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Kirtchener Legends is underway

June 26, 2010

Kitchener, ON

June 25-27, Kitchener, ON - 7th Annual Legend's of Fastball Classic  

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7pm and we are playing ball!    Its been a long time since Orlando, my last ball game.

Game 2
Jarvis Travelers vs KW Cubs

Game tied 1-1 in 2nd inning

Adam Folkard has the ball for Jarvis.


It is one spectacular evening in Peter Hallman Ballyard. Good crowd watching each of the 3 games underway.
The main parking lot was full and I am up on the hill, at the back, its full too.
There is even a Trailer City in the upper parking lot, lots of regulars here for the weekend.

1-1 after 2 innings

Ryan French throwing for KW Cubs

T4 - still 1-1

Brad Rona on 3b for Jarvis Travelers, flew in from NZ just for the weekend.

Rona makes it to 3b on  a single, bad throw to 2b

2-1 for Jarvis after 4 innings

Ethier warming up for Jarvis

Freddie Terkelsen in the park home run

3-1 for Jarvis going to B5

Trevor Ethier in to pitch for Jarvis

Pat Graham on 1b replacing Tim Macumber

3-1 lead for Jarvis

KWC with 2 out and runners on 2 and 3, Brad Thompson at bat; runner scores on passed ball; Brad is out but Cubs have an extra run.

4-2 lead for Jarvis


4-2 final for Jarvis - 8:35pm

Regret that there are not updates from the other diamonds during their games.  I am in the press box on diamond 1 with a good view of the field so can give a few updates from the games here.
This is the first year we have had an internet connection during the Legands, at the park. No more driving back and forth to the hotel!
We did a system upgrade at Phenix this week and installed a new Bell system and I brought along the spare Rogers Rocket Hub to the park to check it out.
Its working great. It can handle 6 computers at once. So far its just me and my side kick Kyle Smith who is testing it for on Sunday.

Kitchener Rivershark Twins vs Midland Explorers
Todd Martin vs Brian Urquhart pitching
4th inning, Jeff Goolagong in the park home run to tie it up 1-1
 -that one looked great on the big TV when CTV aired it on the late news - great coverage.

Nice to hear Louie Joglar is joining the Twins when they travel to the Big Apple next weekend.

Kitchener leading 3-1

Patterson in to pitch for Martin

3-1 lead for Twins

FINAL: 3-1 for Twins  - 10:30pm

Game 4 - 9pm
Owen Sound vs Port Elgin on the other diamond is still going on, almost 11pm

ended 5-4 for Owen Sound


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