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CPI Repeats as Molly Sherman Memorial Tournament Champions

May 31, 2012

Elkland, PA

Elkland, PA – The CPI Classics (Oswego, NY) rallied from a 3-1 loss on Saturday night to win 4 games in a row on Sunday to claim their second straight Molly Sherman Memorial tournament championship. The Classics trailed 2-0 in the championship game before rallying with 3 runs in the 7th inning to secure the victory over the ESA Bellys. Miguel Turbi claimed the MVP (Pitcher) award for his efforts on the mound. Turbi pitched 3 straight games for the Classics, including the championship game.
The ESA Bellys (Elkland, PA) finished in 2nd place of the event. The Bellys rolled off 4 straight wins, outscoring opponents 36-16 in the 4 wins, before faltering in the championship game. ESA outfielder Ryan Morgan was crowned MVP (Player) of the event. Morgan would bat .705 (12-17) with 3 homeruns in the tournament for the Bellys.
The NY Bombers would finish in 3rd place with a 2-2 record. All in all it was a great weekend of ball games in Elkland with great weather. 25 of the 26 scheduled games were played (there was one forfeit win) with 8 of those games being decided by 2 runs or less.
Almost 600 photos were captured at the event by Hackettball Photography; here are the links to the Photos:
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Game by Game Results:
Game 1: ESA Bellys 11, McKinney’s Speed Shop 5
WP: Brad Porter (in relief of Barry VanHooser)
LP: Jeff Tomb
HR: Pete Graham (ESA), Ryan Morgan (ESA), Mike Makowiec (ESA)
Game 2: Dicks Diner 5, Knoxville-Ontario 4
WP: Trevor Hall
LP: Jordan McDonald
Game 3: Get Wrecked Vinyl defeats Schuylkill Merchants
WP: Justin Moser
LP: James Gilbert
Game 4: Big Johns defeats Erie Lost Dogs 8-2
WP: R.. Vassos
LP: Bill Morse
Game 5: ESA Bellys 9, Bedford Rays 2
WP: Brad Porter
LP: Rick Skidowski
HR: Ryan Morgan (ESA), Pete Graham (ESA), Dave Butler (ESA), Dan Cevette (ESA)
Game 6: Blue Lake Power 8, Dicks Diner 1
WP: Kenton Martin
LP: Frank Phillips
Game 7: CPI 11, Get Wrecked Vinyl 3
WP: Jim Bevaqua
LP: Justin Moser
HR: Jorge Sepulveda (CPI), Greg Casbeer (CPI)
Game 8: NY Bombers 9, Big Johns 1
WP: Justin Heyman
LP: G.. Toppe
HR: BJ Gouger (Bombers)
Game 9: Bedford Rays defeat Schuylkill Merchants
Game 10: Dicks Diner 10, Erie Lost Dogs 2
WP: Trevor Hall
LP: Kylie Hand
Game 11: Jersey Shore defeats Get Wrecked Vinyl 13-12
WP: Jeff Tomb
LP: Deano Vanzile
HR: Brent Treat (GW), Ira Baker (GW)
Game 12: Knoxville-Ontario defeats Big Johns
WP: Price
LP: Vassos
Game 13: Big Johns defeats Bedford Rays
Game 14: Dicks Diner 9, Get Wrecked Vinyl 1
WP: Frank Phillips
LP: Deano Vanzile
HR: Ryan Girio (DD)
Game 15: Erie Lost Dogs 8, McKinney’s Speed Shop 6
WP: Russ Cooley
LP: Mike Funk
HR: Jeff Tomb (McKinney’s)
Game 16: Schuylkill Merchants 7, Knoxville-Ontario 3 (9 innings)
WP: Justin Zimmerman
LP: Jordan McDonald (In relief of Cody Price)
HR: 2 Justin Zimmerman (SM)
Game 17: ESA Bellys 8, Blue Lake Power 6
WP: Barry VanHooser
LP: Kenton Martin
Save: Brad Porter
HR: Derrick Zechman (Power), Kenton Martin (Power)
Game 18: NY Bombers 3, CPI 1
WP: Doug Hoffman (10 K’s)
LP: Miguel Turbi (15 K’s)
Game 19: Dicks Diner 6, Big Johns 5
WP: Trevor Hall (In relief of Levi Tate)
LP: George Topper
HR: Buddy Crowe (DD)
Game 20: Erie vs. Schuylkill Merchants (Schuylkill wins by forfeit)
Game 21: CPI 12, Dicks Diner 0
WP: Bill Hillhouse
LP: Jeff Tate
HR: 2 Miguel Turbi (CPI)
Game 22: Blue Lake Power 12, Schuylkill Merchants 8
WP: Martin
LP: Y.. Rutt
HR: Brad Theys (Power), C. Zimmerman (Power), Tom Avery (Power), Jim Lawrence (Power)
Game 23: ESA Bellys 8, NY Bombers 0
WP: Brad Porter
LP: Justin Heyman
HR: Ryan Morgan (ESA)
Game 24: CPI 5, Blue Lake Power 4
WP: Miguel Turbi
LP: K.. Martin (in relief of Theys)
Game 25: CPI 8, NY Bombers 5
WP: Miguel Turbi
LP: Doug Hoffman
HR: Miguel Turbi
Game 26: CPI 3, ESA Bellys 2 (CHAMPIONSHIP GAME)
WP: Miguel Turbi
LP: Bill Sherman (in relief of Barry VanHooser)
HR: Dan Cevette (ESA), Bryan Miller (ESA)
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