Walcott ISC State Qualifier

June 18, 2012

Walcott, IA

 June 8-16 (Two Weekends) 2012 - Walcott, IA

The ISC qualifier at Walcott IA begins tonight with 2 games. It will continue Saturday and Sunday. Also next Friday night with the finals on Saturday. I again will be there Saturday and Sunday as I have a commitment for tonight. Will send box scores as usual. Larry Koberg and the fine folks in Walcott will again put on a fine event.Attached are the Bracket, the chronological order of the games and the rosters for 11 of the 12 teams one team chose not get me a roster so the games they play in will not be posted until Monday when I will have time to put in the roster they bring tonight to their first game. All others will be posted as I get the games from Wescott Park and get them entered. I again will be at Victory Park near the Pork Chop vender. Hope to see you there. Gary

Jim Hartman - Winterset A's  Most valuable Pitcher- Chad Kulpa Rockford IL Fastpitch was Most Valuable Player.





 Batting Stats

 Pitching Stats


Game 1
Life of Iowa vs Subway Titans

Game 2
Silver Bullets at Rockford Fastpitch

Game 5
Bowen Merchants vs Life of Iowa

Game 3
DMS Drillers vs Done Right Satellite

Game 4
Winterset A's vs Jack's Locust St Tap

Game 6
Rockford Fastpitch vs Quad City Sox

Game 7
DMS Drillers vs Lamp-Liter Inn

Game 8
Winterset A's vs Dillons NP

Game 9
Done Right Satellite vs Life of Iowa

Game 10
Quad City Sox vs Jack's Locust St Tap

Game 11
DMS Drillers vs Subway Titans

Game 12
Silver Bullets vs Dillons NP

Game 13
Bowen Merchants vs Rockford Fastpitch

Game 14
Winterset A's vs Lamp-Liter Inn

Game 15
Quad City Sox vs Done Right Satellite

Game 16
DMS Drillers vs Dillons NP



Another ISC Qualifier at Walcott IA has come and gone. Down to only 12 teams this year the great folks at Walcott still put on a fine event. As usual Larry Koberg did a fine job as tournament Director. The weather was was very hot and humid till that last few games. If you do not like hot and humid wait a while and you can have cool and very wet. Friday night there was only one game as the Des Moines DMS Drillers did not feel it necessary to fulfill their commitment and did not come to play. Saturday saw several fine games unfortunately the weather ended the finals after 2 innings tied at 4 to 4 between Rockford IL Blackhawk Athletic Club and Winterset IA Winterset A's. Lightning halted play and with a very large rain storm coming Rockford decided to go home. We would have had several hours of rain delay and it was 6:30 pm then. I doubt that we would have played again last night. Winterset wins the tournament.
Attached are the box scores for Friday night and Saturday. I will run the stats up and send them with the final bracket and chronological time line with scores and pitchers as soon as I can. Game 18 was a Forfiet Bowen ILL THE WINNER. Game 22 the finals rained out. Gary   

Game 17

Lamp-Liter Inn vs Quad City Sox (Jun 15, 2012)

Game 19

Rockford Fastpitch vs Winterset A's (Jun 16, 2012)

Game 20

Quad City Sox vs Bowen Merchants (Jun 16, 2012)

Game 21

Rockford Fastpitch vs Quad City Sox (Jun 16, 2012)


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