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Elkland Durk Sherman Classic Tournament Schedule/Bracket

September 8, 2015

Elkland, PA


Elkland Durk Sherman Classic Tournament Schedule/Bracket

 2015 63rd Annual Elkland Labor Day Tournament – The Durk Sherman Classic


Sep 4-7, 2015


Bracket in PDF


The Stats Man, Gary Baughman @iscstat is on board to do the stats this weekend for all the games in Elkland. 

Here is Gary's Schedule and Results Page.


Stats and Game Notes by the Stats Man, Gary Baughman @iscstat


G-1 Elkland Merchants 5 Yuengling Brewers 0                WP- Blair Exekiel No Hitter 18 Strike Outs LP- Jerlyn Rutt
G-2 CPI 3 West Carlton Electric 0                                     WP- Miguel Turbi- L- Andy Barber
G-3 New York Bombers 9 Dick's Diner 1                          WP- John Heyman - LP Trevor Hall   
G-4 North East Drillers 10 Jersey Shore 0                        WP- Caleb Keeshig No Hitter 12 Strikeouts LP- Tim Saar   
G-5 Kingston Axemen 6 Greenbush Generals 3               WP- Jordan MacDonald  LP- Adam Smith
G-6 Ottawa4 Ticket Brokers 7  East Coast Renegade 1  WP Patrice LeClerc  LP- Chuck Smith
G-7 Elkland Merchants 7 PA Power 1                               WP- Blair Ezekiel- LP- Eric Fogel
G-8 CPI 5  New York Bombers   4                                     WP- Greg Garrity- LP- Andrew Phibbs
G-12 West Carlton Electric 11 Dick's Diner 5                     WP- Trevor Lahey   LP- Trevor Hall
G-10 Bedford Rays 10  Ottawa4Tickets Brokers 2             WP- Duane Weiler  LP- Rob Schweyer   
G-11 Greenbush Generals  4  Jersey Shore  0                    WP- Luke Severson  LP- Harry Overdorf 
G-14 PA Power 10 East Coast Renegades   3                     WP- Eric Fogel      LP- Levi Tate    
G-9 North East Drillers 2 Kinston Axemen 0                   WP- Juan Potolicchio LP- Jordan MacDonald
G-13 Ottawa4 Ticket Brokers 4  Yuengling Brewers 2     WP Neil Cooke  LP- Mike Rollman
G-15 New York Bombers 12  Jersey Shore 0                     WP Roger Karn  LP- Tim L Saar
G-16 Kingston Axemen 7 Dick's Diner 0                            WP Jordan MacDonald   LP- Trevor Hall
G-18 Ottawa4Ticket Brokers 9 West Carltn Electric 2      WP Patrice LeClerc   LP Andy Barber
G-19 Greenbush Generals 6  PA Power 5                           WP- Luke Severson   LP- Eric Fogel
G-17 New York Bombers 10  East Coast Renegades  6     WP Andrew Phibbs  LP- Ricky Skee
G-20 Yuengling Brewers 6 Kingston Axemen 5                 WP Jerlin Rutt  LP Jordan MacDonald
G-21 CPI 10  Elkland Merchants 3                                      WP- Greg Garrity  LP- Blair Ezekiel
G-23 New York Bombers 6 Ottawa4Tickets Brokers 1      WP- Andrew Phibbs   LP- Neil Cooke
G-22 NorthEast Drillers 10 Bedford Rays   2                      WP- Juan Potolicchio    LP Tyler Kelly
G-24 Greenbush Generals 9  Yuengling Brewer 0              WP- Adam Smith   LP- Mike Bollman
G-25 New York Bombers 4 Bedford Ray 2                         WP- Andrew Phibbs   LP- Duane Weiler
G-26 Greenbush Generals 13 Elkland Merchants 2           WP- Adam Smith        LP- Blair Ezekiel
G-27 NorthEast Drillers 3  CPI 2                                        WP- Juan Potolicchio LP- Miguel Turbi
G-28 New York Bombers 4 Greenbush Generals  2          WP- Andrew Phibbs   LP- Bill Carson
G-29 CPI 5 New York Bombers 1                                      WP- Greg Garrity       LP Andrew Phibbs
G-30 CPI 7 North East Drillers 1                                       WP- Greg Garrity       LP Juan Potolicchio


Oswego NY WINS Elkland PA Durk Sherman Memorial. North East Drillers of Pottstown PA Finished 2nd

Most Valuable Player : Greg Leavery of Oswego       21 ab 6 r  8 h  .381
Most Valuable Pitcher: Greg Garrity  of Oswego     4-0 3.12 ERA  26 IP 24 K
Failed too mention in my recap the tournaments leading hitter.Jeff Surdyke from the New York Bombers;24 ab 9 r 15 hits 3 hr 9 rbi .626 ave. Was 101 points above the next highest average of Eduardo Leonardo of CPI he hit . Jeff also was the HR leader and RBI leader. Minimum of 10 AB's.
Excellent tournament several very good games. The folks in Elkland are lucky to have folks that will put on three very good tournaments. I got to work 2 hope to do all 3 next year. Thank you Bill Sherman and Jeremy Cook for you help and for allowing me to do this. Box scores on results page.  as well as player and team stats. Gary Baughman I.S.C. Statistician.

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