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2017 Ontario Challenge Cup - #OCC17

September 24, 2017

Innerkip, ON - - 2017 Ontario Challenge Cup

2017 Ontario Challenge Cup 

Friday eve

Game 2

St. Thomas Storm 6
Glanworth Gators 4
WP Ryan Cummings 7 inn 4R 8H 12Ks 1BB
LP Jon Klingenburg 1 2/3 inn 2R 3Ks 2HBP 1BB; in relief of Adam Martin 5 1/3 inn 4R 4H 3Ks 
Storm Liam Laforest 3b; 6 unearned runs
Gators Brent McPherson HR; Adam Martin HR; Jon Klingenburg HR


Game 3

Hamilton Pirates 0
Elmira 37s 4

WP Dan Martin NO HITTER 7inn 0H 0R 11Ks
LP Doug Hoffman 5inn 4R 8H 9Ks 1BB, Pat Ryan Jr 1inn 1H 1K 1BB
37s: Matt Hanley 3-3 RBI; Brady Gerber 1-3 RBI
Pirates: Whitney Bridge reached via error

Game 4

Innerkip Eagles 5
Kitchener Diamond Jaxx 1

WP Quinn Kropf 7inn 1R 6H 7Ks
LP Kevin Buckley 4inn 3R 6H 1K 1BB; Jeff Wise 3inn 2R 3H 3Ks 1BB
Eagles Nate Awd HR; Jamie Davis 1-3 2-RBI 2b; Darryl Wright RBI
D'Jaxx Ryan Ferber 2-3 run; Kevin Buckley 3b RBI


Game 7

Wiarton Nationals 0
Innerkip Expos 8

WP Dustin Veenhoff 5inn 0R 6H 7Ks
LP Brent Thompson 4inn 8R 6H 2Ks 5BBs
Expos Isiah Whetstone 2-2 BB; Jon Baker RBI; Justin Krulicki 1-2 BB 2RBIs
Nationals Brent Thompson 2-2 
Game 5
Grand Valley Expos 0
Ohsweken Redmen 7

WP Rory Miller NO HITTER 6inn 0R 0H 11Ks 1BB
LP Kyle Hunter 3 1/3inn 5R 7H 1K 3BBs; Brandy Lantz 2+ inn 2R 5H 3Ks 1BB
Redmen Stu Johnston 4-4 2x1b, 2b 3b 3runs; Rory Miller 3-3 2-run HR, 2x1b, BB; Robert Bomberry 2-3 
Expos Dakota Bruce reached base twice BB & E
Game 6
Mitchell Mets 9
Waubaushene Dodgers 0

WP Casey Halstead 6inn 0R 6H 6Ks
LP Kirk Santala 6inn 9R 10H 11Ks 
Mets Scott Lealess 2-3 3b; AJ Moses 2-4 3b 3-run HR; Trevor Skinner 2-run HR
Dodgers Jordan Grubb 2-3 3b
#OCC2017 Game 8
Elmira 37s 6
St. Thomas Storm 5
WP Dan Martin 7inn 5R 8H 14Ks
LP Liam Laforest 3inn 2R 4H 4Ks 3BBs in relief of Dan Beecroft 4inn 4R 2H 6Ks 2BBs
37s Brady Gerber 3-run HR; Dallas Kipfer 1-3 RBI
Storm Jason Dawdy 2-4 2 RBIs; Chris Wismer 2-4HR 3 RBIs
Fenelon Falls The Lakes 3
Mitchell Mets 8

WP Dylan Cunningham 7inn 3R 6H 6Ks 1BB
LP Abe Leahy 6inn 8R 12H 7Ks 
Mets Scott Lealess 4-4 2x2b, 3 RBI; Dylan Cunningham 2-3 HR 2b 3 RBIs; Tyler Pauli 2-3 HR 2 RBIs
Lakes Cam Heffernan 2-3 2b RBI; Steve Ashbridge 2b; Kurtis Moore 2b
Game 9
nnerkip Eagles 3
Ohsweken Redmen 6

WP Rory Miller 7inn 3R 7H 5Ks 1BB
LP Quinn Kropf 3+inn 5R 7H 3Ks 2BBs, relief Tim Neill 3inn 1R 2H 6Ks 
Redmen Matt Sault 2-3; Calvin Miller HR; Ryan Davis 2 RBIs
Eagles Adam McIntyre 2-4 3b RBI; Nate Awd 3-4
Game 12
Kitchener Diamond Jaxx 10
Glanworth Gators 2

