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Cephas Roth Update and results

July 15, 2018

Tavistock, ON - - Cephas Roth Update


     Cephas Roth Tournament in Tavistock July 12th - 15th.

        - With regular updates from @iscstat (Gary Baughman)

Cephas Roth Memorial Fastball Tournament 2018 - Tavistock. Ontario


Updates starting Thursday July 12 - also see Results link at bottom of the page - links to stats.

Thursday night at Tavistock:

Game 1  

Hallman Cubs                  5   Shakespeare  Falcons                3

WP- Huemel Mata             LP- Fred Follings


Game 2

Dominican National Team     7   Nth River Monsters         1

WP- Yan Gonzalez                LP- Greg Hammell


Game 3

Waterdon 1st Ontario Hammers   2   Elmira Expos              0

WP- Kyle Linton                    LP- Casey Halstead 



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Game 4       5 PM Queens Park


Dominican National Team    1              Kitchener Hallman Twins      7

WP- Sean Cleary                                 LP- Yan Gonzalez


Game 5      7 PM Queens Park


Toronto Batmen                    2                 Elmira Expos                       7

WP- Dan Martin                     LP -  Kagiso Mogale


Game 6      7  PM    at Shakespeare Park


New York Gremlins  7                    Kingston Axemen              0

WP- Juan Potolicchio                     LP- Jordan MacDonald


Game 7

Nth River Monsters       7        Glanorth Gators       4

WP- Johnny Baker                   LP- Ben Hodgins


Game 8

Hallman Cubs                 7         Diamond Jaxx         0

WP- Colin Walsh                       LP- Jeff Wise


Game 9

Hill United Chiefs          7          Toronto Batmen     0

LP- Adam Folkard                      LP- Caleb Keeshig


Game 10

Ist Ontario Hammer     6          Glanworth Gators    0

WP- Kyle Linton                          LP- Quinn Kropf


Game 11

Shakespeare Falcons     7        Diamond Jaxx          0

WP- Fred Follings                    LP- Mel Ross


Game 11    9 AM    Queens

Hallman Twins                   8                          Glanworth Gators               0

WP- Pablo Migliavaccia                                LP- Jake McKillop


Game 12    9 AM    Shakespere

Nth River Monsters          1                          Hill United Chiefs                 9

WP- Pablo Migliavaccaia                             LP-Tyler Randerson


Game 13    9 AM    Optimist

New York Gremlins          7                            Hallman Cubs                     3

WP- Andrew Kirkpatrick                               LP- Huemel Mata

see the link at the bottom of the page for Gary's official scores and stats

Game 15   11 AM   Queens

Hallman Twins                5                             Elmira Expos                       3

WP- Sean Cleary                                            Matt Wardrop


Game 16  11 AM   Shakespere

Waterdown 1st Ontario Hammer     2      Dominican National Team     6

WP- Miguel Batista                                      LP- bRYUAN nETON


Game 17   11 AM     Optimist

Shakespere Falcons         0                         Kingston Axemen            6

WP- Joran Graham                                     LP-Kirk Santala



Game 18   1 PM     Queens

Toronto Batmen          6                                Glanworth Gators         0

WP- Dustin Veehof                                       LP- Quinn Kropf


Game 19  1 PM     Shakespere

Waterdown 1st Ontario Hammer      3         Hill United Chiefs        6

WP- Justin Schofield                                    LP- Kyle Linton


Game  20  1 PM   Optimist

Kingston Axemen                   8                     Kitchener Diamond Jaxx             1

WP-  Mitch Hardy                                       LP- Jeff Wise


Game  21 Dominican Nationals         7          Toronto Batmen         0

WP- Yan Gonzalez                                            LP- Caleb Keeshig



Game 22  3 PM  Shakespeare

Shakespeare Falcons                           0           New York Gremlins       10

WP- Max Montero                                          LP- Jeremy Kropf


Game  23 3 PM   Optimist

Elmira Expos                                      2            Nth River Monsters            0

