ISF's - Day 8 - Playoff C4 - Canada at USA

July 24, 2009

Saskatoon, SK

Playoff Game C4

Canada at USA

John Thompson took some pictures of the long concession line ups this week. Tonight he almost took a picture of the very long line to the men's washroom!


Paul Koert has the ball for USA

Sean Whitten will start for Canada

9:40 and teams are warming up while the ready the diamond - expected start: 9:55pm

77, Wolfe walks
51, Tosh, out
14, Fehrman, out
20, Abbott, walks
33, Mulalley, 2 out and runnrs on 1 and 2, called third strike
no runs on no hits, no errors, 2 lob

huge crowd here tonight - the Black Sox fan club are still here and in force. I am guessing but must be well over 7,00 tonight
reserved section is full, the stands out o n 1b side are full all the way down, the beer tent looks packed.. the stands in the outfield are full.

Whitten throwing to Sean O'Brien
1, Blake Miller, strikes out
5. Kyle Magnusson,, goes down swinging
4, Matt Palazzo, strikes  out
no runs on no hits, no errors, none lob

30, Dale Levy, grounded to ss, nice throw to 1b for the out
9, Mayson, out
Sean OB, out at first

27, Chris DeLarwelle, walks
6, Don Garvey, strikes out
24, 1b  Landy Rodruguez, strikes out
77, Chase Turner, grounds out to a rousing cheer from this large crowd
no runs, no hits, no errors, one lob

8 Craig Crawford, out
77, cf, Wolfe, out
51, MacKintosh, singles
14, Fehrman, grounds to second and out at 1b
no runs on no hits, one lob, no errors

Lalonde brounded out
Pinoxhio areiw our
Miller, 2b out
no runs on no hits no errors

20, Colin Abbott, out at first on a close call as 1b falls off the bag
33, Steve Mulalley, pops out to 3b
30, Dale Levy, w 2 out, cracs one through 2nd for a single
9, Mayson, - crap they are doing the wave! - Levy steals 2b - and the foot stomping on the steel structure above me is getting out of hand.  Strikes out.
1 lob

5, Kyle Magnusson, goes down swinging
Matt Palazzo, on 1b
27, Chris DeLarwelle, - Mark Smith out for a conference - Pitching change - Ethier comingin
Garvey, pops up and its lost in the lights at 3rd; hits straight to rf and out. hold the runner
24, Landy Rodruguez, drills a bouncer down the right side, scores a run. runners on corners
77, Chase Turner, high one to rf and out
one run on two hits, no errors, two lob
1-0 for USA after four

12, Sean O'Brien, fly to cf and out
8, Craig Crawford, out
77, Wolfe, drilld to 3b and out at 1b
no one lob

visit in the booth from none other than Mr Bob Henning who did the plate duties for the AU vs NZ game. 

11, Adam Lalonde, long high one right to the fence and a great catch in cf
10, Steve Pinnochio, double, a single that got agressive and Fehrman did an outstanding job of standing straight up on two hands tring to make the tag. Love to have a pic of that one. safe
1, Blake Miller, hit by pitch.  - Mark Smith out to make a change -  Ethier out. Dean Holoien coming in.
22, Nate Devine, goes down swinging
2 out
the beer tent is closing in 15 minutes
4, Matt Palazzo, burns one down the middle for a single, scores Pinnochio, runners on the corners,
27, Chris DeLarwelle drills one to cf and brings in two runs.
Todd Martin is warmng up
6, Dan Garvey, - Marcus Tan running at 2b - Garvey, out
3 runs on 3 hits, no errors, one lob
4-0 for USA

and sadly fans starting to beat the rush and getting to the parking lot

beautiful evening after a spectacular day

6, Kevin Schellenberg, single on a bobble of the ball - he could have been on 2nd but ran a 1/4 mile past 1b; I think he was still in 2nd gear
14, Fehrman, passed ball and now Shelly is on 2b like a shot - pitching conference on usa mound - and Ian lights up the score board with a monster shot over cf and still going, scores two runs. we have a game
- pitching conference, Koert still has teh ball
20, Colin Abbott, Walks
33, Mulalley - Giesbrecht in to run for Abbott in spite of Colin's speed records this week. Mulalley, shot put shot to middle of lf, two man on, no one out.
30, Dale Levy, hard swing out
9, 1b, Mayson, ohhhhhh, he hits it deep to lf and he drops it! runners on all 3 bags now!
Mark Smith making a change, Jody Eidt coming in
Eidt, 1 out - some question by Eidt on that call - 2 strikes, hard swing, out. two down
8, 3b, Craig Crawford, like the last two batters did not like that first call, revenge, ram it down 1 line to score two. tie game. and the Wolfe man is coming up with runnes on 1 and 2
77, cf.  Ryan Wolfe, 2 out, high fly to the bull pen and he is out stranding two.
4 runs on 4 hits, one error, 2 lob

Todd Martin pitching for Canada - Sean O'Brien catching - Schellenberg on 2b
24, Landy Rodriguez, called third strike and if looks could kill
77, Chase Turner, single to lf
11, Adam Lalonde, grounder to ss, to 1b, late, he is safe
10, Steve Pinnochio, passed ball and Turner is on 3b - called third strike
1, Blake Miller, duck! - wow, he is out - Martin is pumped
2 lob
4-4 tie

6, Schellenberg, bounces one off of the ss for a single
and Mr Turner visits the mound
14, Fehrman, burns one down the 1b side, scores one, a double and now coach Turner having a fit with the blue
-probably questioning the call at 1b, which looked fair to me looking down the line - such language Pete!
-blue walked Mr Turner back to his office
20, Colin Abbott, sac bunt, is that a first! out, but runner on 3b and one out
33, Steve Mulalley, grinds one down the left side, skips past the ss and scores the runner, safe on 1b
30, Levy, one out and runner on 1b, walks
9, Mayson, passed ball, runners now on 2 and 3 - coach Turner change, Koert out - Travis Price in to pitch for USA
12, Sean O'Brien, single, Mullaley out at the plate
8, Craig Crawford, to the cf wall but out
2 runs on 3 hits, 3 lob, no errors

Magnusson, and Mr Trner charges down to ask about a DIP - pop to Shelly at ss and out - one down
8, Palazzo, single to rf
27, Chris DeLarwelle replacing Marcus Tan, single up the middle and Palazzo is on 3b   one out
Turner making a change - Daryn Miller running at 1b
Frank DeGroat, replacing Garvey, passed ball and runners now stacked up at 2 and 3 - one out - Frank, grounder, Martin charges, throws to 1b for the out, runners hold
24, Landy Rodriguez, 2 out - HE SWINGS, HE IS OUT!
6-4 for Canada
final: 12:36am


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