Springfield - Schedule for 2015 ISC Canada East Qualifier - Results

June 13, 2015

Springfield, ON


The 2015 ISC Canada East qualifier tournament will be held June 12-14 in Springfield, Ontario at the two-diamond complex at the Malahide Community Center - see  The top four teams will earn berths to the 2015 ISC World Tournament in South Bend, IN with the winner receiving a paid entry as well as travel money. Additional invites may be provided.

Opening round games are as follows (the complete schedule is on the attached pdf): Gm 1 Fri 9 pm Harwood Corners vs Toronto BatmenGm 2 Fri 9 pm Great Lakes Pirates vs Glen Williams Ale StarsGm 3 Fri 7 pm Ponsonby Sting vs Tavistock MerchantsGm 4 Sat 11 am Elmira Expos vs winner Gm 1Gm 5 Sat 11 am Kingston Axemen vs winner Gm 2Gm 6 Sat 9 am Wiarton Nationals vs winner Gm 3Gm 7 Sat 9 am Kitchener Cubs vs Waterdown Hammer



Please be advised that due to the inclimate weather forecast for Sunday in
Springfield, we are moving up the winner bracket final game to Saturday at
9 pm on D1.


Schedule and Results Page - will be updated all weekend with scores and Stats - Stats by Gary Baughman @iscstat 

We expect to have a full stats package for the tournament, courtesy of ISC Statistician Gary Baughman.

Also check NEWS-2 for those times when we are on the road.  

In addition, the ISC Network broadcast team will be on hand to cover three games on Sunday, including the Winners Bracket Final at 10:00 am, the Losers Bracket Final at 12:00 pm and the Championship Game at 2:00 pm. For additional information, please contact ISC Canada East personne



Friday Evening:


7 pm sharp - game 1 underway Ponsonby Sting at Tavistock Merchants. Ryan Shannon on the mound for Ponsonby

 Fri 7 pm G3
Ponsonby Sting 7
Tavistock Merchants 0
WP Ryan Shannon 5 inn 4H 6Ks 3BBs
LP Chad Fink 5 inn 12H 7R 7ER 3Ks 3BBs
Sting Kendall Warmington 2-3 3b 2 runs; Dylan Cunningham 2-2 2b 2 runs RBI; Joe Harris 1-2 2b 2 runs 2 RBIs Ron Dean 2-2 2RBIs
Merchants Travis Ramseyer 2-3 SB


Fri 9 pm G1
Toronto Batmen 8
Harwood Corners 7
WP Rory Miller 5 inn 2H 3R 7Ks 7BBs in relief of Doug Hoffman 2+inn 2H 4R
4Ks 2BBs
LP Liam Laforest 2 inn 2H 2R 3Ks 1BB in relief of Ben Hodgins 5 inn 7H 6R
7Ks 1BB
Batmen Nate Fuller HR 2RBIs Scott Wilkins 2-5 RBI 2 runs; Adam Long 2-4 3b
2 runs; Todd Hamblin 2-4
Harwood Trent Hansel 2-5 2 runs; Chad Ingalls 4 BBs 2 runs; Josh Karn 3b RBI

Fri 9 pm G2
Great Lakes Pirates 10
Glen Williams Ale Stars 0
WP Chris Van Volkenburg 5 inn 3H 7Ks 2BBs; Caleb Keeshig 2 inn OH 5Ks
LP Dave MacKay 5 inn 7H 5R 3Ks 4BBs; relief Andrew MacKay 2 inn 6H 5R
Pirates Ryan Smith 2-3 HR; Matt Sault 2-3 HR; Mike Reiley 2-4
Ale Stars Ricky Roskam 1-3 3b; Dave McKay 1-3; Al Leighton 1-2

