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2017 ISC Canada East Qualifier Schedule and Results

July 2, 2017

Innerkip, ON - - 2017 ISC Canada East Qualifier Schedule

  Box Scores for U21 added 3 July by Gary Baughman

Road to #ISCWT2017 - The 2017 ISC Canada East qualifier tournament will be held June 16-18 in Innerkip, Ontario on the three-diamond complex at the Innerkip Sports Park - see The winning team will receive a paid berth and travel money for the 2017 ISC World Tournament in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


We are going to try live streaming from the Canada East qualifier tonight in Innerkip. Link is below. Game audio only.


Scroll down near bottom for link to Schedule & Results Link

 rain delay at 715 pm Fri


 Rain protocol for #InnerkipQualifier Fri 9pm games moved to Sat 8:30am. Fri 7pm will be completed tonight - approx resumption of play around 9:30-9:45p All Sat start times are suspended. Games will start 15 minutes from the conclusion of the previous game all day whether early or late. Teams are expected to be ready to play.

Questions to Blair Setford 647 248 4700 Joe Todd 519 532 5010 Kyle Smith 519 276 0530

Game 1 Shakespeare 13 Kitchener 3

Finished 11:26

Shakespeare Falcons 13
Kitchener Bell Cartage Outlaws 3
WP Fred Follings 7 inn 3R 3H 13Ks 4BBs
LP Tim Wright 1 1/3 inn 8R 8H 2BB relief Doug Hoffman 5 2/3 inn 5R 6H 6Ks 4BBs
Falcons Kyle Harloff 3-5 3b 5 RBIs; Reid Yantzi 3-3 BB; Ryan Shannon 2-5; Brandon Parent HR 3 RBIs
Outlaws Matt Stagg 3b 3RBIs

Gm 2 Hammer 7 Generals 3

#InnerkipQualifier Game 2

Waterdown FirstOntario Hammer 7
St. Paul's Generals 3
WP: Tim Neill 3 2/3 inn 3H 2Ks in relief of Steve Langley 3 1/3 3R 5H 4Ks
LP: George Armstrong 7 inn 7R 9H 5Ks
Hammer: Andrew Mathies 3-run HR; Steve Langley 2-RBI 3b; Craig Buttar 2-4 3b
Generals: Cody Bromley 3-4 2x2b; Quinn Kropf 3b

Innerkip Qualifier Expos 6 Wyevale 3

#InnerkipQualifer Game 3

Elmira Expos 6
Wyevale Tribe 0
WP Casey Halstead 5 inn 4H 7Ks, Ben Hodgins 2 inn 1H 2Ks
LP  Jason Giffen 6 2/3 inn 6R 9H 7BBs, in relief of Teagen Waite 1/3 inn 1H 1K 1BB
Expos Derek Martin 2-4 HR; Kevin Ward 2-4 2b; Andrew Pearn 3-4 2b
Tribe Dave Drinkill 2-3, Jacob Fay 1-3

 Innerkip Game 5 Nith River 7 Durham 3

#InnerkipQualifier Game 5

Nith River Monsters 7
Durham Diamondbacks 3
WP Greg Hammell 7 inn 3R 7H 13Ks 2BBs
LP Matt Davis 7 inn 7R 10H 11Ks 4BBs
Monsters Mitch Green 3-4 2 runs; Nick Penner 2 RBIs; Isiah Whetsone 2-4 RBI
D'backs Will Macavelia 2-4; Derek Bulley 2b 2 RBIs

Gm 4 Kingston 9 Hoggs 1

#InnerkipQualifier Game 4

Kingston Axemen 9
Ohsweken Da Hoggs 1
WP Dylan Cunningham 5 inn 1R 4H 6Ks
LP Vinny Hill 3 inn 4R 9H 2Ks; Ryan Hepburn 2 inn 5R 3H 2Ks
Axemen Travis Gibson 2-2 2x2b 4RBIs; Nick Ellis 2-3; Matt Greer 2-2
Hoggs Ben Underwood 2-2 3b HR

