Going Around 3rd Base in Life and Headed Home

November 23, 2006

New book by Frank B. Trejo

Going Around 3rd Base in Life and Headed Home

New book by Frank B. Trejo

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I have written my autobiography titled “Going Around 3rd Base In Life And Headed Home.”  It is loaded with barrio (ghetto) humor; includes a listing of all players that have made the ISC All-American team since day one, social and political commentary, a lot of pictures. It also has the story of the record-breaking 34 inning ball game and my own selection of players I consider some of the best in my era.


                                                                                    Frank Trejo





v      Learning to survive in the barrio after my parents divorced a little black cloud seemed to descend upon me; indicative of gloomy things to happen, appearing and disappearing over my head for the rest of my life.

v      From poverty in the barrio & the outhouse, to induction into the Int’l Softball Congress Hall of Fame & the Hispanic Sports Hall of Fame.  All because of bottle caps, a broom stick, and tennis balls.

v      The outhouse became my library; learning English to read from the comic section of the newspaper while sitting. Thank you, Dick Tracy, Little Lulu, Green Hornet, and Tarzan. I didn’t understand the editorial page & used it as toilet paper.

v      When I asked Margaret, my first girlfriend in grammar school, if she would go steady with me, she replied, “Yes, but don’t tell anyone.”

v      The coaches in grammar school were perverted. 

v      A towel ruined my education.

v      I was the only non-black student in an all-black high school.

v      My Sarge in the Nat’l Guard wrote a love letter for me to send to my girl while we were at camp, and she fell in love with him.

v      When asked when I got married I’d respond “The moment my daughter was conceived.”

v      In a semi-final world tournament (1965)13-inning ball game, it took 5 mistakes for me to score the winning run from 2nd base on a bunted ball to 3rd base, that wasn’t dropped. 

v      The bartender wouldn’t serve my monkey a drink.  He finally did and as we left, the monkey flipped him a “banana.”

v      While on the ball field my zipper wouldn’t work. I had my pants on inside out.

v      Dr. Robert Noyce (co-founder of Intel) gave my buddy and me $6,000 to start our own business.

v      I am sorry that I have but one bat to swing for my country.

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