Peligro Cup Tournament NYC July 4th Weekend

July 4, 2010

New York, NY


(Underlined Game Numbers are linked to a JPG of the Game Summary Sheet)

Note:  These great updates are via Jamie Clark who is working her thumbs off on her Blackberry while still trying to watch some of Bill's games.



9:00am Games

Game 1
Dominican National v. Las Guarana (field 20)
Score is 3-2 Las Guaranas going into the 3rd. Lots of action.

Dominican national v. Las Guaranas
Tied 5-5 final. Called for 1 hour 45 minute time limit.

Game 2
Venezuela Indians v. NY Gremlins (field 21)
T1- 2 on but no score.
B1 - gremlins get 1.
T2- no runners on.
B2- 1 on but no runs.

4-0 Gremlins final score.

Game 3
Dominican v. Chicago/NY (field 18)
2-0 going into bottom of the 3rd
Chicago HR by Raul Santiago in the 2nd.
Chicago NY over Dominican 3-0
LP Tyson Backman

Game 4
Guatemala National v. Venezuela national (field 19)

No score going into the top of the 5th.
2-1 guatemala final score.
MVP Mario Hernandez (guatemala).

11:00am Games

Game 5
Field 20
Chicago NY v. Venezuela National
Holein throwing for Chicago, Alvarez for Venezuela.
Manley in for Chicago going into the bottom of the 6th.
Chicago/NY v. Venezuela
Chicago up 1-0 going into the bottom of the 7th. Pitching change.
Chicago ties it up with a single up the middle by Cabrerra, scores Leonardo who had a base hit to lead off the bottom of the 7th. Pinch runner in. Intentional walk to Taverras. (Runners on 1st and 2nd)
Laborde k's, 2 out.
Frank Perez hit up the middle to score Taverras. Chicago wins. 2-1.
WP manley
LP escalona

Game 6
Field 21
Kitchner v. Dominican USA
2-0 Kitchner
Kitchner v. Dominican USA
5-0 kitchner
WP patterson
LP gonzales
Called after 6.

Game 7
Gremlins v. Dominican National Team (field 18)
2-0 Dominican going into the bottom of the 3rd.

Gremlins v. Dominican National
5-0 Dominicans (called for time limit)
WP Manuel
LP Koert
Final score

Game 8
Las Guaranas v. Excellent (field 19)
0-0 bottom going into the 4th.
Las Guaranas v. Excellent (called at 5 innings for time)
4-0 Excellent
WP Cox
LP Diaz

More timely reporting by Jamie Clark of the HouseOfPitching

1PM Games Saturday

Game 9

Kitchner v. Venezuela national
0-0 in the second.
Donny scott throwing for Kitchner and
Jones for Venezuela.

Kitchner v. Venezuela
Scott still throwing in the 5th for Kitchner. The Twins are up 5-0.

Kitchen v. Venezuela Final
WP Don Scott
LP Secure

Game 10
Dominican v. Excellent (field 21)
5-0 Excellent in the 2nd inning.
Folkard throwing for Excellent
10-5 Excellent.
Folkard pitched 5 innings and Suares came in in the 6th.
WP folkard
LP perez.

Game 11
Chicago/NY v. Guatemala National (field 18)
Top 2 no score. Pitching for Guatemala is Segura and Chicago has Schweyer.
Chicago/NY v. Guatemala final score
WP Schweyer
LP Segura

Game 12
Las Guaranas v. Indios Venezuela
5-0 Las Guaranas going into bottom of the 4th.
Perez pitching for Indios and Sebastia for Las Guaranas.

Las Guaranas v. Indios Venezuela Final
6-1 Las Guaranas
WP Geruasutu
LP Colombo

Game Summary Sheets via Wilfredo Pena

 3PM Games Saturday

Game 13
NY Gremlins  vs  Excellent

Gremlins v. Excellent (field 20)
1-0 Excellent going into the bottom of the 4th.
Folkard on the mound for Excellent and Newton for NY Gremlins.