WP Jeff Wise 7inn 2R 4H 4Ks 1bb
LP Jake McKillop 7inn 10R 9H 6Ks 7BBs
Jaxx Jordan Emick 2-4 HR 4RBIs; Warren Williams 2-4 3b; Chad McQueen 2-4 2b 2 runs; Sam Crickmore 2-2 2b 3 runs
Gators Jon Klingenburg 1-3 2b RBI
Game 13
Innerkip Eagles 11
Hamilton Pirates 4

WP Rob Dickson 7inn 4R 5H 5Ks 
LP Pat Ryan Jr 3 2/3inn 5R 6H 1K 4BB; Rick Hames 1 1/3inn 4R 3H 2Ks 1BB; Doug Hoffman 2inn 2R 2H 1K 
Eagles Nate Awd 2-3 2b HR 3 RBIs; Sean McLaren HR; Joe Thornton 2-4
Pirates Sean Maas HR
Game 14
Grand Valley Expos 0
Waubaushene Dodgers 9

WP Denny Benson 5 inn 0R 1H 7Ks 2 BBs
LP Brady Lantz 2+inn 5R 4H 1K 1BB; Dylan Taylor 2inn 4R 2H 2Ks 
Dodgers Josh Lesaux 3-3 2b 2 runs; Jordan Grubb 2b 2 RBIs Keith Rankin 1-3 RBI
Expos Kyle Hunter 1-3 
Game 15
Wiarton Nationals 2
St. Thomas Storm 9

WP: Ryan Cummings 4inn 0R 5H 3Ks 1BB, Liam Laforest 2inn 2R 4H 2BB
LP: Brent Thompson 6inn 9R 8H 9BBs
Storm Rob Burns 2-4 Brent Crocker 2-4 2b 
Nationals Mackenzie Pringle 3-4 2-run HR Jay Miller 2-3
Game 16
Fenelon Falls The Lakes 3
Kitchener Diamond Jaxx 12

WP Kevin Buckley 4inn 3R 7H 6Ks 
LP Abe Leahy 1 1/3inn 11R 10H; Eric Heyen 2 2/3inn 1R 2H 3Ks
Jaxx Chad McQueen HR 2runs; Jason Farrelly 3-3 3b; Kevin Buckley 2-3 3b Ryan Kron 2-3 3b RBI
Lakes Launce Junkin 1-3 2b Steve Ashbridge 2-run HR Abe Leahy 3-3 HR
Game 17
Innerkip Expos 11
Elmira 37s 0

WP Dustin Veenhoff 5inn 0R 3H 6Ks 1BB
LP Tim Wright 4+inn 8R 12H; Dallas Kipfer 1inn 3R 2H 2Ks 3BB
Expos Nick McIntyre 2-4 2x2-run HRs; Johnny Baker 4-4 2b RBI; Jeff Lyons 4-4 2b 3b 2RBIs
37s Alex Dumais 1-3, Ted Sebben 1-3, Matt Hanley 1-2
Game 18
Mitchell Mets 1
Ohsweken Redmen 4

WP Rory Miller 7inn 1R 4H 5Ks 
LP Casey Halstead 6inn 4R 8H 4Ks
Redmen Ryan Davis 2-3 RBI; Cal Miller 2-3 RBI; 
Mets Tyler Pauli 1-3 2b RBI AJ Moses 3b
Game 20
St. Thomas Storm 5
Kitchener Diamond Jaxx 3

WP Ryan Cummings 7inn 3R 3H 10Ks 1BB
LP Kevin Buckley 7inn 5R 10H 6Ks 1BB
Storm Rob Burns 2-4 RBI; Chris Wismer 2-4 HR 2b 2 RBIs; Jason Dawdy 2-3 2x2b 2RBIs; Josh Tetreall 2-3 run
Jaxx Kevin Buckley 3-run HR; Warren Williams 2b
Game 19
Waubaushene Dodgers 1
Innerkip Eagles 5

WP Tim Neill 7inn 1R 6H 13Ks
LP Kirk Santala 6inn5R 9H 7Ks 2BB
Eagles Joe Thornton 3-4; Alex Vandenvort 2-4 3 RBIs SB; Quinn Kropf 1-3 RBI
Dodgers Matt Medaglia 3-3 Keith Rankin 2b RBI
 Game 21
Elmira 37s 2
Innerkip Eagles 4

WP Tim Neill 7inn 2R 4H 10Ks 
LP Tim Wright 1inn 2R 2H in relief of Chris Young 5inn 2R 2H 7Ks 
Eagles Quinn Kropf 2-run HR; Adam McIntyre 3b; 
37s Kyle Hanley 2b
Game 22
St. Thomas Storm 1
Mitchell Mets 8

