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Kitchener Legends - Saturday

June 26, 2010

Kitchener. ON

June 25-27, Kitchener, ON - 7th Annual Legend's of Fastball Classic  

SCHEDULE and Results Page

Watch the above link for box scores and more details on the games.

7:00am overcast

9:30am and its overcast in Kitchener and light spitting rain but not a problem yet in PHB, we are playing ball.

Game 5
9:50am game over

Chicago/NY 5
Elmira 2

MVP: Omar Tavares

Regret that there are not updates from the other diamonds during their games.  I am in the press box on diamond 1 with a good view of the field so can give a few updates from the games here.
This is the first year we have had an internet connection during the Legands, at the park. No more driving back and forth to the hotel!
We did a system upgrade at Phenix this week and installed a new Bell system and I brought along the spare Rogers Rocket Hub to the park to check it out.
Its working great. It can handle 6 computers at once. So far its just me and my side kick Kyle Smith who is testing it for on Sunday.

 Although we are working in the same press box as we have worked in three past great World Tournaments, its not quite the same, not by a long shot.
During WT`s the blue crew have a separate trailer for a change room. This weekened they have taken over the back half of the press box as a change room.
Can you spell ZOO !

 Love the Blue, but trying to work while they are having old home week every two hours can be challenging, LOL.

Game 6

KW Cubs: 1
NY Gremlins: 8

10:05am getting ready for Midland vs Niagara on the main diamond. Should start by 10:12 or so by the looks of things. but crew took a lot longer than we thought.

Almost as many people in the park as last night in spite of the light drizzle this AM.  Parking lots pretty full but lots of spots in overflow and along the road.

Maz just made the annual mustard run.

Game 7

Underway at 10:22am

Manley has the ball for Chi/NY
Joseph throwing for Midland

Jay Hart is on the dish

Ed Otterman is on 1b for the blue

Going to T6  ChiéNY leading 2-1

 Final:  2-1 for ChiéNY over Midland - 11:55am

Bar of Appleton team beat albaugh 10-3 in Albaugh, via Facebook - hopefully Albaugh will send a real report soon.

No reports from Port Huron as of noon!  Pony Express arrived with a few scores at 1pm!

Game 10 coming up

Port Elgin vs Jarvis

estimated 12:10pm start

light rain, a bit more than before, most of the loyal and hardy fans have umbrellas up. Players are playing through it.
12 noon


NY Gremlins over Owen Sound Selects 2-0 over before noon.

 Game 10  start at 12:13pm

Port Elgin vs Jarvis Travelers

Rob O`Brian has the ball for Jarvis, throwing to bro Sean.

Whitelaw on the dish, Jay Hart on 1b for the blue, in spite of what the schedule says.

 T2 - tied 1-1 - 12:30pm and its raining a bit harder. Only the players lack an umbrealla out there.



Based on weather forcast, rain should soon stop and we hope in an hour or so the field will dry out.  STAY TUNED - 1:10pm

2:10pm and we are on schedule to start at 2:30pm again - grounds crew are applying the diamond dust to the pitchers mound and home plate.
 Crowd has gathered without their umbrellas.

The Legends awards will be at 2:30pm before the games resume.

Legends Awards Ceremony at 2:30pm

The most moving ceremony yet. See Diamond Dirt for the new inductees.

3:00pm  PLAY BALL

2nd inning Port Elgin vs Jarvis

Ethier triple scores Rona to make it 2-1 for Jarvis.

T4 - 3:22pm

B6 still 2-1 for Jarvis - 4pm

Game Over - 4:10pm  3-1 for Jarvis

Getting very hot and humid



Game 9

Kitchener over Snappers  7-0

Game 11  Kitchener vs ChiéNY

T3  5pm

0-0 tie so far

Don Scott throwing for Kitchener

Good sized crowd but kind of quiet as its warm and muggy.

Deakin and Whitlaw are the blue crew for this game.

Cleary started for CHIéNY

B3 - 4:10pm

T6 - 5:52pm  NO SCORE - Wolfe first up.

 B7 - 6:06pm NO SCORE - Rob Grey first up
Grazer singles,
Eziekel, sac, Grey safe on 2b, one out
Joy, passed ball, runner to 3b; intentional walk, runners on the corners, one out
time out, major meeting with the pitcher, and another meeting,
Ryan Wolfe is up, wild pitch, runner to 2b, runners on 2 and 3; up the middle to score the winning run.

FINAL:  1-0 for Kitchener


Teams lined up for the hand shake and there is no other than Tom MacAvoy! Every Twin gave him a hug.

Game 12

Port Elgin over NY Gremlins 1-0 !!!

Game 13 - B1 - 6:45pm  no score

Urquhart for Midland.
Wagar for Snappers

 B3  7:10pm  no score yet - Midland CF makes a diving catch for the 1 out b3

sorry, no updates from the other diamond. - and the umbrellas are going up again!  7:12pm   to T4

-Reminder, if your in the area, be sure to watch the local CTV station late night sports report, they had some spectacular shots of yesterday`s games and they are on top of things again today.

