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2015 Ontario Challenge Cup #OCC2015

September 20, 2015

Jordan Station, ON

#OCC2015 - The 2015 Laverne Reichert Memorial Ontario Challenge Cup is set for September 18-20 in Jordan at Jordan Lion's Park, 2793 4th Avenue, Jordan Station, ON L0R 1S0 
Twelve teams representing 10 leagues from across Ontario will vie for a paid berth in to the 70th Annual ISC World Tournament to be held in Quad Cities, IL in August 2016.
Gm 1 Fri 7 pm Jordan Jays vs Ohsweken Redmen D1 front
Gm 2 Fri 9 pm Sweaburg Crush vs Kitchener DiamondJaxx D1 front
Gm 3 Fri 7 pm Arthur Merchants vs Glen Williams Ale Stars D3 back
Gm 4 Fri 9 pm Sebringville Jr Sting vs Wiarton Mariners D3 back
Gm 5 Sat 9 am Shakespeare Falcons vs winner Gm 1 D1 front
Gm 6 Sat 11 am Puslinch Kodiaks vs winner Gm 2 D1 front
Gm 7 Sat 9 am Kitchener Bell Cartage vs winner Gm 3 D3 back
Gm 8 Sat 11 am Wyevale Tribe vs winner Gm 4 D3 back
Games will continue throughout the day Saturday and will start Sunday at 8 am.
We hope you'll join us!
Blair, Joe & Kyle

