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Aussie Steelers practice games results

July 5, 2017

Milverton, ON - - Aussie Steelers practice games results

The Aussie Steelers have had 5 practice games so far, here are the results.

Game 1 in Brussels

Brussels 0 - Steelers 9, Winning Pitcher - Adam Folkard, Losing Pitcher - Ty Sebastian, Save - Jarryd Farrell

Game 2 in Brussels

Steelers 12 - Brussels 0, Winning Pitcher - Harri Peters, Losing Pitcher - Shawn Daw

Game 3 in Milverton

Steelers 6 - Elmira Expos 2, Winning Pitcher - Jarryd Farrell, Losing Pitcher - Ben Hodgins

Game 4 in Niagara

Niagara All Stars 0 - Steelers 8, Winning Pitcher - Adam Folkard, Losing Pitcher - Scott Wager

Game 5 in Niagara

Steelers 8 - Niagara All Stars 0, Winning Pitcher - Harri Peters, Losing Pitcher - Pablo Migliavacca

We have 2 games scheduled for tonight in Milverton.


4 July 2017






Helen Edwards

Australian Men's Team Statistician



Game 6 in Milverton 
Steelers 5 - Shakespeare Falcons 0
Winning Pitcher-Andrew Kirkpatrick, Losing Pitcher-Fred Follings
Game 7 in Milverton 
Steelers 9 - Huron County All Stars 0
Winning Pitcher-Jarryd Farrell, Losing Pitcher-Ty Sebastian 
Our scheduled games against Dominican Republic and Venezuela for Saturday July 1st and Sunday July 2nd were cancelled so the Steelers played a practice game amongst themselves yesterday Saturday July 1st.
Steelers Green 3 - Steelers Blue 6
Winning Pitcher-Adam Folkard, Losing Pitcher-Harri Peters
Our next scheduled practice games are for Monday night 7 and 9pm in Milverton against St Pauls and Nth River.
July 4 Report:
 Game 8 - Steelers 10 v St Paul's 1
Winning Pitcher-Andrew Kirkpatrick, Losing Pitcher-George Armstrong, Save-Harri Peters
Game 9 - Steelers 17 v Nith River 2
Winning Pitcher-Jarryd Farrell, Losing Pitcher-John Baker
We have our last game tonight 7.30pm against Kitchener All Stars.
July 5 Report:
Hi Gary,
Our last practice game in Milverton.
Game 10 - Steelers 12 v Kitchener All Stars 0
Winning Pitcher- Harri Peters, Losing Pitcher-??-didn't get uniform numbers or any changes, Save-Jarryd Farrell
On our way to Toronto airport to Whitehorse via Vancouver.

Helen Edwards

from Helen Edwards via Gary Baughman