T4 and Midland have runners on the corners with no one out.  7:16pm
Skillings turns a blooper single into a double while the infield chase down the runner from 3b. 1 out, runners on 2 and 3
Kyle Beane, grounds to ss, out, runners hold and now two out.
Steve Roberts, grounds to 1b for the 3rd out.  7:20pm


Snappers get two on base, two out, Newhouse nails one over the head of the CF, runs like a deer and slides home, the catcher drops the ball and he is safe. Now a 3-0 ball game for Snappes. 7:30pm

T5  spectacular catch by the Snapper`s CF

 no umbrellas for now.  7:36pm - warm and muggy - inning is over, going to B5

T6 Niagara have a 5-0 lead - 7:47pm

 T7  8pm, last chance for Midland
Roberts out at 1b
Calvin Miller, ss, out

its over, 5-0 final for Snappers


The game on the other diamond is still in progress. The last junior game of the day is over and the score on the main results site.

The game on the other diamond just ended, it was in extra innings, 8:30pm - trying to get you the score now.

Jarvis won 5-4 in 9 innings.  Waiting for the game sheet.

Game 15 - starting at 8:30pm

Martin vs Martin

Kitchener Rivershark Twins vs Elmira Expos

Dan Martin started for Elmira
Todd Martin started for Kitchener

 5th inning, 9:13pm

Kitchener hold a slim 1-0 lead, T5

 B6 - Kitchener lead 1-0  - 9:35pm

B7 with 2 out, Elmira scores a run to tie it up. One runner on base, attempt to steal 2b, out.

T8 - 9:50pm

B8 - at some point Don Scott came in to pitch for the Twins.  he has two out with a runner on 3b
batter drills one deep, caught, going to 9th.

T9 - 10pm
Ezekiel drives in Boyd on a triple, to make it  2-1 now for Twins, no one out.
Rob Grey drives in Zeke, to make it 3-1
no one out and runner on 1b
Goolagong, K
Newitt, passed ball, runner to 2b; walks
Dan Martin is still pitching
Shewfelt, single down the left side, scores a run
Blake Miller, with the score 4-1; - Casey Hallstead in to pitch; (Dan Martin moves to 1b); single, drives in a run.
77 Ryan Wolfe, with runners on 1 and 2 and one out, - score is 5-1 - drills one down 3b side, rocker to 1b, its dropped and Wolfie is safe
19 Ezikeil, out at 1b , ends the half inning.  10:16pm

runner on 2b, batter out at 1b
next batter singles, scores the runner, now its 5-2
34, with one out, runner on 1b, out
64, Travis Martin with 2 out. singles, runners on 1 and 2, two out.
11 Shannon, goes down swinging to end the game
Final 5-2 for Kitchener

Game 16 is over, mercy, 7-0 for KW Cubs over Port Elgin

Game 18 - Gremlins vs Jarvis

B2 - 11:10pm - Gremlins lead 1-0

Folkard has the ball for Jarvis, throwing to Sean O'Brien

Bryan Newton throwing for Gremlins, throwing to John Rozich

T3 = 11:13pm

B4 - 11:36pm  still 1-0 for Gremlins

2 out, runner on 1b, Tracy at bat, out

T5 - 11:40pm
5complete, same score, 1-0
T6   11:48pm

When these two games are over I will post the scores on the Results Page and pack up and finish the game reports back at the ranch.

B6 - with a runner on base, Greg Courneyea hit an in the park home run to make the score now 2-1 for Jarvis.  MIDNIGHT

  Ethier in to pitch. 
D. Koukash, high pop to cf and out
Omar, one out, now two out
33, Dale Levy, ges down swinging

T7 - 12:05am  - 2-1 lead for Jarvis
Hillhouse in to pitch for Gremlins
Brad Rona, pop, out at 1b
44, Rob O'Brien, blooper to pitcher and out at 1b
10, 1b, Tim Macumber - out at 1b

B7 - and the same loyal hard core fans here since Fri night are still here
the beer tent out in right field looks quite busy for this time of night
9, Rosich, walks
22, Landy, Eddie Jackson running at 1b for Rosich, conference on the mound. - sac bunt and Rona scoops it up and tosses to 1b for the out
29, Tracy, blooper to Rona who holds the runner and nails him at 1b
Jeff Hook, runner on 2b, 2 out - SLAMS one up the middle to score the runner and time the game and is sitting safe on 1b
25, Chad McConnell, goes down swinging and we go to extra innings

running at 2b for Macumber is Fehrman,
14, Enoka, bunt, tag, missed, throw to 1b out and runner is safe on 3b
42, Chad Staats, out
24, Pat Graham, and totally caught looking by a change up

re enter Macumber
McConnell on 2b
Reggie Barrau, injures fingers trying to bunt, back in the box. goes down swinging.
26, Pukash, out
19, Omar, single, runner to 3b, two out
33, Levy, runners on the corners, two out, goes down swinging and strands two.

 Graham running at 2b
Sean OB, couple of bad bunt attempts then goes down swinging
Terkelsen, half bunt, out at 1b, Patty to 3b
Ian Fehaman, pops out

runner on 2b for Levy
no, its Levy on 2b
9, Rozich at bat, sac fly to rf, runner safe at 3b
Landy Rodrigues, pop past 1b to score the winning run

3-2 final for NY Gremlins over Jarvis Travelers

Game 17 just ended on the other diamond, waiting for the score

Chic/NY won 3-1 over Snappers

All game reports now up on the SCHEDULE and Results Page



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