2015 Lewis County Fastpitch Fourth of July

May 6, 2015

Croghan, NY

2015 Lewis County Fastpitch Fourth of July Tournament- July 3rd, 4th and 5th in Croghan, NY
Reservation Contact: Jeff Mayer- cell- 315/771-6718 OR e-mail-
Jeff Mayer
315/376-8290 Home
315/771-6718 Cell


Lewis County Fast Pitch
Fourth of July Tournament
July 3 rd , 4 th and 5 th , 2015
Croghan, NY
Welcome to all Fast Pitch Teams,
Entry Fee:  $300/team plus  $30 for Non-ASA sanctioned teams
(We need Team Name and Manager address and contact info)
Tournament Style:  - Double Elimination
Class: Open to all classes
Pitching:  -Open
Bats:  -ASA Approved ONLY.
See list posted for unapproved bats!
 Unauthorized bat use will be subject to a no hit, an out
and ejection of player from game. Further use will be above
plus disqualification of that player for rest of tournament.
Play:  - AH or DH allowed
- ASA Rule- pitcher/catcher courtesy runner, bench player only.
-Additional Courtesy runner for catcher after two outs - last out.
- 8 run rule after 5 innings.
- Speed-up rule is in effect after 7 innings.
*Last out from previous inning starts on second base*
**Rule waived during final four teams = place finish games**
Sportsmanship:  ASA certified officials will be used.
 NO foul language or arguing with the umpire.
 Any questionable conduct is subject to the discretion of
the umpires and if necessary Tournament Directors.
o Eligibility after ejection is subject to Umpires
involved in the ruling and Tournament Directors.
 Please respect yourselves, your team and the game.
Prize:  -Place finishes through third
1 st - $800 Also: MVP Award and Paul Bush Offensive Player
2 nd - $400
3 rd - $200
Tournament Directors: Lewis County Fastpitch Softball League Officers
Contact: Jeff Mayer- cell- 315/771-6718 OR e-mail-


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