 Game 6 - Glanworth 6 Wiarton 1

#InnerkipQualifier Game 6
Glanworth Gators 6
Wiarton Nationals 1
WP Nic Goetz 7 inn 1R 7H 6Ks 3BBs
LP Andy Jackson 7inn 6R 9H 4Ks 3BBs
Gators Steve Barton 2-3 HR; Scott Poole 2-3 3b RBI; Jake McKillop HR
Nationals Adam Stuck 2-3 2b BB; Brent Thompson 2-4 2b
 No Box Scores yet. Gary in Iowa has some software issues!

To all the fans I am having major scoring computer problems. Hoping o get my back up to work. Haven't used since 2014. Will get the boxes in as soon as I can even if it is nexweek. Gary

Innerkip Gm 7 Cubs 7 Falcons 0

#InnerkipQualifier Gm 7

Kitchener Hallman Cubs 7
Shakespeare Falcons 0
WP Colin Walsh 5 inn 2H 8Ks
LP Fred Follings 2 inn 5R 5H 3Ks 1BB; Ben Hepburn 3 inn 2R 2H 1K 2BB
Cubs Jeff Lyons 2-3 2b; Blake Underwood 2-3; Brian Eidt 2-3
Falcons Ryan Shannon 2b

Innerkip Gm 8 Elmira 7 Waterdown 3

#InnerkipQualifier Gm 8

Elmira Expos 7
FirstOntario Hammer 3
WP Dan Martin 7 inn 3R 10H 1K 1BB
LP Tim Neill 2 2/3 inn 5R 6H 5Ks 1BB  Steve Langley 4 1/3 2R 5H 3Ks 2BB
Expos Dan Martin 2-4 HR 2b; Tim Freeman 2-4 2b; AJ Moses 2-4
Hammer Joe Triest 3-3

Innerkip Kingston 6 Nith River 5

#InnerkipQualifier Gm 9

Kingston Axemen 6 
Nith River Monsters 5 - 8 innings
WP Jordan MacDonald 6 2/3 inn 5H 4Ks 1BB  in relief of Chris Van Volkenburg 1 1/3 inn 5R 4H 1K 3BB
LP Greg Hammell 3 inn 5R 4H 5Ks 3BB in relief of Tyler Randerson 5inn 1R 5H 9Ks 2BB
Axemen Matt Greer 2-3, Sloan Creighton 2-4; Dan Burnham HR
Monsters Steve Lyons 2-4 Johnny Baker 2-3 BB

Axemen rally from a 5-0 deficit after the rain delay to win


Innerkip Toronto 2 Glanworth 1

#InnerkipQualifier Gm 10

Toronto Batmen 2
Glanworth Gators 1
WP Caleb Keeshig 7 inn 1R 4H 14Ks 4BB
LP Jake McKillop 6 inn 2R 8H 5Ks 1BB
Batmen Cody Skelton 3-3 2b; Craig Jones 1-1 GWRBI
Gators Randy Gray 2-2 2b BB RBI

St. Pauls 5 Outlaws 1 Game 11

#InnerkipQualifier Game 11

St. Paul's Generals 5
Kitchener Bell Cartage Outlaws 1
WP George Armstrong 7 inn 1R 7H 8Ks
LP Jeff Wise 7 inn 5R 8H 5Ks 7BB
Generals Darryl Swartzenruber 2-3; George Armstrong 3-4; Trent Dundas 2-3
Outlaws Doug Hoffman 2-3

Tribe 7 Hoggs 0 - Game 12

#InnerkipQualifier Game 12

Wyevale Tribe 7
Ohsweken Da Hoggs 0
WP Jason Giffen 5 inn NO HITTER 7Ks 2BB 2HBP
LP Ryan Hepburn 1 2/3 inn 5R 4H 1K 1BB 2HBP; Vinny Hill 3 1/3 inn 2R 4H 
Tribe Steff Walma 3-3 HR; Cory Kelly 2-3 HR; Mike Kelly 2-3

