Elkland Fastpitch Searches for Pitching

November 28, 2006

Elkland, PA

Elkland Fastpitch Searches for Pitching


Elkland, PA – The Elkland Fastpitch Team is on the look out for another pitcher to add to their roster for the 2006 season. The team is attempting to compete in 2007 among other tournaments, the ISC II Tournament of Champions. Elkland is searching for ISC II level pitchers who are currently on the free agent market for next year.


Here is the proposed schedule of the team for the 2007 season:


May – Elkland Round Robin (ISC II and below)

           Erie Memorial (Erie, PA) (Open Level)

June – Elkland Round Robin (ISC II and below)

           Snapper Shootout (Maybe) (ISC II Level)

           Mickey Brennan Memorial (Lackawanna, NY) (ISC II Level)

July – Croghan, NY Tournament (Open Level)

           Falcon Tournament (Dunkirk, NY) (Open Level)

          Open weekend

Aug. – NSA World Series (Ocean City, Maryland) (Higher division of tournament)

            ISC II Tournament of Champions (Kitchener, Ontario)

            Elkland 1st Weekend Tournament (ISC II Level)

Sept-    Elkland Labor Day Tournament (Open Level)


The team will be playing in more than likely 10 of the above listed events for the season, as well as an ISC II qualifier. The team would like to find a pitcher for the whole season, but is also looking for pitchers who would like to attend the ISC II, but possibly there team isn’t planning on attending the event next season. Our ideal addition as a pitcher would be one that fits our team chemistry, is confident that they compete in the tournaments listed in our above schedule, and in closing wants the ball with the game on the line.


We, like most teams at the ISC II level, are not swimming in money, but we have always compensated our pitcher for the travel expenses, and will continue to do so. Flying pitchers in every weekend is NOT something we have the money for just to set the record straight. So pitchers who are within driving distance of our tournament schedule are more than likely the most sought after. Pitchers who might like to know more about our team can view our team website at:


We are a team that has had quite a bit of success for the last 3 seasons, and have been together as a team for the last 5. Last year our team record was 25-12. Pitchers who are interested can contact team manager Joe Cevette at:


Thank you for your time,


Bruce Hackett

Elkland Fastpitch Team




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