Gremlins v. Excellent (field 20)
5-0 Excellent
Bottom 6th.....
(After a grand slam in the top for Excellent)
McConnell grounds back to Folkard for out #1. Lohman k's
Pukash walks. Tracy k's.
Top 7
Home run by carenci.
6-0 Excellent going into the bottom of the 7th.
Heinsch k's. Jackson k's. Maetosien k's.
final score 6-0 excellent
WP Adam Folkard
LP Bryan Newton

Game 14
Kitchener vs Guatamala
Kitchner v. Guatemala (field 21)
3-1 in the top of the 2nd.
Patterson pitching for Kitchner. Sanchez for Guatemala.

Guatemala v. Kitchner (field 21)
7-1 final score
WP patterson
LP Sanchez

Game 15
Dominican USA  vs  Venezuela National

Dominican USA v. Venezuela National (field 18)
Mason pitching for Dominican's. Ezekiel started for Venezuela but Garcia in now.
1-0 Dominican's in the bottom of the 4th.

Dominican National v. Indios Venezuela (field 18) final Score
2-2 called
for time limit

Pitching..... Vargas for dominican and urbaneja for venezuela.

Game 16
Indios Venezuela  vs  Dominican National
Indias Venezuela v. Dominican National (field 19)
Colombia pitching for Indias and Fracas now for Dominican National
Tied at 2 going into the 6th. 
Dominican USA v. Venezuela (field 19)
2-0 Final Score
WP mason
LP Garcia

SUPER reporting by Jamie Clark of the HouseOfPitching

Opening Ceremonies

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          a standing ovation for the great updates from Jamie Clark today!!!

5:10pm Games

Game 17
Chicago NY  vs  Kitchener

Kitchner v Chicago/NY (field 20)
4-1 Chicago
WP manley
LP Ezekial

Game 18
Gremlins  vs Las Garanas
Gremlins v. Las Guaranas (field 21)
2-0 Gremlins going into the bottom of the 2nd.
Koert pitching for Gremlins, Diaz on the mound for Las Guaranas.

Gremlins v. Las Guaranas Final Score (field 21)
Gremlins 2-0.
WP Koert
LP Diaz.

Game 19
Indios VZ  vs  Excellent

Indios Venezuela v. Excellent (field 18)
0-0 Top of 4
Cox throwing for Excellent. Perez for Indios.

Los indios v Excellent (field 18)
1-0 Excellent
WP frank Cox
Lp Perez

Game 20
Dominican USA  vs  Guatamala

Dominican USA v. Guatemala National (field 19)
Segura pitching for guatemala, Mayson for Dominicans.
2-0 Guatemala in the bottom of the 4th.

Dominican USA v. Guatemala (field 19)
2-1 Guatemala
LP Mayson
WP Segura
Final score

Umpire in Chief from Ontario is: Peter Kluszczynski
Pete is there with a small crew from Ontario and Nova Scotia and some local umpires looking to get some experience with the big guys.
Tim Whitelaw, Doug Cundall, Garry Kipfer are with Pete from Ontario and Lou Davis is there from Nova Scotia

 The fans and the culture are such a presence here. The commentators both speak Spanish, leaving us that only speak English in the dark a little, but the crowd certainly is in to it. The music is a huge piece, they play it loud between innings, and the crowd sings and dances along. The fans gather mostly behind the dugouts and backstop, and a growing crowd camped out IN left field last night.

 Note:  These great updates are via Jamie Clark who is working her thumbs off on her Blackberry.




10:00am Games

Game PG-1 - Red 3 vs Blue 2
NY Gremlins  vs  Kitchener Rivershark Twins
Kitchner v. Gremlins (field 21)
Patterson toeing the rubber for Kitchner and Koert for the Gremlins.
Newton throwing for gremlins!
1-0 gremlins bottom 2

Gremlins and Kitchner tied 1-1 going into the 3rd.
2-1 gremlins top 4.
Gremlins and Kitchner tied 4-4 going into the 6th. 11:35am

5-4 Kitchner going into the 7th. Noon
Don Scott in in the 7th.
Gremlins hold on to win 5-4.
Previous update was incorrect, Gremlins were on top going into the 7th.
Gremlins now playing Dominican National team. (Who they lost to yesterday......and in January at AAU..... Let's see if they can get it done this time.)