Innerkip Wiarton 4 Nith River 0 Game 13

#InnerkipQualifier Game 13

Wiarton Nationals 4
Nith River Monsters 0
WP Dustin Veenhoff 7 inn 2H 8Ks 5BBs
LP Johnny Baker 4 inn 4R 5H 2BB; Tyler Randerson 3 inn 6Ks
Nationals Ryan Thompson 1-3 2 RBIs; Brent Thompson 1-3 RBI; Zach Carson SAC Fly RBI
Monsters Greg Hammell 1-2 Cody Werner 1-2 BB

Innerkip Falcons 7 Hammer 6 Game 14

#InnerkipQualifier Gm 14

Shakespeare Falcons 7
Waterdown FirstOntario Hammer 6
WP Fred Follings 8 inn 6R 14H 5Ks 2BBs
LP Steve Langley 3inn 2R 4H 4Ks 3BB in relief of Tim Neill 4 1/3 inn 5R 9H 4Ks 
Falcons Jamie Rader 2-run HR; Andrew Medhurst GWRBI on bases load BB
Hammer Justin Davis 4-4 2xHRs 3RBIs; Andrew Mathies 3-4 2b BB; 
Hammer rally for 3 in 7th to tie then Falcons win it in B8

Innerkip Generals 8 D'backs 7 Game 15

#InnerkipQualifier Gm 15

St. Paul's Generals 8
Durham Diamondbacks 7
WP George Armstrong 2 2/3 inn 3R 3H 5Ks 1BB in relief of Quinn Kropf 4 1/3 inn 4R 7H 4Ks 1BB
LP Jeff Barber 2 1/3 3R 3H 5Ks 1BB in relief of Matt Davis 4 2/3 5R 7H 7Ks 2BB
Generals Cory Tuffnail 3-3; Adam Cronin 2-run HR; Darryl Schwartzentruber 2-4 2 runs
D'backs Will Macavelia 3-4 2b; Denny Benson 2-4

Innerkip Gators 9 Wyevale 2 Game 16

#InnerkipQualifier Game 16

Glanworth Gators 9
Wyevale Tribe 2
WP Nic Goetz 5 inn 2R 5H 4Ks 2BBs
LP Jason Giffen 1 1/3 inn 5R 4H 5BB 2HBP Steff Walma 2 2/3 4R 8H 1K 1BB
Gators Scott Poole 2-2 2b; Tyler Lynch 2-2 run
Tribe Matt Tjart 2-run HR

Kitchener Hallman Cubs Elmira Expos Game 17

#InnerkipQualifier Game 17
Kitchener Hallman Cubs 4
Elmira Expos 0
WP Colin Walsh 7 inn 4H 6Ks
LP Ben Hodgins 6 inn 4R 6H 6Ks
Cubs Colin Walsh 3-3 HR 4 RBIs; Blake Underwood 3b BB 2 runs Brandon Parks 2b run
Expos AJ Moses 2-3



 Innerkip Batmen Axemen Game 18

#InnerkipQualifier Game 18
Toronto Batmen 9
Kingston Axemen 3
WP Travis Jones 7 inn 3R 6H 7Ks
LP Jordan MacDonald 2 inn 6R 5H; Chris Van Volkenburg 4 inn 3R 2H
Batmen Cody Skelton 4-4 3xHRs 8(!) RBIs; Andy Skelton  3b; Scott Wilkin 2BB 3 runs
Axemen Dave Pratt 2-3 2b 2 runs; Jamie Purdon 2-3 RB

Innerkip Wiarton 3 St. Pauls 2 Game 19

#InnerkipQualifier Game 19

Wiarton Nationals 3
St. Paul's Generals 2
WP Dustin Veenhof
LP George Armstrong
Nationals Kenzie Swiger 3-3 2b 2RBIs, Todd McCauley 1-2 RBI
Generals George Armstrong 1-2 RBI; Quinn Kropf 1-3 RBI

