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Napanee ISC Qualifier

June 20, 2010

Napanee, ON

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Canada East

ISC Qualifier

Napanee, ON

Friday 7 pm
Cobourg‬ Force 9
Napanee Jr Express 2
WP Jason Smith 5 innings 2 runs 5 hits 5Ks
Save Jeff Murphy 2 innings 1K
LP Ian Wallwork 7 innings 9 runs 10 hits 6Ks 6BBs 
T1 Force Craig Buttar RBI 2b scores Dave Brownhill
B3 Express Jordan Hulton 3b scores on Craig McGarvey RBI 1b; McGarvey scores on an infield error
T4 Force Craig Buttar 1b scores on RBI 2b by Scott Leblanc
T5 Force Jake Taylor 3b scores Dave Brownhill; Taylor scores on wild pitch
B6 Jeff Murphy in to pitch for Cobourg
T7 Force Scott Evans 1b, Taylor, Jodie Schnarr both walked, Craig Buttar bases loaded walk scores Terry Eaton running for Evans, Scott Leblanc 2-RBI 2b scores Taylor and Schnarr ; Buttar scores on a wild pitch; Leblanc scores on a passed ball

Napanee Qualifier G2

Cree Nation Bears 2
North Fred Kings 5
WP Jordan McDonald 5 innings 1 run, unearned 1 hit 9 Ks 1BB
Save Bryan Brooks 2 innings 1 run, unearned 1 hit 3Ks 1BB
LP Ray Shanoush 6 innings 5 runs 4 earned 6 hits 6Ks 2BB
T1 Bears Graham Cheezo reached on an error, scored on an RBI 1b by Brent Blackned
B3 Kings Jeff Hannah walked, advanced on a wild pitch and ground out and scored on a wild pitch
B4 Kings Pat Severin home run
T6 Bryan Brooks in to pitch for North Fred
B6 Kings Corey Brooks reached on an error advanced to second, stole third, Severin BB, Ryan Wagar pinch ran; Ryan Sharpe 2-RBI 2b scores Brooks and Wagar; Aaron Shield RBI 1b to score Sharpe
T7 Darren Gilpen RBI 1b scored Mike Gilpen who reached on an error

Toronto Gators 8
Curve Lake Renegades 1 - 6 innings
WP: Kyle Linton 6 innings 1 run, unearned, 8Ks 3BB 2HBP
LP: Steven McNaughton 4 1/3 IP 7 runs, 6 earned, 8 hits, 2Ks 3BB; relief Riley Capalba 1 1/3 innings 1 run, earned, 2 hits 1 BB
B1 Gators Les Bernstein 1b, Darren Newson RBI 2b scores Bernstein; Mike Smulevitch RBI 1b scores Newson
T2 Renegades Steven McNaughton BB eventually scores on wild pitch
B5 Gators Berstein reaches on error, Newson 2-run HR, Mark Korten BB eventually scores on wild pitch, Smulevitch 1b, Tom Watkinson BB; Riley Capala in to pitch for Renegades; Ray Carr RBI 1b scores Smulevitch, Edi Fisher pinch runs for Watkinson scores on wild pitch
B6 Gators Blair Setford BB, Rob Greatrix re-enters to run, advances to second on wild pitch, Korten RBI 1b to score Greatrix

Game 3
St. Thomas Storm 4
North Fred Kings 3
WP Ian Knott, Luke Leahy
LP Craig Hollingsworth, relief Bryan Brooks
Fred leave bases loaded in B7
Details to follow

