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2017 Elkland First Weekend Bracket and Results

August 28, 2017

Elkland, PA - - 2017 Elkland First Weekend Bracket

    2017 Gary Sherman Knockout winner - Bear Bottom Haymakers

See the bottom of the Results page to see Gary's Player and Team Stats.



Game 1 Friday night 8:30 pm

 Beverage Barn is now Dick's Diner please change schedule

Beverage Barn (Dick's Diner)   5

Glen William Ale Stars Brampton ON  1

WP- Trevor Hall

LP- Dave Mackay




Game 2  ESA Merchants             2
                Eagle AA                        9
WP- Carl Detweiler
LP-  Dan Cevette
Game 6   East Coast Renegades       3
                 RM Kurtz                           13
WP- Derek Martin
LP-    Billy Morris
Game 3    Bear Bottom Lodge           1
                  Moo Crew                           0
WP-  Tyson Duncan
LP-     ? Beers



Game 4  PA Power                                  5

                 Northern Merchants             4

WP- Eric Fogel

 LP= Tom Haver


Game 5     NY  Bombers     won by forfeit  


Game 7   Lackawanna NY                      9

                 CPI                                            0

WP- Rich Vassos

 LP-  Jarrod Martin


11:30 games


Game 10  PA Power                                 3

                  Eagle AA                                  2

WP- Eric Fogel

LP-   Carl Detweiler


Game  8    Elanco Blackhawks                 1

                   Niagara Snappers                   3

WP-  Scott Wager

 LP- Jerlin Rutt


Game 9    Bear Bottom Lodge                 10

                  Dick's Diner                                 0

WP- Duane Weiler

 LP-   Nick Esposito




Game 11 NY Bombers                           9

                 RM Kurtz                                 5

WP- Jonas Mach

LP-   Derek Martin


Game 12 Niagara Snappers                   7

                 Lackawanna NY                      3

WP-  Tom Brube

 LP-  Jay Surdyke


Game 13    Brampton Ale Stars            10

                   Moo Crew                               6

WP- Kyle Gray

 LP-Rick Beers

No Idea what town they are from. Anyone know Email me. Gary




Game 16 Oswego CPI              1

                 Elanco Blackhawks  0

WP- Gregg Garrity

 LP- Jerlin Rutt


Game 14  Northern Merchants              3

                   ESA  Merchants                      0

WP- Kyle Ainsley

 LP- Blair Ezekiel


Game 15  East Coast Rennegades get Forfeit Win which is really a bye.


8pm from Hervey Hand on Facebook: "We are 1 game behind schedule and I am going home to watch PPV - updates in the morning"


Game 19  6:30 PM

Game 19   Eagle AA, Reading PA             10

                   East Coast Renegades             2

WP- Carl Detweiler

 LP- Rick Sladowski





Last 2 games last night



Game 22    Niagara Snappers                  3

                    New York Bombers               2

WP- Tom Berube

 LP-  Jonas Mach


Game 20  CPI                                            5

                   Dick's Diner                            4

WP- Greg Garrity

 LP-  Taylor Tate



9 AM Games


Game 23    RM Kurtz                               8

                    Brampton Ale Stars             1

WP-  Zach Shirk

 LP-  Andrew Mackay



Game 24   Eagle AA                                4

                   CPI                                          2

WP- Carl Detweiler

 LP-  Jeff Mayer          



10:45 AM GAMES


Game 25    RM Kurtz                4

                    PA Power                3

WP- Zach Shirk

 LP-  Brad Gotshall


Game 26   NY Bombers            5

                   Reading Eagle AA   4

WP- Jonas Mach

 LP- Carl Detweiler


12:30 Games


Game 27    Bear Bottom Lodge            11

                    Niagara Snapper                   4

WP- Tyson Duncan

LP-   Scott Wager


Game 28   NY Bombers                           10

                   RM Kurtz                                   2

WP-  Jonas Mach

LP-    Zach Shirk


Game 27 was winners bracket Final Bear Bottom to finals. Bombers and Snappers playing to see who  faces Bear Bottom - Gary



Game 29     NY Bombers   11

                     Niagara Snappers        4

WP- Brooks Robinson

 LP Tom Berube


 Bear Bottom Lodge  vs  NY Bombers for the Championship!


Game 30    Bear Bottom Lodge Haymakers, Ephrata PA      9

                     New York Bombers, Cortland NY                        0

WP- Duane Weiler

 LP-  Brooks Robinson


Conratulations TO Bear Bottom Lodge for winning the Gary Sherman Knockout Champions


2017 Gary Sherman Knockout winner

Bear Bottom Haymakers

Most Valuable Pitcher - Duane Weiler

Most Valuable Player - Brandon Rutt



 BIG THANKS to Hervey Hand for all the scores all weekend!

   And to Gary Baughman for the Box Scores!


See the bottom of the Results page to see Gary's Player and Team Stats.



Attached is the bracket for 2017 Elkland PA, First Weekend Tournament.

 24th Annual Elkland First Weekend Tournament Bracket in PDF

    Results page with box scores via Gary Baughman



2017 – 24th Annual Elkland First Weekend Tournament

Dates - August 25-27 (games will start on Friday night)

Entry Fee - $300

Team Limit - 16 Teams

Double elimination

Payouts - 1st - $1,000, 2nd - $500, 3rd - $300

ESA Pitching List in effect. No team may have more than 2 PRAWN Players.




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