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Coldwater Early Bird Results

May 29, 2018

Coldwater, MI - - Coldwater Early Bird Results

Coldwater Early Bird Tournament

See the results from our tournament below:

The Marshall Lightning won the 2018 Coldwater Early Bird Tournament in Coldwater, MI. They finished with a 4-1 record and defeated the Snappers in the championship game. 


Randy Wheelock of the Snappers won the Most Valuable Hitter award (7/14, 5HR, 14 RBI).


Game summaries and pool play results are listed below.


Final Standings:

1. Marshall Lightning (4-1)

2. Snappers (4-1)

3. DC Outlaws (3-1)

4. Wabash Pride (2-2)

5. Goshen Gators (1-2)

6. Indiana Bombers (1-2)

7. Millwright Solutions (0-3)

8. Moline Braves (0-3)


Game Summaries:


Game 1

Snappers                 2

Lightning                  1

WP- Greg Heath     2H     8K               

LP- Sean Kelly        4H     11K     

HR- Trent Pell, Randy Wheelock (Snappers); Trevor Kelly (Lightning)


Game 2

Gators                       4

Braves                       3

WP- Darren Miller    1H   5K (in relief of Sailors)

LP- Seth Reinecke   8H   5K


Game 3

DC Outlaws               3

Pride                          1

WP- Josh Gray    1H   16K

LP- Jordan Eckman   8H   7K

HR- Zach Weldy, Curtis Gunter (Outlaws)


Game 4

Bombers                     12

Millwright                     5

W- Russ Walton

L- Leffler

HR- Tyler Hayshett, Landon Cole (Millwright); Nick, Josh (Bombers)


Game 5

Outlaws                       9    

Gators                         8

WP- Josh Gray (in relief)  0H  5K

LP- Grant Sailors

HR- Tim Lawmaster, Curtis Gunter (Outlaws); Grant Sailors, Craig Peters (Gators)


Game 6

Pride                              7  

Braves                           0

WP- Jordan Eckman   5H   6K

LP- Seth Reinecke

HR- E. Devarie (Pride)


Game 7

Snappers                    15                                                                                               

Bombers                       0

WP- Ryan Nichols   0H   8K

LP- Josh

HR- Randy Wheelock 2 (Snappers)


Game 8

Lightning                       16

Millwright                        3                  

WP- Doug Counterman   5H   2K

LP- Hayshett


Game 9 (Playoffs)

Snappers                       11

Braves                             0

WP- Ryan Nichols    0H   10K

LP- Keith

HR- Ryan Nichols, Randy Wheelock, Guy Thurston 2 (Snappers)


Game 10

Outlaws                         13  

Millwright                        6

WP- Lane Bender   8H   9K

LP- Leffler  

HR- Hayshett, Bokinsky (Millwright); Curtis Gunter 2, Josh Gray 3 (Outlaws)


Game 11

Pride                             18

Bombers                        12

WP- Jordan Eckman (in relief)

LP- Aubrey

HR- Aubrey, J. Milspaugh, S. Milspaugh (Bombers); B. Fuller, J. Hill, M Moreno (Pride)


Game 12

Lightning                      10      

Gators                          0

WP- Sean Kelly   3IP   2H   3K, Tyler Kelly  1IP   0H   2K

LP- Wayne Koshmider


Game 13

Snappers                        12     

Pride                               5

WP- Greg Heath   7H   6K

LP- Jordan Eckman

HR- Trent Pell 3, Ryan Nichols (Snappers); B. Fuller (Pride)


Game 14

Lightning                         2       (8 innings)

DC Outlaws                     1

WP- Sean Kelly   2H   11K

LP- Josh Gray    6H   5K


Game 15  (Championship)

Lightning                        14    

Snappers                         4

WP- Sean Kelly   6H   5K

LP- Matt Wright with relief from Nichols and Heath

HR- Rob Lewis, Randy Wheelock (Snappers); Chad Ferguson, Fred Bradford, Ryan Saylor, Adam AcMoody (Lightning)


Pool Play Standings:


Pool A

1. Snappers (2-0)

2. Lightning (1-1)

3. Bombers (1-1)

4. Millwright (0-2)


Pool B

1. DC Outlaws (2-0)

2. Wabash Pride (1-1)

3. Goshen Gators (1-1)

4. Moline Braves (0-2)


Sean Kelly