Game PG-2 - Red 2  vs  Blue 3
Dominican National  vs  Guatamala National
Dominican National v. Guatemala (field 20)
Ramos pitching for Guatemala, Garcia for Dominicans.
0-0 bottom 2.
2-0 Dominicans bottom 3.
Guatemala and Dominicans....3-0 Dominicans in the bottom of the 5th. 11:30am
3-0 Dominican
Garcia threw a no-hitter.
Dominicans to play winner of kitchner/gremlins. Noon

12:00noon Games

RED-1  vs BLUE-1
Excellent  vs Chicago/NY

Chicago/NY v Excellent
Folkard throwing for Excellent, Holein for Chicago.
No score going into bottom of the 1st.
0-0 top 4 for Chicago/NY v Excellent.
It's brutally hot!!!!
There have been some amazing plays today. Great ball games today.
Still no score going into the 7th. Schweyer in for Chicago. Folkard looks great.
It's getting hotter by the inning.  2pm

Chicago/NY v Excellent in extra innings. Still no score going into the bottom of the 8th. International tie-breaker in use. 2:50pm

Excellent scored in the top of the 9th.
Folkard 1 out away from a win.
Mullorley hits a walk off bomb.
Final score 2-1 Chicago/NY.
WP Manley
LP folkard.

W PG-1  VS  W-PG-2
Gremlins  vs  Dominican National

Gremlins v Dominican Nat'l
Koert throwing for gremlins, Turbi for Dominican.
1-0 gremlins going into bottom of 1st.

It's blazing hot here!!! The crowd is still relatively small, I'd estimate it at around 200. Jose and his staff have roped off the left field line so the crowd is not as "in" the game as last night!

3-0 Gremlins top 4. 
Newton in for Gremlins. 3-1 Gremlins bottom 5. 2pm
Gremlins beat the Dominican National team 3-2 to . 2:45pm
From the gremlins v dominican game.....
WP Koert
LP Cueto


2:pm  (starting after 3pm)

Winner PG-4  vs  Loser  PG-3
NY Gremlins  vs  Excellent

game is in progress, 3:30pm

2 run HR by Rodriguez. Solo HR from Levy.
Basehit. Lineout to short, 2 k's. 3-0 Gremlins.
Pukash out (6-3) Tracey on with a walk, advances to 2nd on fielders choice by DeGroat. 2 out Rodriguez pops out to first baseman
Grounder to second, thrown out at 1st. 1 out. Fly out to center, 2 down. strikout side retired.
Levy drops one into short right. Hook down looking. 1 out. McConnell ground out to short, 2nd out. Levy to 2nd on the hit. Lohman down swinging.

1st batter grounds back to Newton, who fields and throws wide of the bag. Runner advances to second. 2nd batter flies out to center, runner tags and advances 1 out. 3rd batter down swinging. 2 out. Line out to short, diving catch by McConnell.
Gremlins 3-0 top of 5.
Sorry for no names for the Excellent team, the gremlins book has no names, just numbers :(

Gremlins win 3-0.
WP is newton
LP Cox.



Note:  These great updates are via Jamie Clark who is working her thumbs off on her Blackberry.

4pm  - will start very late

PG-6  Championship Game

Winner PG-3  vs Winner PG-5
Chicago/NY  vs  NY Gremlins
Chicago/NY v. Gremlins
Manley on the mound for Chicago/NY and Newton for Gremlins.  5:32PM
2-0 Chicago going into the bottom of the 2nd.
Koert in to pitch for Gremlins.  5:47pm

4-0 Chicago/NY.
They are hitting Koert pretty steady. Hillhouse warming up. 6:10pm

Hillhouse in for the Gremlins in the 4th. 
Final score 5-0 Chicago/NY.     6:55pm

Chicago/NY are 2010 Peligro Cup Champions!


Let's have a Standing Ovation for Jamie Clark as she leavs the park, she did a simply outstanding job of reporting on all the games all weekend!

See Jamie at work in the park at the Peligro Cup on Randall's Island, NY - Taking pictures all day AND updating AlsFastball.






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