Innerkip Shakespeare 14 Glanworth 6 Game 20

#InnerkipQualifier Game 20

Shakespeare Falcons 14
Glanworth Gators 6
WP Ben Hepburn 5 1/3 inn 6R 7H 3Ks 6BBs; Fred Follings 1 2//3 inn 1H 2Ks
LP Jake McKillop 4+inn 6R 7H 1HBP, Jason Dawdy 3 inn 8R 12H 1K 3BB
Falcons Ryan Shannon 3-5 HR 2b 3 RBIs; Reid Yantzi 3-4 4 RBIs; Kyle Harloff 4-5 2 RBIs; Will Fehrman 3-5 2 RBIs
Gators Brent McPherson 2-5 RBI; Steve Barton 1-3 2b RBI

Innerkip Elmira 7 Wiarton 2 Game 21

#InnerkipQualifier Game 21

Elmira Expos 7
Wiarton Nationals 2
WP Ben Hodgins 5 inn 1R 3H 1BB, in relief of Dan Martin 2 inn 1R 2H 1K
LP Dustin Veenhof 6 inn 7R 8H 2Ks 4BB, Andy Jackson 1 inn 
Expos Corey Way 3-4 HR 4RBIs; Andrew Pearn HR; Kevin Gutscher 2-3 2b 2RBIs
Nationals Adam Stuck 2-3 2b 2 runs; Troy Barfoot 2-3 2 RBIs

Innerkip Kingston 11 Shakespeare 3 Game 22

#InnerkipQualifier Game 22

Kingston Axemen 11
Shakespeare Falcons 3
WP Chris Van Volkenburg 5 inn 3R 5H 4Ks 2BB
LP Fred Follings 1 inn 7R 6H 1K 1BB; Ben Hepburn 3 inn 4R 9H 1K
Axemen Nick Ellis 3-4 2xHR 2RBIs; Dave Pratt 2-4 3b, 2b; Matt Greer 2-3 2 runs; Travis Gibson 2-2; Jamie Purdon 2-2
Falcons Reid Yantzi 2-3 3b; Ryan Shannon 1-3 2RBIs

Innerkip Toronto 2 Kitchener 0 Game 23

#InnerkipQualifier Game 23

Toronto Batmen 2
Kitchener Cubs 0
WP Caleb Keeshig 7 inn 6H 13Ks 1BB 1HBP
LP Colin Walsh 4+ inn 2R 4H 4Ks 1BB 1HBP, Don Scott 2 inn 1H 2Ks
Batmen Justin Krenzke 2-2 2b, 2-run HR; Darrin Newson 2b
Cubs Dan Mitchell 2-4; Adam Hiller 2-3

Innerkip Expos 12 Axemen 2 Game 24

#InnerkipQualifier Game 24

Elmira Expos 12
Kingston Axemen 2
WP Dan Martin 5 inn 2R 7H 4Ks 2BBs
LP Jordan MacDonald 4 1/3 inn 7R 7H 1K Chris Van Volkenburg 2/3 inn 5R 4H
Expos AJ Moses 3-3 2b; Corey Way 2-4 3-run HR; Derek Martin 2-run HR
Axemen Travis Gibson 2-3 2b; Adam Stroud 1-2 2-run HR;

Rain delay in loser bracket final between Cubs and Expos at 315pm

  Back playing at 3:29 pm Cubs v Expos & U21 Bulls v Wildcats


Innerkip Cubs Expos Game 25

#InnerkipQualifier Game 25

Kitchener Hallman Cubs  7
Elmira Expos  0
WP Don Scott 6 inn 5H 5Ks
LP Dan Martin 1+ inn 4R 2H 1K 5BB; Ben Hodgins 3 inn 2R 2H 2Ks 1BB; Casey Halstead 2H 1R
Cubs Dan Mitchell 2-3 2b 3 RBIs; Brandon Parks 1-2 BB 2 runs
Expos Kevin Ward 1-2 SB; Tim Freeman 2-3

