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AAU2016 Schedule Change and Player Party

January 21, 2016

Orlando, FL - Schedule Change and Player Party

Coaches -

Please be advised that due to impending weather, ALL games on Friday,
January 22 will need to be moved to one hour earlier.

10a games will be played at 9a

12p games will be played at 11a

2p games will be played at 1p

4p games will be played at 3p

Unfortunately, any team not at their assigned field to play at the new time
must forfeit with no exceptions. We need to stay ahead of the weather so
that everyone gets their games in tomorrow.

On another note, please remember that we are having a welcome party for your
team at Kitty O'Shea's from 8p to 10p. There will be food and suds so you
don't want to miss it. The party is free for the first 100 people and is $15
for each person over the 100 person limit. Last year there were fewer than
100 people so no one needed to purchase a ticket. The address to Kitty
O'Shea's is 8470 Palm Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32836. It is at the same place as
last year. Kitty O'Shea's policy is that you must be 21 or over and show a
government issued photo ID to attend. They do strictly enforce this policy.

Please join us this evening for a great time with your fellow competitors.
We'll see you there!

Debra Horn Kimbrell

Senior Sport Manager

Baseball / Softball / Lacrosse / Men's International Fastpitch

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