustavo Guerinieri, little pop to 2b out strands two
no runs on no hits, two lob, no errors
7-6 lead for Japan

15, double - he can run!
12, Harada. - hit ball hit his foot, needs some medical attention - they may run out of spray on - Argentina will make a change - re entry - further delay on the slight injury - Harada, out
19, Harada, out
2, Ono, two out, runner on 2b, out at 1b
no runs on one hit, no errors, one lob

the stands have a lot more people now and they are getting their money's worth - tension!

18, Godoy, and we have another DIP! - 3b blue again. fly to deep rf and out. - one out
2, Jose Pintos, hits a line drive to deep lf and is safe on 1b - should have tried for two!
22, Caceres, runner on 1b; single on error by 3b, runners on 1 and 2
49, Latasa, goes down swinging - two out - two on base
11, Coccia, long fould ball, rf goes for it and slides into the bull pen, a moment or two to recover, out goes the trainer with the spray can again. Grounds out to end one exciting game.
final: 3:52pm

no runs on one hit, one error, two lob - great game guys! 

I am 1-0 on my predictions    - CHAMPS CHATTER PREDICTIIONS


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