Cobourg Jim Bradford/Neil Cane Invitational

June 2, 2014

Cobourg, ON

Al,I believe we are all set for the 23rd annual Bradford/Cane Invitational
Starting Friday June 6 and finishing sunday june 8th.
Sixteen teams will be participating again this year
6 Major teams and
Ten intermediate ,Masters and juniors will compete in the other tournament
We will start with 4 games Firday night starting at 7pm.
Here are the teams and schedule:
Major Teams
Scarborough Force, CPI Classics NY, Napanee Merchants Express
Niagara Snappers, Elmira Expos, Ottawa Brokers 4 tickets
Intermediate ,Masters and Junior Division
Curve Lake Trappers, Colborne Rutherflo,Pickering Panthers,Oshawa BB's Jrs
Cobourg Force 50+,Oshawa Rebels,Napanee Exp Jrs,
Oshawa Bombers,Fitzroy Harbour West Carlton Electric, Cambridge Rusty Jiggers
Diamonds  D1   Jack Bevan         
                    D2   Layton Dodge
                    D3   Clarke Summerville
Fri 7pm G1 D1 Colborne vs Oshawa BB's
               G2D2 Napanee Jrs vs Oshawa Rebels
9pm      Major _ G1    D1  Scarborough Force vs Napanee Merchants Express
                             G3    D2 Curve Lake Trappers  vs Pickering Panthers
Sat 8.30am  G4  D1 Cobourg Force 50+ vs Napanee Jrs
                      G5  D2 Curve Lake Trappers vs Oshawa BB's
                      G6  D3 Oshawa Bombers vs Fitzroy Harbour WCE
    10.30am  Major G2 D1 Niagara Snappers vs Ottawa Brokers 4 tickets
                                 G7 D2  Colborne Rutherflo vs Pickering Panthers
                                 G8 D3  Oshawa Bombers vs Cambridge Rusty Jiggers
    12.30       Major G3 D1 Elmira Expos vs Ottawa Broker 4 tickets
                     Major G4 D2 CPI Classics NY vs Napanee Merchants Express
                                 G9 D3 Cobourg Force 50+ vs Oshawa Rebels
    2.30        Major G5   D1 Scarborough Force vs CPI Classics NY
                              G10  D2 Fitzroy Harbour WCE vs Cambridge Rusty Jiggers
                              G11  D3 Pickering Panthers vs Oshawa BB's Jrs
   4.30       Major  G6  D1 Elmira Expos vs Niagara Snappers
                             G12 D2 Curve Lake Trappers  vs  Colborne Rutherflo
                             G13 D3 Napanee Exp Jrs vs Oshawa Bombers
   6.30      Major G7   D1 Scarborough Force vs Ottawa Broker 4 tickets
                          G14   D2 Cobourg Force 50+ vs Cambridge Rusty Jiggers
                          G15   D3 Oshawa Rebels vs Fitzroy Harbour WCE
  8.30      Major G8   D1 Elmira Expos vs CPI Classics NY
                Major G9   D2 Niagara Snappers vs Napanee Merchants Express
Major -Top 2 get Bye                           Int.,Masters,Jrs           A Champs  1- 6
3 vs 6  4 vs 5                                          7 vs 10   8 vs 9             Top two Bye 3 vs 6  4 vs 5
1vs W 4 -5     2 vs W 3-6                      Winners play                1 vs 4 or 5    2 vs 3 or 6W
W vs W                                                       B   Champs                     W vs W - A Champs
8.30am  G16   D1  A3 vs A6
               G17   D2  A4 vs A5
               G18   D3  B8 vs B9
10.30     Major G10  D1  4 vs 5
               Major G11  D2  3 vs 6
                           G19  D3  B7 vs B10
12.30     Major G12  D1 Top seed vs WG10
               Major G13  D2  2nd seed vs WG11
                           G20 B Final  WG 18 vs WG 19
 2.30      Major Final  G14  D1  WG12 vs WG13
               Int,Masters ,Jrs Semi  G21  D2  A1 vs WG17
               Int,Masters,Jrs Semi   G22  D3  A2 vs WG16
4.30       Int,Masters ,Jrs  Final  G23  D1
                 WG21  vs  WG22

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