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65th Annual Durk Classic

September 4, 2017

Elkland, PA - - 65th Annual Durk Classic

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Game 1  9 am


Elkland PA ESA Merchants         10

Jersey Shore PA  Huling Construction    0


WP- Dan Cevette

 LP-  Harry Overdorp




I was told Wiarton A's  On line up card it says  Wiarton Mariners. Could you please make the change.

Eparata PA Eline's is the Eline Bears.


Game 2 9 am


Kingston ON Party Lake              8

Wiarton ON Wiarton Mariners 3


WP- Jamie Thompson

 LP-  Ben Hepburn


Game 3  10 am


Ephrata PA Eline Bears             12

Knoxville PA Long Shots             0


WP- Brad Godshall

 LP- Kirk Miller


Game 4   11AM


Fitzroy Harbor ON West Carlton Electric                    8

Greenbush ON Greenbush Generals                           1


WP- Cory Alkerton

 LP- Matt Davis


Game 5   11 am

NY Bombers              9

Dick's Diner               1


WP- Justin Haymen

 LP-  Taylor Tate


Game 6 12 pm

Party Lake                  5

Huling Constrution   2


WP- Jamie TYhompson

LP-   Tim Saar


Game 7   1 pm

Eline Bears                               10

Greenbush Generals               0 


WP- Brad Godshall

 LP-  Luke Severson


Game 8  1 pm 

NY Bombers                                              6

Rochester NY East Coast Renegades    1


WP- Jonas Mach

 LP- Phil Zimmerman


Game 9   2 pm

West Carlton Electric                              8

Long Shots                                                3


WP- Trevor Leahy

 LP- Kirk Miller



Game 10  3 pm

ESA Merchants                     1

Party Lake                              3


WP- Jordan MacDonald

 LP-  Jorge Segura


Game 11   3 pm

Ottawa ON Broker 4 Tickets    10

Dick's Diner                                  0


WP- Neil Cooke

 LP- Trveor Hall


Game 12    4 PM

Huling Construction                  12

Wiarton Mariners                        0


WP- Tim Saar

LP-   Steve Wardrop


Game 13   5 pm

Eline Bears                                   5

West Carlton Electric                 2

WP- Duane Weiler

LP-   Andy Barber


Game 14 5 pm

Greenbush Generals                12

Knoxville Long Shots                  1


WP- Luke Severson

 LP- Kirk Miller 


Game 15   7 pm

NY Bombers                                 1

Ottawa Broker 4 Tickets            0


WP- Sisco Sabate

 LP-  Patrice LeClerc



Game 16  9 pm


Ottawa Broker 4 Tickets                 7

East Coast Renegades                    o


WP- Greg Garrity

LP-  Jerlin Rutt



Game 17 9 am


ESA Merchants                            15

Wiarton Mariners                         5


WP- Dan XCevette

 LP= Ryan Hepburn


Game 18  9 am


Dick's Diner                                 10

East Coast Renegades                  9


WP- Taylor Tate

 LP- Mike Rollman



End of Round Robin



# 1  Ephrata PA Eline Tax Prepares Bears

# 2  Cortland NY New York Bombers

# 3  Kingston ON Party Lake

# 4  Ottawa ON Ottawa Broker 4 Tickets

# 5  Elkland PA ESA Merchants

# 6  Fitzroy Harbor ON West Carlton Electric

# 7  Jersey Shore PA Huling Construction

# 8  Greenbush ON Greenbush Generals

# 9  Williamsport PA Dick's Diner

#10 Rochester NY East Coast Renegades

#11 Knoxville PA Long Shots

#12 Wiarton ON Wiarton Mariners


Game G-3  NOON


ESA Merchants                     8

Wiarton Mariners                0


WP- Jorge Segura

 LP-  Ryan Hepburn


Game G-4 NOON


Greenbush Generals             6

Dick's Diner                             5


WP- Matt Davis

 LP- Taylor Tate


Game between  # 5  and # 12    is supposed to be G-3

Game between  # 8  and #   9    is supposed to be  G-4 both at NOON
Game between   # 1 and  #  4    is  supposed to be  G-1
Game between   # 7 and  # 10   is supposed to be   G-5  both at  2 pm
Game between #  3  and #   3    is supposed to be  G-2
Game between  # 6 and  # 11   is supposed to be   G-6  BOTH AT 4 PM
Will have to fix this later.

2 pm game


Game G-1 Ottawa ON Ottawa Broker 4 Tickets       7

                   Eline Bears                                                   4


WP- Greg Garrity

 LP-  Duane Weiler          


Game  G-5  Rochester East Coast Renegades          12

                     Jersey Shore PA Huling Constriction       2

WP- Phil Zimmerman

LP-   Harry Overdorp



4 pm games


Game G-2 Cortland PA New York Bombers       4

                   Kingston ON Party Lake                      3

WP- Jonas Mach

 LP- Jordan MacDonald


Game G-6 West Carlton Electric                           11

                   Knoxville PA Long Shots                          3


WP- Steve Cavanaugh

 LP-  Kirk Miller


 2 Games left tonight. Payoff games G-7 and G-8   6:00 PM and 8:00 PM.


6 PM GAME   G-7

ESA Merchants                        7

Greenbush Generals              0


WP- Jorge Segura

 LP-  Matt Davis


8 PM Game   G-8


East Coast Renegades            10

West Carlton Electric               8


WP- Phil Zimmerman

 LP-  Cory Alkerton




9 AM Games


Game     G-9


ESA Merchants                  4

Party Lake                           0


WP- Jorge Segura  Pitched A PERFECT Game

 LP - Jordan MacDonald


Game     G-10


Eline Bears                         6

East Coast Renegades      2


WP- Brad Godshall

LP -  Phil Zimmerman


11 am games


Game  G-11

Ottawa Broker 4 Tickets                   17

New York Bombers                             6


WP- Greg Garrity 

 LP- Jonas Mach


Game   G-12


ESA Merchants                                   5

Eline Bears                                          2 


WP-  Jorge Segura

 LP-   Duane Weiler



Game   G-13   1 PM


ESA Merchants                       5

New York Bombers                2


WP-  Jorge Segura

 LP-   Sisco Sabate


Finals next


ESA Merchants  vs Ottawa Broker 4 Tickets



Game G-14



Ottawa ON Ottawa Broker 4 Tickets                5

Elkland PA  ESA Merchants                               2


WP- Patrice LeClerc

LP - Jorge Segura


Congratulations Brokers


MOSP   Jorge Segura     ESA Merchants              5-1    48.0 Innings     95 Strikeouts    1.17  ERA

MVP      Greg Garrity     Ottawa Brokers 4 Tickets     18 AB   10 Runs   10 Hits   6 Home Runs    15 RBI    .556 Ave


Leading hitter   Duane Weiler      .562 AVE   10 rbi




September 1-4, 2017 - Elkland, PA - 65th Annual Labor Day Tournament - The Durk Sherman Classic


65th Annual Durk Classic - Pool Play



Schedule and Results page

    with box scores via Gary Baughman, the Stats Man

           AND BIG THANKS TO HERVEY and others in Elkland, who once again worked so hard all weekend to send us the scores and send Gary the score sheets and line up cards. Great Effort and much appreciated!  AD




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