Sat 9 am
Ponsonby Sting vs Wiarton Nationals
Kitchener Cubs vs Waterdown Hammer

Sat 9 am G7 Kitchener Cubs 2 Waterdown Hammer 6

Sat 9 am G6
Ponsonby Sting 2
Wiarton Nationals 4
WP Andy Jackson
LP Dylan Cunningham
Nationals Brent Thompson 2-3 HR 2RBIs; Cole McDougal 2-3 HR; Gowan Stuck 2-3 RBI
Sting Ryan Shannon 3-4 2 runs; Nic Moore 2-4 RBI; Joe Harris 3-4 RBI


Sat 11 am G5
Great Lakes Pirates 2
Kingston Axemen 1
WP Caleb Keeshig 7 inn 4H 1R 10Ks 3BBs
LP Jordan MacDonald 7 inn 7H 2R 7Ks 3BBs
Pirates Ryan Smith HR; Tyler McNevan 1-3 run; Caleb Keeshig 2-3 2b RBI
Axemen Brad Pender 3b RBI Jamie Purdon 1-2 run 


Sat 11 am G4
Elmira Expos 8
Toronto Batmen 2
WP Casey Halstead 7 inn 8H 2R 5Ks
LP Steve McNaughton 4 inn 5H 7R 3Ks 5BBs; Doug Hoffman 3 inn 2H 1R 2Ks 1BB
Expos Casey Halstead 1-3 HR 2RBIs 2 runs SB; AJ Moses 3b 2RBIS; Corey Way 2-3 HR 2 runs SB
Batmen Scott Wilkens 2-4 2b 3b; Adam Long 2-4 3b RBI; Todd Hamblin 2-3 2b RBI


Sat 1 pm G8
Harwood Corners 10
Glen Williams Ale Stars 5
WP Liam Laforest in relief of Bob Burgess
LP Andrew Mackay 4 inn 9H 5R 3Ks 1BB; Dave Mackay 3 inn 6H 5R 1K
Harwood Trent Hanzel 3-4 HR 3 runs; Liam Laforest 2-3 HR 4RBIs; Josh Karne 2-4 HR 2RBIs
Ale Stars Ryan Neeb 2-3 HR 3 runs; Scott Bennett 2-4 2x2b 3RBIs


 Sat 3 pm G9
Ponsonby Sting 6
Tavistock Merchants 5
WP Dylan Cunningham 2 inn 5H 3Ks in relief of Ryan Shannon 5+ inn 8H 4R 4Ks 1BB
LP Quin Kropf 7 inn 10H 6R 3Ks
Sting Kendall Warmington 3-3 2 runs; Ryan Shannon GWRBI; Nic Moore 2-4 run
Merchants Travis Ramseyer 3-4 RBI; Dan O'Hearn 3-4 2b 2 runs; Chad Fink 3-3 BB run


Sat 3 pm G10
Toronto Batmen 5
Kingston Axemen 4
WP Rory Miller 7 inn 9H 4R 4Ks 4BBs
LP Jamie Thompson 6 inn 6H 5R 2Ks 3BBs Jordan MacDonald 1 inn 2H 1K 1BB
Batmen Rory Miller 2-4 2b 2 runs RBI; Steve Ashbridge 2b RBI
Axemen Brad Pender 2b run Lucas MacNeill 2-4 2b RBI; Jamie Thompson 2-3


Sat 5 pm G11
Elmira Expos 0
Great Lakes Pirates 1
WP Caleb Keeshig 7 inn 1H 7Ks
LP Dan Martin 6 inn 1R 8H 9Ks
Pirates Mike Rieley 3-3 run; Tyler McNevan 1-3 GWRBI
Expos Tim Freeman 1-2


Sat 5 pm G12
Wiarton Nationals 4
Waterdown Hammer 5
WP Tim Neill 2/3 inn 2H in relief of Tim Yantzi 6 1/3 inn 4R 9H 7Ks 2BBs
LP Travis Jones 3 inn 3R 5H 2Ks in relief of Andy Jackson 4+ inn 2R 5H 2Ks 2BB
Hammer Steve Langley 2-4 3RBIs incl. Walk-off basehit John Klingenberg 3b RBI Will Lake 1-2 RBI
Nationals Adan Stuck 2-3 3b BB RBI; Brad Thompson 2-3 2 runs; Travis Jones 2-4