Innerkip Batmen 3 Cubs 1 Game 26

#InnerkipQualifier Game 26

Toronto Batmen 3
Kitchener Hallman Cubs 1
WP Caleb Keeshig 7 inn 1R 4H 13Ks 1BB
LP Colin Walsh 6 inn 3R 7H 2Ks 1BB
Batmen Scott Wilkin HR; Andy Skelton 2-3 2b; Darrin Newson 1-2 Sac Fly 2 RBIs;
Cubs Matt Lyon RBI; Colin Walsh 1-3 run
MVP Colin Walsh, Kitchener Cubs
Top Pitcher Caleb Keeshig, Toronto Batmen



Innerkip U21 New Hamburg 6 Tavistock 0

#InnerkipQualifierU21 Game 1

New Hamburg Mustangs 6
Tavistock Athletics 0
WP Liam Laforest 7 inn 4H 8Ks 1BB
LP Callum Karn 4 1/3 inn 4R 6H 1K, Jacob Bauman 2 2/3 inn 2R 3H 1K
Mustangs Cam Heffernan 3-4 2b 2R RBI; Brady Honderich 2-3 2b 
Athletics Angus Rowland 1-3 2b

Innerkip U21 Game 2

#InnerkipQualifierU21 Game 2

Port Perry Bulls 3
Owen Sound Selects 1
WP: Clayton Robinson 7 inn 1R 5H 13Ks
LP Matt Wardrop 6inn 3R 6H 4Ks 1BB
Bulls Jake Bricknell 2-3 run; Jeff St. Pierre 2-3 2 RBIs
Selects Denny Benson HR
 U21 Game 4
#InnerkipQualifierU21 Gm 4
Owen Sound Selects 3
Wellesley Wildcats 1
WP Luke Zettel  7 inn 1R 5H 6Ks 5BB
LP Ben Broek 7 inn 3R 6H 3Ks 3BB
Selects Matt Wardrop 2-3; Denny Bensen 3b; Mitchell Pringle HR
Wildcats Ty Tebo 2-3

U21 Mustangs 6 Aces 4 Game 5

#InnerkipQualifierU21 Gm 5

New Hamburg Mustangs 6
Alvinston Aces 4 - 5 innings
WP Liam Laforest 3 2/3 inn 2H 4Ks 1HBP in relief of Brady Honderich 1 1/3 4R 6H 1K
LP Matt Laidlaw 1 1/3 inn 4R 5H 1K 1HBP, Zack Green 3 2/3 inn 2H 4Ks 1HBP
Mustangs Liam Laforest 2-2; Matt Zilke HR; Derek Hyde 3b; Jake Wiffen 3b
Aces Joey Doxtator 2-2 run
Game shortened to five innings due to field with no nightime lighting

Innerkip U21 Gm 6 Bulls 2 Wildcats 0

#InnerkipQualifierU21 Gm 6

Port Perry Bulls 2
Wellesley Wildcats 0
WP Kyle Ainsley 5 inn 2H 6Ks
LP Dylan Lebold 5 inn 2R 7H 2Ks 3BB
Bulls Jeff St. Pierre 2-3; Layne O'Halloran 1-3 RBI; Adam Harris 2-3 RBI
Wildcats Chayse Herrfort 1-2; Nathan Robataille 1-1

Game shortened to five innings due to field with no nightime lighting


Innerkip U21 Wellesley 8 Tavistock 6 - Q1

#InnerkipQualifierU21 Q1

Wellesley Wildcats 8
Tavistock Athletics 6
WP Ben Broek 2 1/3 inn 1H 2Ks 1BB, in relief of Dylan Lebold 4 2/3 inn 6R 6H 3Ks 4BB
LP Jeremy Kropf 7 inn 8R 7H 6Ks 1BB
Wildcats Darren Ropp 2-3 HR; Chayse Herrfort 2-4 HR 3 runs
Athletics Angus Rowland 2-2 3b; Zac Berg 2-3

