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Fast-Pitch Tournament in Village of Prospect Takes a Swing Into Its 70th Year

September 8, 2015

Prospect, NY


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PROSPECT, N.Y. -- It's another Labor Day Weekend, which means another fast-pitch tournament in the Village of Prospect. This is the 70th year that the tournament has taken place, making it the longest-running tournament of its kind in the country. 

"It's men's fast-pitch. A lot of people may be more familiar with seeing women's fast-pitch on ESPN, but men's fast-pitch has been in this area for 70-plus years," said Dennis Williams, tournament organizer.

Four teams came to Prospect to compete, adding to the long history of similar players who've taken at-bats on the same field.

"The tournament started after the, all of the men got home from the war, and all the local people pitched in, and turned into a field day, and that was to support the fire company," said Don Cannon, a former player.

Cannon says thousands used to come out for the tournament. Admission is free, but attendance isn't quite what it used to be.

"The attendance has dropped a little bit because prior to this, also on top of this, we would have field days. We'd have a parade. We'd have fireworks. That aspect of it is gone, but the tournament still stands, so the people that are coming are the people that are coming just for softball," said Williams.

Some say the tournament is more than just a game. It's a chance to reunite with old friends and re-live the glory days.

"I'm cooking in there and joking back and forth with people that I don't get a chance to spend two hours or four hours with during the year. You see them in the post office, 'Yup, how you been?' 'Good.' 'Bye!' that's it, but it's very enjoyable doing this," said Cannon.