SCHEDULE AND RESULTS PAGE   by Gary Baughman The Stats Man @iscstat will be updated during the weekend with scores and stats.
Follow updates on Twitter  - watch for #OCC2015
and watch for some email updates on NEWS-2
Updaters from the park by @blairjs17
18 Sep 2015
#OCC2015 Gm 1
Ohsweken Redmen 10
Jordan Jays 1
WP Mitch Green 3 inn 4H 1R 3Ks Wayne Green 2 inn 1H 2Ks 3BBs
LP Adam Cronin  1 2/3 inn 3H 7R 0ER; Rich Vassos 3 1/3 inn 5H 3R 0ER 2Ks
Ohsweken scores 10 unearned runs after a 2-out error in T2
‎Redmen Derek Anderson 2-2 2b 2RBI; Rob Bomberry 1-3 RBI Ryan Davis 1-2 BlackBerry 2 RBIs
Jays Colin Hefferman 1-3 RBI Cory Lemieux 1-2 BB run
#OCC2015 Gm 2
Arthur Merchants 7
Glen Williams Ale Stars 5
WP ‎Brady Lantz 4 inn 3H 2R 4Ks in relief of Jayme Amos 3 inn 4H 3R 3ER 6Ks 6BBs
LP Dave MacKay 1 inn n relief of Andrew MacKay 6 inn 3H 3R 3ER 3BB 6Ks
Merchants Scott Checkley HR 2 RBIs Matt Hatch 3-3 2b RBI 
Ale Stars Mike Cole HR 3RBIs Richard Roskam HR
 #OCC2015‎ Gm 3
Sweaburg Crush 1
Kitchener DiamondJaxx 0
WP Kyle Crawford 7 inn 1H 14Ks 1BB 1HBP
LP Jeff Wise 7 inn 6H 1R 14Ks 1BB 1HBP
Crush Mike Pullin 2b run; Darryl Wharram 2b RBI 
Jaxx Jordan Emick pinch hit infield 1b with 2 out in B7
#OCC2015 Gm 4
Wiarton Mariners 7
Sebringville Sting 8
WP Chad Fink 7 inn 5H 7R 6ER 11Ks 3BB 1HBP
LP Ryan Hepburn 7 inn ‎10H 8R 4Ks 5BB
Sting Brett Pfieffer 3-4 3B RBI; Mike Wolf 2RBIs; Cody Bromley 0-0 2xBB 2xSac Bunt‎ 2 runs; Andrew Pearn 1-3 2b RBI run
Mariners Ben Hepburn 2-3 2b 3b 3 RBIs; Ryan Hepburn 2-4 HR 2 runs; Aaron McCaw 2 runs
Saturday, 19 Sep 2015
#OCC2015 Game 5
Ohsweken Redmen 0
Shakespeare Falcons 7
WP Fred Follings 5 inn 2H 9Ks 2BB
LP Rory Miller 4 1/3 inn 10H 7R 5ER 2Ks 2BB
Falcons Kyle Harloff HR 3RBIs Trevor Glaab 2-3 2b RBI‎; Ben Heinbuch 2-3 RBI; Jeff Clemens 2-3 RBI
Redmen Robert Bomberry 1-2; Jeff Bassindale 1-2
#OCC2015 Gm 7
Kitchener Bell Cartage Outlaws 9
Arthur Merchants 10
WP Brady Lantz 3 inn 6H 2R 2Ks in relief of Dylan Taylor 2 inn 4R 5H 1K, Kyle Coles 2 inn 4H 3R 1K 1BB
LP Kevin Pomfret 4 inn 5H 6R 3ER 2Ks 2BB; in relief of Doug Hoffman 2 inn 7H 4R ‎1K
Arthur Todd Swift HR 3RBIs Rob Neeb HR, 2b 2RBIs; Mitch Taylor 2b GWRBI
Outlaws Justin Krulicki 3-4 RBI 3xSB; Brad Hackert 2-4 2b 2 RBIS; Tim Bernard HR 2 RBIs;
#OCC2015 Gm 6
Puslinch Kodiaks 0
Sweaburg Crush 8
WP Ty Sebastian 5 inn 3H 7Ks 1BB
LP Scott Gordon 2 1/3 inn 6H 7R 3Ks; David Jefferson 1 2/3 inn 1H 1R 1BB
Crush Ty Sebastian 2-3 HR 3RBIs 2b 2 runs; Kyle Crawford HR 2 RBIS; Randy Gray 1-2 2 RBIS; 
Kodiaks David Jefferson 1-2; Eric Rasmussen 1-2
#OCC2015 Game 8
Sebringville Sting 14
Wyevale Tribe 11
WP Chad Fink 3 1/3, then last 3 outs 6H 6R 4Ks 1BB, relief Matt Eidt 5H 5R 2Ks 1BB
LP Jason Giffin 3 inn 4H 3R 5Ks, in relief of Mark Lambie 1 inn 2H 2R 2Ks 1BB, Ben Hodgins 3 inn 2H 9R 6ER 4Ks 3BB
Sting Darryl Schwartzenruber HR; Jake Moulson 3-4 HR, 3b 5RBIs; Mike Wolfe 1-3 2 runs RBI; Andrew Pearn 1-3 3 RBIs
Tribe Steffan Walma HR 2 RBIs; Scott Thomson 2-4 2b 2 runs Dave Drinkill 3-4 3b 2b 4 RBIS; Mike Kelly 2-4 2 RBIS 
Wyevale rebounds from down 11-0 to tie game, then Sting scores 3 in T7
#OCC2015 Gm 10
Wiarton Mariners 4
Glen Williams Ale Stars 3
WP Ben Hepburn 7 inn 6H 3R 4Ks 1BB
LP Dave MacKay 7 inn 7 4R 6Ks 1BB
Mariners Jordan Mitts HR, Ryan Hepburn HR 2 RBIS
Ale Stars Ryan Latore HR 3 RBIs
Ale Stars leave bases loaded in B7
#OCC2015 Gm 9
Jordan Jays 2
Kitchener Diamond Jaxx 9
WP Jeff Wise 6 inn 6H 2R 1ER 8Ks 3BBs
LP Todd Bobinski 2 2/3 inn 2H 7R 2Ks 1BB 2HBP; relief Rich Vassos 2 1/3 inn 5H 2R 2Ks 1BB
DJAXX Ryan Ferber HR 2 runs; Chad McQueen 2b 3 RBI; Jamie Crickmore 2RBIs
Jays Colin Hefferen 2-3 Wes Short 1-1 RBI
#OCC2015 Gm 12
Ohsweken Redmen 8
Puslinch Kodiaks 0
WP Mitch Green 7 inn 3H 5Ks 3BB
LP Eric Rasmussen 4 inn 4R 7H 3Ks 3BB 1HBP, Scott Gordon 3 inn 4R 6H 3Ks 1HBP
Redmen Ryan Davis HR Ryan Sault 1-2 3 RBIS Calvin Miller 2-3 2b RBI Rory Miller 2-4
Kodiaks Brandon Viol 1-3 David Jefferson 1-3 
#OCC2015 Gm 11
Kitchener Bell Cartage 2
Wyevale Tribe 3 - 8 innings
WP Ben Hodgins 8 inn 1R 6H 7Ks 2BBs
LP Doug Hoffman 7 2/3 inn 2R 8H 6Ks
Tribe Cory Kelly 2-3 BB GWRBI; Steffen Walma 1-4 RBI
Outlaws Don Harris 1-3 RBI Tim Barnard Sac Fly RBI
 #OCC2015 Gm 15
Shakespeare Falcons 0
Sweaburg Crush 6
WP Kyle Crawford 7 inn 9Ks - no hitter
LP Greg Hammel 6 inn 6R 8H 8Ks 1BB
Crush Ty Sebastian 3-4 HR 3RBIs Josh Leuzler 2-3 BB 2 runs
Falcons Trevor Glaab reached on error
#OCC2015 Gm 16
