Walcott Memorial Day Weekend 2012

May 28, 2012

Walcott, IA

May 25-27, 2012




Great Tournament. One of the most competitive tournaments we have had in Walcott. As usual the fine folks in Walcott host good ball. And as usual they serve the best Pork Chop sandwiches around. I ate the whole hog this weekend. I was nice Friday night. Darren Strang pitching for the Winterset A's Turned in a strong performance in game 1 throwing a 2 hitter striking out 10. In game 2 Ales Jetmar from Dolan & Murphy thre a 3 hitter striking out 16. Ryan Beadle from Walcott Lamp Liter Got 2 of the 3 hits with and RBI. 2 RBI FOR Robert Reder. Saturday started with Palazzo's Jave Hut beating New Image of Montfort WI 3-2 Scoring 2 runs in the bottom of the 7th to win. Chris Bohlman drove in the winning run. Game 4 McCuen's Pub of Des Moines IA beat Pete's Blues of Mascoutah IL 3-2. Karl Gollan 4 hits 10 K Beat Josh Johnson 5 hits 10 K. Tony Nizzi drove in the winning run in the bottom of the 7th. Game 5 the only real blow out went to Palazzo's 11-2. HR's by Chris Bohlman and Matt Palazzo with 3 hits 2 RBI by Sammy Atkins. Game 6 went McCuen's Pub 7-6 over Lamp Liter. Tony Nizzi HR 3 RBI, Karl Gollan HR 2 RBI led the way. Ryan Beadle HR 3 RBI FOR Lamp Liter. New Image beat Winterset A's 3-0 in Game 7 Jeremy Holman 4 hitter with 12 K. Game 8 Dolan & Murphy lost a close 2-1 gmae to Pete's Blues. Daniel Eisenhauer 3 for 3 and a RBI. Josh Johnson 4 hitter 15K for Pete's. Game 9 New Image 6-4 winners over the Quad City Sox. Game 10 Pete's Blues 5-1 over Lamp Liter. David Perkins HR RBI, Josh Johnson HR 4 RBI led Pete's. Game 11 Palazzo's over Winterset 4-3. Matt Palazzo HR Sammy Atkins HR. Kevin Kammueller got the win in Relief. Game 12. McCuen's Pub 7-0 winners over Dolan & Murphy. Jack McCuen HR RBI, Karl Gollan HR 3 RBI. Karl threw a 1 hitter with 12 K. That was the end of the round robin portion. Game 14 gave the Lamp Liter and Winterset their 4 game guarantee. Winterset 4-1. Richard Haldane 5 hitter 12 K. HR BY Darren Strang and Shane McDaniels. Game 16 was the 4 game thing for Aurora and Quad City Sox. The Sox got their 1 st win 3-2. Paul Algar 3 hitter with 7 K. The Playoffs for 1st Game 13 Pete's Blues 9-4 winners ove Palazzo's. David Perkins, Josh Johnson HR for Pete's. Kevin McGriff and Matt Palazzo HR for Palazzo's. Game 15 the 2nd semi Final New Image 3-1 over McCuen's Pub. New Image scored 2 in the top of the 9th to win. Jereny Holman took the win 3 hitter 12 K. Karl Gollan took the loss 15 K. Game 17 the Finals New Image 2 Pete's Blues 1 HR Adam Perkins. Jeremy Holman won his 4th game of the tournament 8 hitter with 9 K. Josh Johnson 6 hits 8 K. Sunday was very hot and humid. Alot of excellent games had a great time. Attached to this are the stats 10 ab minimum and 1 win minimum. Gary

Walcott Batting Stats

Walcott Pitching Stats


Game 1 

Quad City Sox vs Winterset A's (May 25, 2012)

Game 2

Lamp Liter vs Dolan & Murphy (May 25, 2012)

Game 3

New Image vs Palazzo's Java Hut (May 26, 2012)

Game 4

Pete's Blues vs McCuen's Pub (May 26, 2012)

Game 5

Palazzo's Java Hut vs Quad City Sox (May 26, 2012)

Game 6

Lamp Liter vs McCuen's Pub (May 26, 2012)

Game 7

New Image vs Winterset A's (May 26, 2012)

Game 8

Dolan & Murphy vs Pete's Blues (May 26, 2012)

Game 9

New Image vs Quad City Sox (May 26, 2012)

Game 10

Pete's Blues vs Lamp Liter (May 26, 2012)

Game 11


Palazzo's Java Hut vs Winterset A's (May 27, 2012)

Game 12


McCuen's Pub vs Dolan & Murphy (May 26, 2012)

Game 13


Pete's Blues vs Palazzo's Java Hut (May 27, 2012)

Game 14


Lamp Liter vs Winterset A's (May 27, 2012)

Game 15


New Image vs McCuen's Pub (May 27, 2012)

Game 16


Dolan & Murphy vs Quad City Sox (May 27, 2012)

Game 17



New Image vs Pete's Blues (May 27, 2012)





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