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Czech Players looking for teams

March 8, 2018

Prague, CZ - - Czech Players looking for teams

First and Last Name: Jakub Kopriva

Position/s: I am Team Manager of the Czech Republic Men’s National Team – I am looking for teams for players on our roster. We recently sent a team to the NFC in New Zealand, and our team did a lot better than expected (6-2 record, we beat both the eventual finalists). A number of players on our roster are looking for an opportunity to play overseas this summer. I would like to pose as liaison to kick things off. Our players would be paying for their airfare (with a contribution from Czech Softball).

For now, I have three players with immense interest in coming over

Jiří Korčák – IF, utility, fast runner, great short game; spent a season in NZ (Howick), played in Whitehorse last year; Žralok Ledenice

Michal Kolůch – OF, good batter (right handed), very athletic (works as a fitness coach)

Patrik Kopečný – OF, good batter (hits left handed); MVP of Czech Extraliga last year

There are several other players on our roster with potential interest


Current Hometown: Prague

State/Province: Czech Republic

Date Posted: 7th March 2018

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Notes: see above

E-Mail Address: koprivaj26@gmail.com; feel free to look me up on facebook as well (Jakub Kopřiva)