Arthur Merchants 2
Sebringville Sting 5
WP Chad Fink 7 inn 2R 5H 1BB
LP Jaymee Amos 2 2/3 inn 5R 6H 1HBP
Sting Darryl Schwartzenruber 2-4 HR; Jake Moulton 1-3 3b 3RBIs
Arthur Brad McClennan RBI Dennis Denan 1-3 RBI
#OCC2015 G13
Kitchener Diamond Jaxx 12
Wiarton Mariners 2
WP Kevin Buckley 5inn 2R 5H 6Ks 2BB
LP Ryan Hepburn 4 2/3 inn 11R 12H 2Ks; Ben Hepburn 1/3 inn 1R 2H 1K
Jaxx Jason Fallguy 3-3 HR 3 runs; Matt Gregory 3-4 3b 3 RBIS; Jeff Wise 2 RBIS
Mariners Ryan Hepburn 1-3 RBI; 1-2 RBI; Dave Dankowski 2-3 2b
#OCC2015 G14
Wyevale Tribe 1
Ohsweken Redmen 4
WP Rory Miller 7 inn 1R 4H 14Ks 1BB 1HBP
LP Ben Hodgins 6 inn 4R 7H 3Ks 4BB
Redmen Calvin Miller 2-3 2 RBIs Stu Johnson 2-4 RBI Derrick Anderson 1-3 RBI
Tribe Matt Tjart 2-3 2b RBI
 #OCC2015 G17
Arthur Merchants 0
Kitchener Diamond Jaxx 3
WP Jeff Wise 7 inn 3H 7Ks 2BB
LP Jayme Amos 5+inn 3R 4H 6Ks; Kyle Frank 1 inn 1H 1K
DJaxx Ryan Ferber 2-3 HR 3RBIs Matt Gregory 2-3 run
Arthur Kyle Coles 1-2 BB
#OCC G18
Shakespeare Falcons 2
Ohsweken Redmen 1 - 8 innings
WP Fred Follings 8 inn 1R 4H 15Ks 2BB
LP Rory Miller 8 inn 2R 8H 13Ks 1BB
Falcons Rob Faulhafer 4-4 HR 2RBIs; Ben Heinbuch 2-4; Jeff Clemens 2b‎
Redmen Stu Johnson 1-3 RBI; Calvin Miller 2b
Scoreless through 7, Falcons Faulhafer hits 2-run HR in T8
#OCC2015 G19
Sweaburg Crush 4
Sebringville Sting 1
WP Ty Sebastian 7 inn 1R 2H 11Ks 1BB
LP Andrew Pearn 7 inn 4R 8H 1K 4BB
Crush Ty Sebastian 2-3 HR 3 RBIs; Josh Leuzler Sac Fly RBI Jeff Figg 3-4 2b
Sting Andrew Pearn 1-3 run; Brett Pfeifer 1-3 
#OCC2015 G20
Kitchener Diamond Jaxx 0
Shakespeare Falcons 4
WP Greg Hammell 7 inn 3H 16Ks 2BB
LP Kevin Buckley 7 inn 4R 7H 3Ks
Falcons Jodie Schnarr HR Matt McLaren 2-3; Rob Faulhafer 2-3; Ben Heinbuch 2-3 RBI
Jaxx Matt Gregory 2-3 
#OCC2015 G21
Shakespeare Falcons 8
Sebringville Sting 1
WP Greg Hammell 6 inn 1R 3H 11Ks
LP Chad Fink 6 inn 8 9H 3Ks 1BB
Falcons Trevor Glaab 2-3 2b HR Jodie Schnarr 2-4 RBI 3 runs; Jeff Clemens 3-4 RBI; Jamie Wicke 2-3 2b 2 RBIS SB;
Sting Tyler Sager 1-1 RBI Scott Ernest 1-2 SB run
Falcons playing in OCC Championship Game vs Sweaburg Crush
#OCC2015 Gm 22
Sweaburg Crush 7
Shakespeare Falcons 0
WP Kyle Crawford 6 inn 4H 11Ks 3BB‎
LP Fred Follings 6 inn 7R 8H 9Ks 4Ks
Crush Ty Sebastian HR 2 RBIS; Darryl Wharram HR; Adam Martin 1-1 2xBB; Kyle Crawford 2-3 2b RBI Randy Gray 1-4 RBI, run
Falcons Jodie Schnarr 2-3
Congratulations to Sweaburg Crush, 2015 Laverne Reichert Memorial Ontario Challenge Cup Champions
Crush win paid berth to 2016 ISC World Tournament in Moline, Illinois
 Well another great tournament. Many great games. Congrats to Sweaburg Crush for a great run 5-0. Hope I can do many tournaments next year. Well the  organizers do not do any individual awards. So I will give mine. You get nothing but my recognition of a fine weekend.
Leading Hitter :        Rob Faulhafer  Catcher  for Shakespeare Falcons    13  AB     8  H   1 HR    2 RBI   .615
Most Outstanding pitcher;  I would go with Kyle Crawford   throws for Sweaburg Crush      
                                                        3-0   20  IP   35 SO  0.00 ERA
                                                  runner up  Ty Sebastien he also threw for Swaeburg Crush
                                                         2-0   12 IP   18  SO  0.00
Most Valuable player: Always a tough choise as several people had great weekends.
                                      I would go with Ty Sebastien. He not only pitched 2 great games for Sweaburg but he also had the following stats;                 16   AB     9 H    .563 Ave. He led the tournament with  4 HR and   12 RBI.   
As for the teams Bell Cartage   hit .345  Sweaburg 2nd at .304
pitching                 Sweaburg Crush   0.00 era Shakespeare 2nd at 1.66
defense                 Puslinch Kodiaks   1.000 fielding pct. 2nd Diamod Jaxx at .992
All stats for all players and team to be posted on the page at Al's Fastball
I always enjoy doing this. It is fun to see how teams do. Again I had a good weekend Thanks to Blair Setford, Joe Todd and Kyle Smith for letting me do this each year.    
Last but certainly not least Thank You Al Doran for posting what I send for these events.
Gary Baughman I.S.C. Statistician
Ontario Challenge Cup Wrap Up - by Blair Setford and Joe Todd
#OCC2015 And so another ISC fastball season wraps up here in Canada East
with the conclusion of the 2015 Laverne Reichert Memorial Ontario Challenge