WP: Ben Hodgins 6inn 1R 3H 3Ks 2BB
LP: Liam Laforest 4inn 6R 8H 6Ks; Dan Beecroft 2inn 2R 4H 2Ks 2BB
Mets Dylan Cunningham 2-3 2 HRs 4 RBIs; AJ Moses 2-4; Brent Kreamer 2-3; Trevor Skinner 2-4
Storm: Kevin Lynch 1-2
 Game 23
Innerkip Expos 3
Ohsweken Redmen 5

WP Rory Miller 7inn 3R 8H 7Ks
LP Dustin Veenhoff 6inn 5R 7H 3Ks 
Redmen Ryan Davis 2-run game-winning HR; Robert Bomberry HR 2b 2 RBIs
Expos Kyle Kreiger 2-3 Isiah Whetstone 2-3
Game 24
Mitchell Mets 10
Innerkip Eagles 11 - 8 innings

WP Quinn Kropf 4inn 1R 3H 2Ks in relief of Tim Neill 4+inn 9R 10H 3Ks
LP Casey Halstead 2 1/3 inn 5R 7H 2Ks, Ben Hodgins 2inn 4R 7H 2Ks, Dylan Cunningham 3inn 2R 5H 2Ks
Eagles Jon Atkinson 3-5; Quinn Kropf 3-5 2 RBIs; Darryl Wright 3-4 4RBIs
Mets Scott Lealess 3-5 2b RBI; Dylan Cunninham 2-3 2x2b RBI; Casey Halstead 3-run HR
Mets rally from 7-2 down to take a 9-7 lead. Eagles score 2 in B7 to tie. Mets count 1 in T8, Eagles tie game, then load bases and Brett Witzel is HBP for GWRBI
Game 25
Innerkip Eagles 0
Innerkip Expos 5

WP Dustin Veenhoff 7inn 0R 2H 7Ks
LP Quinn Kropf 6inn 5R 9H 6Ks 2BB
Expos  Justin Krulicki 2-4 2x2b; Nick McIntyre 2-4 RBI; Steve Lyons 2-2 RBI
Eagles Jay Scarre pinch-hit 1b; Nate Awde 1-3
Innerkip Expos will try to defend their OCC title against a rested Ohsweken Redmen. Game time temperature in downtown Innerkip is 31C with a humidex factor at 38C, almost equalling the 41C humidex in Santo Domingo earlier today.

 Game 26 - Championship Game

Innerkip Expos 8
Ohsweken Redmen 1

WP Dustin Veenhoff 5inn 1R 3H 5Ks 1BB
LP Rory Miller 5inn 8R 11H 1K 2BB
Expos Jeff Lyons 1-2 RBI, Nick McIntyre 2-3 1b 2-run HR; Isiah Whetstone 2-3 2b HR
Redmen Mitch Green HR

Congratulations to Innerkip Expos, repeat winners of the ISC Canada East Laverne Reichert Memorial Ontario Challenge Cup!
Most Outstanding Pitcher was Dustin Veenhoff, Innerkip Expos
Most Valuable Player was Jeff Lyons, Innerkip Expos.

Thanks to all teams, players, fans, our groundscrew, scorekeepers and umpires for their great work on the best weekend of the summer! Special thanks to Gary Baughman for stats and Al Doran for sharing scores.
Blair, Joe & Kyle

See all Game Box Scores and Stats here





Road to #ISCWT2018 in Kitchener starts tonight in Innerkip with the 2017 ISC Canada East Laverne Reichert Memorial Ontario Challenge Cup. All games will be at Innerkip Sports Park, 104 Blandford St, Innerkip, ON N0J 1M0 

Inline image 1

Slightly revised schedule is as follows:

Gm 2 Fri 715 pm Glanworth Gators vs St. Thomas Storm
Gm 3 Fri 830 pm Elmira 37s vs Hamilton Pirates
Gm 4 Fri 9 pm Innerkip Eagles vs Kitchener Diamond Jaxx
Gm 5 Sat 830 am Ohsweken Redmen vs Grand Valley Expos
Gm 6 Sat 830 am Mitchell Mets vs Waubaushene Dodgers
Gm 7 Sat 830 am Wiarton Nationals vs Innerkip Expos
Gm 10 Sat 1030 am The Lakes vs winner Gm 6

Games continue all day Saturday and resume Sunday at 8:30 am with the championship game scheduled for approximately 2:30 pm Sunday afternoon.

We will also be replaying the Friday afternoon Canada-USA game from the PanAm Qualifier on a large screen tonight and will be showing further Team Canada playoff games throughout the weekend.

Blair Setford 


Here is the Schedule and Results Page.

   We hope to work with Gary Baughman to bring you box scores etc.


 We will do our best to keep this page udated with scores etc from Innerkip but we will be on the road for part of the weekend so please check our NEWS-2 alternate site for scores as well.  AD


And watch our Twitter account as well:


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