ISF's Day 9 - Game C5 - New Zealand vs Japan

July 25, 2009

Saskatoon, SK

Game C5

Japan vs New Zealand

New Zealand at JAPAN



Heinie Shannon has the ball for Black Sox

Kunihiku Iida is pitching for Japan

Note: Nathan Nukunuku is not on the starting line up.

It is an absolutely outstanding day!  Bright sun, warm/hot, light breeze. Perfect day for a Fastball game. - Announcer just predicted we will hit 30c today, bring your sun block and water.

I am calling the Black Sox to win this one so entered the park in ALL BLACK - ballparkradio golf shirt and Black Sox hat.

Japan has been warming up for quite some time.
New Zealand just wandered in..

I can't belive this, I am the only one in the Media Box so far. That will not last.


12:55pm start

21, Thomas Makea, walks
10, lf  Rhys Casley, bunting! - ohhh did not like that call; bunted one down and up to the P, and out at 1b
11, Jarrod Martin, grounds to short, nice throw to 1b but its missed and he is safe on 2b and Makea is home for lunch.
14, 2b, Travis Wilson, out
22, Don Hale, 2-2; grounds to 3b, rocket to 1b, high jump gets it and he lands in time for the out.  No tall 1b available.
one run on no hits, one error, one lob
1-0 lead for New Zealand leading Japan

The Black Sox fan club actually has a voice today. Last night they were totally drowened out by the Aussies, today they are dressed in all black uniform and chanting a bit.
they are sitting in the first two rows of the reserved section, 1b side, just up to my right. if your looking at today's Champ's Chatter, they would be on the left side of the grandstand.

8, Hiroshi Ishimura, out
1, Hiraku Yokoyama, pops one over to Rona, out
15, Ryji Hazeyama, goes down swinging
no hits on no runs, no errors,

15, 3b  Brad Rona, walks
1, c   Patrick Shannon, passed ball, Rona skips to 2b - Shannon bunts and moves the runner to 3b, Pat is out
88, dp,  Paul Walford, - almost drives a run in landing one on the line down 3b, but they have a blue sitting on it and he calls foul, Rona walks back to 3b; walks after a ton of foul offs.
18, Roman Gabriel, - pitching conferenece - runners on the cornrs- pops to 2b and out. two down.
21, cf,  Makea, and he donates a ball to the beer tent. - a three run shot - now they lead 4-0 over Japan
10, Casley, sends one a mile high and its deep, going going, caught right at the foul line up against the fence
4-0 lead for NZ

12, Yasumitsu Harada, smashes one out to the right side of the big beer tent with Donny Hale climbing the fence to reach 10' tall and cannot get it, a home run for Japan
19, dp,  Kenji Nakamura, strikes out
2, c,  Yohei Ono, rockets one over the head of 2b for a single - out to right cf
5, Masateru Matsuoka, goes down swinging
23, lf, Shuhei Suzuki, swings all the way around and out
2 hits, one run, no errors
4-1 lead for New Zealand

pitching change for Japan, 11, Kazutaka Murashato
11, 1b  Jarrad Martin, down the middle , single
Wilson, bunt, out, but Martin on 2b
runner for Martin, 6, Gareth Cook
22, Donny Hale, grounds to ss, out at 1b; runner holds on 2b
15, 3b,  Brad Rona, grounds out
no runs on one hit, no errors, one lob
4-1 for NZ

6 fly to lf and out
8, out at 1b
1m Yokoyama, - and we have our first DIP of the day, any chance it will be the last? - grounds to ss and rocket to 1b for the out
no runs, no hits, no errors, no lob
4-1 lead for NZ

1, c  Patrick Shannon, grounds one up the middle to the cf, safe on 1b
88, dp  Paul Walford,  safe at 1b
18, Roman Gabriel,  - Shannon steals 2b, ball thown away, so he keeps on travelling and rests on 3b - Roman having a chat with the blue about the strike zone - a called strike. now Eddie comes over to chat - now the blue talks to the 3b blue - think its 2 strikes, skys one to cf, rocket arm throws it home and its about a foot too hight, catcher jumps for it and Shannon slikes in under him - he threw just a bit too high.
21, Makea,  called third strike.
one run on one hit, no one left on base, one error
5-1 lead for NZ

the down side to these beautiful bright sunny days is we cannot read the big score borard. the lights are not bright enough and there is a screen in front of it. othewise this is an outstanding ball park.

