ISF's Day 9 - Game C7 - Australia at Canada

July 25, 2009

Saskatoon, SK

Playoff Game C7

Australia at Canada

This is the 6:30pm game and it should start before 7pm

Pitching for Canada:  Whitten

Pitching for Australia:  Kirkpatrick

6:48pm Introductions

and YES, I have the red hat on


start: 6:58pm

Whitten throwing to O'Brien

25, Tanner, grounds to xx, and Schellenberg rifles it to 1b for the out, big smile Shelly
17, Mike Harrow, - I suspect Crawford was sent to the P by the 1b blue with a message about the DIP for Whitten - just a waning for now - grounder to ss and Shelly does another great throw but dropped by Mayson and he is safe.
53, Zenon Winters, grounder and 1b missed the ball again and runners on 2 and 3.
7, Nick Shailes, 1 out and two on; conference on the mound.- strikes out to a thundering ovation
2, Josh Davison, fly to cf and out!
and that is not thunder its 7K people above us stamping their feet on this metal structure we are in
no runs on one hit, one error, 2 lob

77, Ryan Wolfe, deep to rf and out
6, Kevin Schellenberg, pop up at the plate and Gooly has it for the out
14, 2b  Ian Fehrman, grounder to 3b side and out at 2b, slid past the bag

Very large and very noisy crowd tonight, enjoying the evening breeze after a long hot day.

27, Jeff Goolagong, and its under not over, the cf fence, a ground rule double
8, dp,  Tyronne Bartorillo, double, error at 1b, ball thrown away, Fehrman was standing on first.  Whitten threw high, again.
42, Wells, and runner steals 3b. - and the bat just misses Schellenberg! -
14, Jones, pop to Crawford
1 run on one hit, on one error.
1-0 for Australia

20, dp  Colin Abbott, hit foot, neeeds some time - singles when Jones boots the ball.
33, Steve Mulalley, words first with Mark Smith, now 1b blue having a chat with Andrew. - big swing, out
9, Mayson, strikes out
19, Jeff Ellsworth, strikes out
no runs no hits no errors one lob
1-0 For Australia

oye oye oye!

25, Michael Tanner, goes down swinging
17, c,  Mike Harrow, pops to cf and out
53, Zenon Winters, deep rf, nicked his glove and it got away from him to score a triple
7, Nick Shailes, grounder out at 1b
no runs on one hit, no errors, one lob

Humble waring up down the 1b side bull pen

12, c  Sean O'Brian and we have a DIP.  1b blue over to explain why, home plate blue backs him up.  goes down swinging
8, 3b,  Craig Crawford, and he goes down swinging
77, cf,  Ryan Wolfe,  goes down swinging
no runs on no hits, no errors, no one lob

2, Josh Davidson, out at 1b
27, 3b, Jeff Goolagong,  grounds to 3b and Crawford rockets it to 1b for the out
8, dp  Tyrone Bartorillo, grounds to ss and out at 1b
no one left on

26, ss, Schellenberg, fly to the rf fence and caught
14, 2b, Ian Fehrman,  strikes out
20, grounds out to 1b - 3 gone
no hits no runs, no errors, no one lob

12, Wells, grounder down the middle nailed at 1b,  not popular call with the Oz
14, Jones, goes down swinging and the Canadians rattler our roof
25, Michael Tanner, rips one down the middle for a single
17, Harrow, pops one down the middle for a double and scores Tanner, who was going like hell around the turns
time for a pitching change
2-0 for Australia, 2 out
Trevor Ethier in to pitch
53, Zenon Winters, pops out for the 3rd
one run on two hits  no errors  one lob

Folkard is warming up

33, Steve Mulalley, walks
9, Mayson, bunts, p drops the ball, two on base
coach Harrow out to the mound - Andrew stays in
change, Levy in for Ellsworth
19, Dale Levy, goes down swinging
another change, Holoien for OB
72, Dean Holoien, runners on 1 and 2, 1 out; goes down swinging
8, 3b, Craig Crawford, swings hard and out.
no runs no hits left two on base
2-0 lead for Australia

Bob Henning in for a visit again for a couple of innings sends a big hello out to all his friends.

7, Nick Shailes, grounds to 2b and out at 1b
2, rf, Josh Davison, singles, ball too late and dropped by Fehrman at 1b
27, Jeff Goolagong, ** and a spectacular out on the runner at 2b by jumping Schellenbert ** - grounder to 3b and Crawford nails him at 1b for the 3rd out
 no runs on one hit, no errors, none left on

oye oye oye

77 Ryan Wolfe, out
6, Schellenberg, goes out swinging
14, Ian Fehrman, triple, uncer the cf, bad throw to 3rd and the arguement is it should be a home run. - Mar Smith is out talking to the blue - no luck, Ian is on 3b, for now.
20, dp,  Colin Abbott, drilled it hard to the diving ss for a spectacular out!
no runs on one hit, no errors, left one ob
2-0 for AU

8, dp  Ty Bartorillo, fly to deep rf, out
42, Wells, grounder to the charging Crawford who nails him at 1b
22,  Meetkingi hitting for Jones, srikes out
2-0 for Australia

14 re enters, Jones


oye oye oye and stomp those feet

Folkard and Humble both warming up

33, Steve Mulalley, strikes out
9, Mayson,  bouncer to 2b, jump, got it, fires to 1b and out
30, Dale Levy, goes down swinging

Australia: 2
Canada: 0

and there goes my perfect record, now 6-1


New Zealand vs USA coming up next - roughly 9:15pm


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