California Player sponsorship

November 8, 2006

Si Senor has combined with the Pueblo Bandits

Another bad news day that yet another California team is packing it in.
Why do I care, because I was a Long Beach Nitehawk for fifteen years and
on the board of directors of the Western Softball Congress. Managed
the San Bernardino Stars and along with Lucky Humiston formed the Long
Beach Patriots. In 1982 formed the Arizona Si Senor and participated in
21 ISC World Tournaments. In the 21 years over 100 different players
expirenced the thrill of playing in the ISC. In 2000 I hosted the ASA
Major in Arizona.

So what is this all about. Lets not continue to
let this sport that we love DIE.

Si Senor has combined with the Pueblo
Bandits and in 2006 played in the ISC World in Kitchner. We have room
for several players but need help with sponsorship. Si Senor is a
non-profit organization. You past and present players can help sponsor
a player, all the Hall of Fame members can help sponsor a player. This
major caliber player can be from anywhere in the world. Your donation
can be tax-deductible. What does it cost to sponsor a major player,
playing the bare minimum of a big league schedule is $5,000.00. I know
I've maxed out many credit cards. YOU can help, even have a say in who
the player will be. I know every fastball player and fan reads Als
News. Help me keep this game alive. Any amount donated will help.

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