15, Hazeyama,  goes down swinging
12, Harada, walks
19, Makamura, called third strike
2, c,  Ono, pops one to lf for a single
5, Matsuoka, gets one by the ss and scores a run; runners on the corners
- Marty Grant is warming up
23, Suzuki, a monster shot way out past the stands!  - a big three run home run - this is a whole different ball game - bets are on for a new pitcher
yes, we ill have a new pitcher - Grant is still warming up but Heinie is making the long slow walk to the bench
- 20 Marty Grant has the ball and taking a few warm up pitches on the mound
- more reminders from the announcer to hydrate, the sun is beating down today, soon will  be 30c
6, Tsukamoto, goes down on a bunt, out
changes coming for Japan
the dp, 19 will pitch
4 runs, 3 hits now the socre is tied 5-5 - lets start over

do you believe this!

19, Kenji Makamura will pitch for Japan
10, Casley - called third strike, did not like the call, ohhh my, blue walks him by the hand to the bench - lucky he is still  in the game
11, Martin walks
14 Wilson, short, 2nd to first, double play, wow!

Just had a very short visit from Dean Oscar, the president of the ISC and Les Novak, umpire and bon vivant from Minnesota

8, Ishimura, rockes one to cf for a single
1, Yokoyama,  bunt on the plate and he is safe on 1b, man he can run!
conference at the mound and the blue shows up without an invitation
and now there is another conference and the blue shows up again, cannot take a hint
15, Hazeyama, out at 1b
12, Harada, - is having a great day so far, now what - runners on 2 and 3 - wow, goes down looking - a surprise. he has had a hot day
-coach and interpreter having a meeting with the blue - 7 for 19 switch
7, Kaishi Uramoto pops out to lf

I cannot belive how quiet the Black Sox fans are, seriously

22, Donny Hale, hit by pitch, in the foot, walk to first
15, Brad Rona, nice bunt, the pitcher drops the ball! Brad safe on 1b, Donny safe on 2b
1, c, Shannon, bunt, up, out , runners stuck on 1 and 2
88, dp  Paul Walford,  pops to cf and out - runners held
change - 12 for 18
12, Nathan Nukunuku, replacing Roman, 2 out - skys one and is out! 3 gone.
no runs
5-5 tie

first batter safe on first after blooper past 1b - replacement runner, 14
5, called 3rd strike and he cannot believe it
23, lf, Suzuki, safe at 1b, runner out at 2b
8, - runner nailed at 2b out

Makea pop up to ss, out
10, Casley, WALKED
Martin, sac
14, Wilson, hit or errot,
- Casley scored in a great cloud of dust after colliding at 3b, and falling down, but he scored, close but he was safe
player injured a bit at 3b
22, Hale - Enoka is running at 2b for Wilson, - Hale flys out
6-5 lead for NZ
one run on no hits no errors, one lob

re enter 14

Marty Grant needs to strike out three more batters

6, Tsukamoto, singles, Wilson stops it but can't find the handle, safe on first
Manley is warming up down 1b side bull pen
8, Ishimura, walked him, now runners on 1 and 2
1, Yokoyama, called third strike1
15, Hazeyma, with only one out, - fly ball to lf and out - now two out
12, 1b, Harada, and he creams it up the middle to tie the game!
runners on 2 and 3
the Black Sox fans need to make some noise!
19,  Makamura, struck out twice earlier - Marty needs an out - pops up and Travis says clear the deck and takes it
one run on two hits, two lob, one error
6-6 time

EXTRA INNINGS - international tie breaker - runner on 2b

runner on 2b - Milne
Rona, sac bunt, out, runner to 3b
Shannon, hit in the butt, take a walk
88, Walford, goes down swinging
pitching change
-13,  Kengo Terut
12, Nathan, fly to lf, misses it, Rona scored, Shannon on 3b
changes coming
starting pitcher is coming back in - five pitchers later
17, Iida, - Makea got a homer off this guy earlier
21, Makea with runners on 2 and 3, 2 are out - TRIPLES - bounces it over the head of the ss, actually he ducked instead of trying to catch it!  sits happy on 3b after falling in a heap on 3b, but he is ok
10, Casley, passed ball and Makea comes home - Casley flys out to 3b
10-6 for NZ

runner on 2b -  22
2, almost decapitated his 1b coach, duck - skys it to cf and out, runner to 3b
5, pop to the right side and out by Wilson
23, grounds to 2b and out at 1b
final:  4:04pm
New Zealand 10
Japan 6

visit from Mr Bob Henning for the last few innings before he does the next game. - USA vs Venezuala

Wow, I am now 5-5 on predictions. Some blue were just in asking me to pick 6 numbers between 1 and 49.


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