Doran Induction

2008 Hall of Fame Breakfast – Kimberly, Wisconsin – August 10, 2008
A very warm thank you to Larry Lynch for that touching introduction. From the day I was informed that I would be inducted into the HoF, I knew I wanted Larry to do my introduction. We go back a long way and he was one of the first to get me involved with the ISC Travel League at my first league meeting oh so many years ago now. I first remember running into Larry at the 1994 World Tournament in Summerside, PEI, the year I got hooked on this game. I had been a fan for many years, but was increasingly finding it tough to know where the next tournament was and what the results were of the ones I missed but Summerside was a turning point. I decided to try and do something about it.
I have not been alone; I have had lots of help. People like Larry Lynch himself, who not only runs a team but finds time to write tournament announcements for me to share with the fans. The Kyle Beans of the fastball world, who play ball and still send out tournament announcements and reports. Zak Flash, Brian Baillie, John Thompson who writes Diamond Dirt, Gregg Leather, Rick Boyd, Dan Bernard, Mal Swift, Dennis Dosman, Larry Kancs from Vancouver, Brett Bresnan, and the list goes on. I could not even attempt to name them all, but for those guys and league statisticians and others  who take the time to send us your reports on top of your other duties, I pass along the gratitude of the many fans who appreciate your efforts.
I have also had a lot of help from others especially from within the ISC. Not here today but my mentors in the early years, Roger May and Bob McGowan, my thanks to them. Here today and I am forever thankful to Ken Hackmeister for his advice and guidance. The ISC is lucky to have you and I am glad you are there. To Bob Tomlinson who ran the best newspaper this sport has ever seen a big thank you for setting a high standard. I wish the Fastpitch Chronicle was still going to press, I miss it as I am sure every other fan does too. To Jim Flanagan, a true friend of fastball, the lengths he goes to promote the game is amazing.
It takes a lot of work to do what I do, and sometimes I wonder why I do it, but about that time, a ball player or fan will drop me a note to say “thanks for what you do”, and then I remember why I am doing and remember that I am not alone.
I look around the room this morning and at my table and I remember that through my involvement in ball I have met some pretty amazing people, good friends all.
In wrapping up, I must recall this year’s Monkton tournament, one of the best weekend tournaments that I get to go to each year. We had a lot of rain this year and at time it was quite depressing waiting for a game to re start. But something good came of that. Total strangers walked up to me and said “I just want to thank you for your work, it’s appreciated”. Oddly enough, they did not even introduce themselves; they just wanted to say thanks.  I lost track but would bet it happened a dozen times this year; it was a very wet weekend.
I want everyone to know that this recognition is important to the game. It highlights those who love the game and put something back into it. It’s important to me, it means a lot. I am so honored to be inducted today with these five wonderful gentlemen. Thank you for this recognition.

Al Doran

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