Sat 7 pm G13
Kitchener Cubs 13
Harwood Corners 0
WP Scott Wagar 2 inn 3Ks Matt Lyon 2 inn 1H 5Ks
LP Liam Laforest 2+ inn Josh Karn 2 inn
Cubs Matt Lyon 3-3 2b HR 3 RBIs 3 runs; Ben Heinbuch 3-4 3RBIs
Harwood Trent Hanzel 1-2 


Sat 7 pm G 14
Toronto Batmen 13
Ponsonby Sting 9 - 8 innings
WP Rory Miller 2 inn 1R 4H 2Ks in relief of Steve McNaughton 6 inn 5R 10H 7Ks 2BB; Doug Hoffman 3R 1H 2BB
LP Adam Moore 3 1/3 inn 5R 5H 1K 4BB Dylan Cunningham 5 2/3 inn 8R 11H 1K 1BB
Batmen Todd Hamblin 5-5 2b 3RBIs 3 runs; Adam Long 2-4 3b 2 RBIs 2 runs; Tyler Postil 2-4 3b 4RBIs 2 runs
Sting Dylan Cunningham 3-4 RBI; Ryan Shannon 2-5 3b 2 runs; Matt Stagg 2-5 2 RBIs run


Sat 9 pm G17
Waterdown Hammer 9
Great Lakes Pirates 2 - 5 innings
WP Steve Langley 5 inn 2R 4H 10Ks
LP Chris Van Volkenburg 3 inn 6R 8H 6Ks Caleb Keeshig 2 inn 3R 4H 4Ks
Hammer Steve Langley 2 HRs 4RBIs Kevin Ryrie 2-3 2b RBI; Mike Pullin 1-3 2 RBIs
Pirates Matt Sault HR 2 RBIs


Sun 8 am G15
Elmira Expos 0
Kitchener Cubs 7 - 5 innings
WP Scott Wagar 5 inn 1H 4Ks
LP Casey Halstead 4 inn 4R 5H 4Ks 1BB; Dan Martin 1 inn 3R 3H
Cubs Allan Phibbs 2-2 2 HRs; Blake Underwood 2-3 2b 2 runs; Dan Mitchell HR 2 RBIs
Expos Trevor Beatson 1-1


Sun 8 am G16
Toronto Batmen 0
Wiarton Nationals 4
WP Andy Jackson 7 inn 2H 7Ks 2BB
LP Rory Miller 6 inn 4R 9H 2Ks
Nationals Brent Thompson 3-3 3b 2RBIs; Gowan Stuck 3-3 run
Batmen Austin Brown 1-2


 Officially rained out.

  Order of finish:
1. Waterdown Hammer
2. Great Lakes Pirates
T3 Kitchener Cubs and Wiarton Nationals



Footnote from ISC Statistician Gary Baughman @iscstat


 Full Player Stats

There were several very good games. As usual I enjoyed doing the stats. Any tournament that would like me to do this for them contact me. I will also be soliciting opportunities. Gary Baughman I.S.C. Statistician  




 Final Standings




1- Waterdown ON Waterdown Hammer             3-0


2. Port Elgin ON GeatLakes Pirates                        3-1


3. Kitchener ON Kitchener Cubs                             2-1


3. Wiarton ON Wiarton Nationals                          2-1




Leading Hitter


Gowan Stuck        Wiarton        10 ab   7 h    .700 Ave




Leading Pitchers




Scott Wager           Kitchener      7.0 IP   2-0 RECORD   0.00 ERA


Caleb Keeshig        Port Elgin     19.2 IP  2-0                    1.89


Andy Jackson         Wiarton        18.0      2-0                    2.00


Tim Neill                 Waterdown    7.2      2-0                    2.35




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