August 1-2, 2015 - Erie, PA - Annual Ed McCormick Fastpitch Tournament

August 4, 2015

Erie, PA



A.                                                     B.. 
9am     Peligro vs. Hill U                     Stix vs. Hallman Twins
11am   Gators vs. Scar. Force            Gremlins vs. CT
1pm     Gators vs. CT                       Gremlins vs. Scarb. Force
4pm     Stix vs. Hill U                           Peligro vs. Hallman Twins
6pm     Gremlins vs. Gators                  Scarb. Force  vs. CT
8pm     Hill U vs. Hallman Twins           Stix   vs.  Peligro
8:30 am
#3  Pool A.   vs #2  Pool B
#2  Pool B     vs. #3 Pool A
Winners play #1 from each pool.. 
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Host Hotel,  Avalon Hotel  contact Erica Roberts   814 459 2220 - 16 W 10th St, Erie, PA 16501
Ball-field address for GPS:    1137  East. 11th St.  Erie PA 
Pool A (Budweiser Division)
NY Gremlins
Toronto Gators
Circle Tap
Scarborough Force
Pool B.  (Bud Light Division)
Peligro Sports
Bloomington Stix
Hallman Twins
Hill United Chiefs
With any luck we will be On the Road Again early Friday morning to Erie, PA to cover this great annual tournament for Billy Hillhouse.
We will be on the Blackberry Friday until we are set up sometime Friday evening.
Back to the home office sometime late Monday, the Civic Holiday, or Tuesday morning, after the long weekend.
Long uneventual trip to Erie but Rogers let me down, Blackberry was dead in the water once we entred the USA. So much for their expensive travel pack. Two hours of diagnostics and now it seems ok.
Late night Fri before I got onto email.
Lots of ball players in the host hotel, lots of friendly faces.
Championship Sunday
Gary is doing a great job keeping up with the stats.
I pick up 2 game sheets every two hours at the park and take them to the hotel where they are photographed and emailed to Gary and I type up the summary sheets.
Great ball, super hot weather, great ball town!
See the SCHEDULE AND RESULTS PAGE for all the cumulative stats, at the bottom
Many Thanks to Bill Hillhouse @HouseofPitching Lady Jamie, Ed McCormick and Erie Beer for A Super Weekend in the Ballyard in #Erie2015
I had a tall cold one for dinner tonight, a Bud Lite and a toast to Mr. McCormick.
I was moved this weekend by the number of people who sought me out in the ball park in Erie this weekend to say thanks for @AlsFastball news. Our pleasure, but its very nice to meet such great fans in person.
Monday, August 3 - Civic Holiday Monday
On the Road Again.
Back in the office Tuesday, August 4

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