Game 4
St. Thomas Storm 4
North Fred Kings 3
WP Ian Knott 5 innings 2 runs, both earned 5 hits 1K 2BB
Save Luke Leahy 2 innings 1 run, earned, 3 hits 2Ks 1BB
LP Craig Hollingsworth 2/3 inning 4 runs 3 earned 3 hits 1BB, Bryan Brook 6 1/3 3 hits 9Ks
T1 Storm Scott Wasson walked, stole second, Justin Taylor RBI 2b, Cody Skelton 1b, Kyle Mitchell 2 RBI 2b; Bryan Brooks into pitch, Mitchell scores on a wild pitch
B2 Kings Pat Severin HR
B5 Kings Chris Switzer walks, Cory Brooks RBI 2b;
B6 Storm Luke Leahy into pitch, Kings Mike Finn HR
B7 Kings leave the based loaded
Donnacona Blue Sox 16
Cree Nation Bears 4 - 4 innings
WP: Luc Thibault 4 innings 4 runs, all earned 6 hits 3Ks
LP: Ray Shanoush 3 innings 11 runs, all earne, 12 hits, 2Ks 3BB; relief Marvin Cheezo 5 runs, all earned 2 hits 3 BB
B1 Blue Sox Mathieu Roy walked, Jonathan Darveau 1b Cory Morrison RBI 1b to score Roy, Darveau scores on a wild pitch, Steve Savard RBI 1b to score Morrison
T2 Bears  Mike Gilpin 1b Stephane Shanoush RBI 1b
B2 Blue Sox Mathieu Lessard 2b advance to 3rd on wild pitch, Frederic St. Pierre RBI ground out
T3 Bears Greg Mark-Stewart 1b, Brent Blackned 2-run HR; Ray Shanoush HR
B3 Steve Savard BB, sac'ed to 2nd, Phillippe Pare RBI 1b, Mathieu Lessard 2-RBI 2b scores on wild pitches; Mathieu Roy HR; Jonathan Darveau BB Cory Morrison RBI 3b; Savard RBI 1b Luc Thibault 2b
B4 Miguel Mottard 1b, Mathieu Lessard BB Frederic St. Pierre BB Mathieu Roy BB RBI; Jonathan Darveau Grand Slam HR 4 RBI
Napanee Junior Express 8
Curve Lake Renegade 0
WP Dylan Cunningham - PERFECT GAME - 5 innings 7Ks
LP K. Capulbo 5 innings 8 runs 2 earned, 8 hits 5Ks 3BB
T3 Express Craig McGarvey 2b, Chris Brown RBI 1b, sac'ed to 2nd, Ian Wallwork reached on error, Brown scored; Jackson Ryan RBI 2b to score Brown, Jordan Hulton BB, Ryan and Hulton score via wild pitches
T5 Express Ryan 1b, Hulton reaches on error Kyle Lloyd reaches on a fielders choice Ryan scores, Luke McDonald RBI 1b scores Hulton; Craig McGarvey RBI 1b scores Lloyd
Toronto Gators 3
Cobourg Force 1
WP Tom Berube 7 innings 1 run, earned, 3 hits 3Ks 1BB 1HBP
LP Wayne Wells 3 2/3 innings 3 runs all earned 7 hits 4Ks 1HBP, relief Jeff Murphy 2 1/3 innings 2 hits 7Ks 1BB
B1 Gators Rob Greatrix 1b Les Bernstein reaches on fielders choice Darrin Newson RBI 1b
B4 Gators Newson 1b Tom Watkinson HBP Ray Carr RBI 1b to score Newson; Ryan Freedman RBI 1b scores Edi Fisher pinch running for Watkinson
T6 Force Dave Brownhill 2b, Anthony Palmieri RBI 2b
Donnacona Blue Sox 7
St. Thomas Storm 1
WP Francis Leclair
LP Luke Leahy
Details to follow
Note we are moving 9 pm scheduled game up to 7 pm