WP- Dan Martin                                              LP-  Johnny Baker


Game  24  5 PM   Queens

Hill United Chiefs                        0                           Hallman Twins                  2

WP- Sean Cleary                                                       LP- Adam Folkard


Game 25  5 PM    Shakespeare

Kitchener Diamond Jaxx           1                           New York Gremlins           6

WL- Juan Potolicchio                                              LP- Mel Ross


Game 26   5 pm    Optimist

Kingston Axemen                        5                         Hallman Cubs                     3

WP- Jordan MacDonald                                        LP- Collin Walsh



Gme 27   9 PM   Queens

#4 Dominican Republic           7                       #5 Kingston Axemen             o

WP- Yennier Volquez                                        LP- Mitch  Hardy


Game 28   9 PM  Optimist

#3  Hill United Chiefs              10                      #6 1st Ontario Hammer      o0

WP- Pablo Migliavaccia                                   LP- Bryan Newton



at 9 am     Hill United vs # 2  Hallman Twins

                     at 11 am Dominican National Team vs New York Gremlins   as far as I was told. G



Game   29    9 AM   Queens

Semifinal 1
#2    Hallman Twins           6             Winner of 27    Hill United Chiefs              7
WP- Pablo Migliavaccia                    LP- Scott Lieph
Game 31  2 pm      Queens
Championship Game
Winner  of 29                                      Winner of 30
Six Nation ON Hill United Chiefs   2    Clifton Park NY New York Gremlins      5
WP-  Andrew Kirkpatrick                       LP- Aam Folkard

New York Gremlins are the Cephas Roth 2018 Champions!

more from Gary Baughman

Cephas Roth Tournament in Tavistock July 12th - 15th.

We have added the Dominican Republic National Team to the mix for the Cephas Roth Tournament. They are touring for 10 days and begged me for 4 days to be included. They will have a solid team. 
Soooooo, we have 13 teams and this is how it will work. 
One pool of 5 teams that all play each other for 4 games guaranteed. (total 10 games)
Two pools of 4 teams that will cross over and play their 4 games against the opposite pool for 4 games guaranteed. Not ideal but workable. ‎(total 16 games). At least they all play the same teams to qualify. Just no head to head action. 
Top 2 seeds from each pool will advance to the playoffs with #3 playing #6 and #4 playing #5 in quarter finals at 9:00pm Saturday Night. (2 games)
Winners of Quarters will play the #1 and #2 seeds in semi's Sunday at 9 and 11 at Queens Park. (2 games)
Finals set for 2:00pm also at Queens (1 game)
This can be accomplished by playing 4 games Thursday (2 at Queens and 2 at Optimist) . 
Dominican can play Thursday Night at 9:00pm.
Friday will be 8 games (5, 7 and 9) at Queens and Optimist and 7 and 9 at Shakespeare.
Saturday will be 9, 11, 1, 3, at Shakespeare and 9, 11, 1, 3, and 5 at Queens and Optimist. 
This will complete the portion of the round robin games at 26 games. 
The quarter finals will be at 9:00pm at Queens and Optimist so there is a slot in there for a minor age group all star game if we choose to host one at 7:00pm Saturday night. 
Sunday is 3 games (2 semis and 1 final) all at Queens. 
SHAKESPEARE has been contacted and booked for the 6 games there @ $50 per game including diamond maintenance. 
Participating Teams Are : 
Hill United
Kitchener Hallman Twins 
Toronto Batmen 
Kingston Axemen
Dominican Republic National Team 
New York Gremlins
Kitchener Cubs
Shakespeare Falcons 
Elmira Expos 
Glanworth Gators 
Waterdown Hammer 
Kitchener Diamond Jaxx 
Nith River Monsters 
That's all I got for now but it's a pretty good field of teams! Pray for sunshine!!! 
New 3 July 2018:







Schedule and Results Page

   by Gary Baughman

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