Innerkip U21 Owen Sound 6 Alvinston 3 - Q2

#InnerkipQualifierU21 Q2

Owen Sound Selects 6
Alvinston Aces 3
WP Matt Wardrop 7 inn 3R 4H 8Ks 2BB
LP Zach Green 6 2/3 inn 6R 9H 1K 1BB
Selects Brandon Tucker 3-4; Jordan Baumber 2-4
Aces Clay Dolbear 2-3


Innerkip U21 Mustangs 8 Selects 1 - S1

#InnerkipQualifierU21 S1

New Hamburg Mustangs 8
Owen Sound Selects 1
WP Liam Laforest 5 inn 1R 6H 
LP Luke Zettel 4 2/3 inn 8R 10H 7Ks 3BB
Mustangs Isiah Whetstone 2-3 3b; Matt Zilke 2-3; Jake Wiffen 2-4
Selects Brandon Tucker 3-3

Innerkip U21 Bulls Wildcats - S2


#InnerkipQualifierU21 S2

Port Perry Bulls 8
Wellesley Wildcats 7
WP Jeff St. Pierre 7 inn 7R 9H 13Ks 5BB
LP Ben Broek 7 inn 8R 8H 3Ks 4BB
Bulls Keegan Scott 3-3 BB; Layne O'Hallorann 2-4; Jeff St. Pierre GWHR
Wildcats Troy Moffitt 2-3 Ty Tebo 3b

Innerkip U21 Mustangs 5 Bulls 1


Port Perry Bulls 1
New Hamburg Mustangs 5
WP Tyler Randerson 7 inn 1R 7H 
LP Clayton Robinson 3inn 4R 5H 4Ks in relief of Kyle Ainslie 4inn 1R 4H 5Ks
Mustangs Jake Wiffen 2-3; Derek Hyde 3-4 3 RBIs; Tyler Randerson 2-3
Bulls Josh Maguire 3-4; Jeff St. Pierre 2-2 RBI
MVP Jeff St. Pierre, Port Perry Bulls
Top Pitcher Liam Laforest, New Hamburg Mustangs



Opening round games are as follows:

Gm 1 D1 Fri 7 pm Shakespeare Falcons vs Kitchener Bell Cartage Outlaws

Gm 2 D2 Fri 7 pm Waterdown FirstOntario Hammer vs St. Paul’s Generals

Gm 3 D1 Fri 9 pm Elmira Expos vs Wyevale Tribe

Gm 5 D2 Fri 9 pm Nith River Monsters vs Durham Diamondbacks

Gm 4 D1 Sat 830 am Kingston Axemen vs Da Hoggs

Gm 6 D2 Sat 830 am Wiarton Nationals vs Glanworth Gators

Gm 7 D2 Sat 1030 am Kitchener Hallman Cubs vs winner Gm 1

Gm 10 D2 Sat 1230 pm Toronto Batmen vs winner Gm 6


Games continue all day Saturday and resume Sunday at 8:30 am with the championship game scheduled for 4:30 pm Sunday. See the attached schedules.


The six-team Armitage Technology ISC Canada East U21 Championship starts Saturday morning.


Sat 830a New Hamburg Mustangs vs Tavistock Athletics

Sat 1030a Port Perry Bulls vs Owen Sound Selects

Sat 1230p Alvinston Aces vs Tavistock Athletics

Sat 230p Wellesley Wildcats vs Owen Sound Selects

Sat 430p New Hamburg Mustangs vs Alvinston Aces

Sat 630p Port Perry Bulls vs Wellesley Wildcats


Quarter final cross-overs between the second and third-place teams in each pool will be played on Sunday morning starting at 8:30 am with the semi-finals at 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm and the championship scheduled for 4:30 pm. Like the ISC Qualifier, the winning U21 team will receive a paid berth and travel money for the 2017 ISC U21 Championship in Grand Rapids, Michigan.



Loser's Bracket

Winner's Bracket

U21 Bracket



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   By Gary Baughman


 WrapUp by Blair Setford


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