We congratulate Sweaburg Crush for winning the the 2015 OCC, after
finishing runner-up in 2014 (and in several other years, too).

Sweaburg not only ran the table, going 5-0, they ruled on the scoreboard,
outscoring their opponents 26-1. Only Sebringville Sting managed to plate a
run against the Crush in the winner bracket final.

Kyle Crawford and Ty Sebastian were dominant for the Crush, giving up only
9 hits in the five games, with Crawford tossing a no-hitter, one-hitter and
three-hitter to go 3-0 as the top pitcher.

Sebastian was the unofficial MVP, leading the tournament with 4 HRs and 12
RBIs while picking up 2 wins on the mound.

The Crush win a paid berth to the 70th Annual ISC World Tournament to be
held in Moline, Illinois in August 2016.

We thank all 12 teams that joined us in Jordan for the weekend, as we
brought a major men's fastball tournament to Lions Park for the first time
in a long, long time, to the delight of many fans who came out over the
course of the weekend. We greatly appreciate their spending their time with
us, especially ISC Fan Ambassador Margaret Ryan!

George Lemaich put together a great blue crew of Ed Otterman, Trevor
Topping, Mike D'Abreu, Mike Brito, Fred Malatches, Paul Mastalerz, Adam
Hook and Rob Straetmans. Thank you for your outstanding work!

Wes Short and the entire Jordan Jays team did a FANTASTIC JOB as rookie
hosts, showcasing a great complex as well as exemplary scorekeeping skills!
Thanks for having us in Jordan - we look forward to returning in the not
too distant future. Bill Linwood, of the Jordan Lions Service Club, led the
grounds crew who kept us on schedule.

We also thank Al Doran & Jim Flanagan for helping us share our results
worldwide and a huge THANK YOU to ISC Statistician Gary Baughman for his
tireless devotion to the game, prepping a full tournament stats package
which is located at

Lastly, we offer our deepest sympathies to Kyle Smith and family on the
passing of Bob Loveys late last week. Our heartfelt condolences go out to
all of you.

Best regards,

Blair Setford & Joe Todd

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