Donnacona Blue Sox 7
St. Thomas Storm 1
WP: Francis Leclair 7 innings 1 run, earned, 2 hits, 6 Ks 4BB
LP: Luke Leahy 7 innings 7 runds all earned 11 hits 6Ks 3BB 1HBP
T1 Blue Sox Mathieu Roy HBP, Cory Morrison 1b, Roy scores wild pitch
T2 Blue Sox Jean Daniel Doucet 1b, Philippe Pare 1b, Cary Alkerton RBI single scores Doucet, Pare scores on wild pitch
B4 Storm Cody Skelton BB advance to 3rd on passed balls, Matt Swift SAC fly RBI
T5 Blue Sox Cory Morrison 3b, Francis Leclair RBI 1b scores Morrison, Doucet 1b, Pare RBI 1b scores Leclair, Roy 2-RBI 2b scores Doucet, Pare
Saturday 5 pm
Toronto Gators 5
Napanee Jr Express
WP Kyle Linton 7 innings 3 runs 2 earned 7 hits 10Ks 3BBs
LP Ian Wallwork 6 innings 5 runs 3 earned 7 hits 6 Ks 3BBs
T1 Express Chris Brown BB, sac'ed to 2nd, Ian Wallwork RBI 1b
B1 Gators Darrin Newson 1b Tom Berube reached on error, each advanced on passed ball, Mark Korten 2-RBI 1b
T2 Express Brent Mills 1b advance to 2nd on error Cal McGarvey RBI 1b
B3 Gators Darrin Newson HR, Ray Carr, BB advance to 2nd on wild pitch, Ryan Freedman RBI 1b
T5 Express Cal McGarvey 1b, Wallwork 1b Dylan Cunningham RBI 1b
B6 Gators Joel Grossman reaches on FC, Mike Smulevitch RBI 2b
Cobourg Force 7
Curve Lake 0
WP Jason Smith 4 innings 1 hit H 9Ks, Scott Evans 2 innings 1 hit 4Ks
LP Steven McNaughton  4 innings 5 runs, 3 earned 8 hits 1K 1BB, Riley Capelbo 2 innings 2 runs 1 earned 2 hits 1K 1BB
B1 Force Dave Brownhill 2b, Craig Buttar 2-run HR
B2 Force Brian Maguire 1b Terry Eaton 1b, Dave Brown hill RBI FC
B3 Force Jodie Schnarr 1b, Scott Leblanc 1b, Scott Evans RBI 2-RBI 2b
B5 Capelbo to pitch for Curve Lake; Force Schnarr reached on error, advanced and scored on a wild pitch
B6 Force Terry Eaton 2b, Anthony Palmeri RBI 1b
Saturday 7 pm
St. Thomas vs Cree Nation D1
Saturday 9 pm
Donnacona vs North Fred D2

Saturday 7 pm
St. Thomas Storm 8
Cree Nation Bears 0
WP Ian Knott 4 innings 1 hit 7Ks, Luke Leahy 1 inning 2Ks
LP Ray Shanoush 4 innings 8$uns 5 earned 10 hits 3Ks 2BB, Mervini Cheezo 1 inning
T1 Storm Scott Wasson 2b, advanced to 3rd on passed ball, Aaron Gould RBI ground out
T3 Storm Jerret Taylor 1b, Scott Wasson RBI 3b, Aaron Gould RBI ground out
T5 Storm Jerret Taylor 1b, stolen base, Scott Wasson RBI 3b, Aaron Gould BB, Cody Skelton 2-RBI 2b, Rich Taylor RBI 2b, Kyle Mitchell reached on an error, scored on RBI 1b by Cody Campbell

Donnacona Blue Sox 3
North Fred Kings 1
WP Cory Alkerton 7 innings 1 run, earned, 5 hits 10Ks 3BB 1HBP
LP Bryan Brooks 3 innings 3 runs all earned 3 hits 2Ks 1BB in relief of Jordan McDonald 4 innings 1 hit 4Ks 4BB
T5 Blue Sox Mathieu Lessard BB Philippe Pare 1b Cory Morrison 2-RBI 2b Steve Savard RBI 1b
B6 Lyle Brown 1b Bryan Brooks RBI 2b
Pool A
1. Toronto Gators 3-0
2. Cobourg Force 2-1
3. Napanee Express 1-2
4. Curve Lake Renegades 0-3
Pool B Standings
1. Donnacona 3-0
2. St. Thomas 2-1
3. North Fred 1-2
4. Cree Nation 0-3
Sunday Schedule
9 am
P1 D1 A1 Toronto vs B1 Donnacona
P2 D2 A2 Cobourg vs B2 St. Thomas
11 am
D1 P3 Winner P2 vs Loser P1
1 pm
D1 Winner P1 vs Winner P3
Champion gets a paid berth + travel money for 2010 ISC World Tournament.
Finalist gets a berth for 2010 ISC World Tournament.

