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AlsFastball Mailing List will be archived

September 20, 2012

Richmond Hill, ON

We have decided to mothball our AlsFastball Mailing List. This will happen very soon.

This notice refers only to our e-mail list, our website will remian the same.

This will happen for a number of reasons, including:

We are using the mailing list less and less, fewer people are subscribing and we send out fewer mailings these days.

When we do use our big fastball list of subscribers, we are hitting almost a 20% reject, which means a ton of mail coming back to our BlackBerry.

After the September 11 world wide hacker attack, where thousands of websites were compromised, we did a security audit and found the mailer software is the most vunerable component of the whole operation.

It would appear that most of our news readers already to to AlsFastball on a daily basis to read the news. Some readers also get each news story sent to them via our RSS Feed. Still more rely on our Twitter Feed to get copies of the hot news items.
And of course we are posting most of the big stories on Facebook.

A description of some of these News options is covered on our NEWS PAGE.  This page also has information to assist those wishing to share a fastball story.

Within that page there is are background notes on how to subscribe to the current Mailing List. This will be changed in the near future as soon as we are ready to close down the mailing list.

At this point we are looking at some additional alternatives to a mailing list, including a Community Forum however nothing final on that as yet.

But hopefully all our readers will continue to read daily!

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