Expansion for Doreen Dalton tournament

October 18, 2006

Hutt Valley, NZ

Expansion for Doreen Dalton tournament
Wednesday 18th October 2006

More teams, more softball and more excitement is the plan for the DoreenDalton premier one men’s softball tournament this weekend as organisershave invited more teams to enter the four day event.

In past seasons the invitational tournament has been restricted to eightof the top men’s club sides in the country but this weekend will see 14teams contesting for the title.

Tournament spokesperson Alan Saunders says the strength and depth of clubteams across New Zealand has improved resulting in more top class sidescapable of competing at the highest level.

A feature of the teams entered for the four day tournament at FraserPark, Lower Hutt is the inclusion of two Christchurch based teams,Papanui and Richmond along with another southern side Stoke from Nelson.In recent season few teams from the South Island have attended thetournament.

Going into the tournament this weekend organisers will be keeping a closeeye on the forecast. Bad weather last season resulted in no play beingpossible on the final day which meant the title had to be shared betweenthe four semi finalists Miramar, Ramblers, Northcote and home team HuttCity United.

Ramblers of Auckland and Northcote from Northcote will be back again thisseason looking to take the title outright. Teams from Wellington enteredinclude Miramar, Poneke Kilbirnie, Johnsonville and Porirua. Hutt Valleybased club sides fighting for the title will be Hutt Valley Cardinals andhome team Hutt City United.

Going into the tournament the home side Hutt City United hold the titleof national club champions after winning the title at the end of lastseason. They look to be very strong once again and will have the addedmotivation of trying to win their own tournament.

The tournament will feature a string of the New Zealand’s best men’splayers including Black Sox players Thomas Makea, Brad Rona, PatrickShannon, Travis Wilson, Nathan Nukunuku and Black Sox captain Jarrad Martin.

The top players are all spread quite evenly amongst the teams makingcompetition for the title very tight. The fourteen teams have been splitinto two pools for round robin play; following that the top four teamswill go on to contest the title while the remaining sides compete in aplate competition.

The first pitch in the tournament will be on Friday night followed by twodays of round robin play and the final on Monday afternoon.

By SNZ Media Liaison: Kelly Mitchell
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