Donnacona vs Cobourg

Sunday 9 am
Gm 13
Donnacona Blue Sox 7
Toronto Gators 2
WP: Francis Leclair 7 innings 2 runs both earned 5 hits 10Ks 3BB
LP: Tom Berube 3 1/3 innings 5 runs, 4 earned, 9 hits 1K 1BB, relief Kyle Linton 3 2/3 innings 2 runs, earned, 4 hits 3Ks 4BB
T1 Blue Sox Mathieu Roy 1b, Cory Morrison reached on an error, Steve Savard 2-RBI 2b
T4 Blue Sox Luc Thibault 2b, Miguel Mottard 1b, Frederic St. Pierre RBI 1b scores Thibault, Mathieu Roy RBI 1b scores Mottard, Morrison RBI 1b scores St. Pierre, Kyle Linton into pitch for Gators
T5 Blue Sox Jean Daniel Doucet BB, Fredric St. Pierre RBI 1b
B5 Gators Blair Setford 1b, Edi Fisher 1b Jordan Copeland 2-RBI 2b
T6 Steve Savard 1b Francis Leclair 1b Jean Daniel Doucet RBI 2b
Gm 14
Cobourg Force 7
St. Thomas Storm 2
WP Jason Smith 7 innings 2 runs 1 earned 3 hits 11Ks
LP Luke Leahy 6 innings 7 runs 5 earned 9 hits 8Ks 2 BB, Ian Knott 1 inning 2 hits
T2 Force Scott Leblanc BB Scott Evans 1b Bill Fairney to run, advance on wild pitch, Tony Palmieri RBI 1b scores Leblanc, Brian Maguire fielders choice scores Fairney Dave Brownhill RBI 1b scores Palmieri
B4 Storm Scott Wasson 1b, Aaron Gould reaches on an error, Cody Skelton 2-RBI 2b
T5 Jake Taylor 1b, Craig Buttar reached on a fielders choice, Jodie Schnarr RBI 1b scores Taylor, Evans RBI 1b scores Buttar
T7 Force Schnarr 1b, Leblanc 1b, Ian Knott in to pitch for Storm, Brian Maguire RBI 1b scores Schnarr, Terry Eaton RBI 1b scores Leblanc
Sunday 11 am
Gm 15
Cobourg Force 9
Toronto Gators 2 - 5 innings
WP Jeff Murphy 5 innings 2 runs both earned 3 hits 11Ks 1BB
LP Tom Berube 5 innings 9 runs 6 earned 8 hits 4Ks
T2 Gators Tom Berube 1b, advanced on a wild pitch, Mike Smulevitch RBI 1b
B3 Force Brian Maguire 1b, advanced on a wild pitch, Jake Taylor RBI 1b, Craig Buttar 1b, Jodie Schnarr RBI 1b scores Taylor, Scott Leblanc 2-RBI 2b scores Buttar, Schnarr, Tony Palmieri RBI 1b scores Leblanc, Sam Forbes RBI 1b scores Palmieri
T5 Gators Ray Carr BB, advances on a wild pitch, Joel Grossman RBI 1b,
B5 Craig Buttar reached on error, Jodie Schnarr reached on error, Scott Leblanc reached on an error, Buttar scored, Schnarr scored on a passed ball, Palmieri RBI 1b scores Leblanc

Gm 16
Cobourg Force 4
Donnacona Blue Sox 1
WP Jeff Murphy 7 innings 1 run
LP Francis Leclair 7 innings 4 runs
T1 Force Dave Brownhill BB Craig Buttar 1b Jodie Schnarr RBI 1b, Scott Leblanc RBI 1b
T3 Force Jake Taylor 1b Jodie Schnarr RBI 3b
B3 Blue Sox Mathieu Lessard reached on a fielders choice, sac'ed to 2nd, Mathieu Roy RBI 1b
T7 Craig Buttar BB, sac'd 2nd, Scott Leblanc 1b, Tony Palmieri sac fly RBI scores Buttar
Cobourg wins a paid berth + travel money for the 2010 ISC World Tournament.
Donnacona wins a berth.


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