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2018 Ontario Challenge Cup

September 16, 2018

Innerkip, ON - - 2018 Ontario Challenge Cup


     Last big tournament of the season in Ontario

     #OCC2018 full stats

#OCC2018 The 2018 Ontario Challenge Cup will go Sept 14-16 in Innerkip at Innerkip Sports Park with 12 teams vying for a paid berth to the 2019 ISC World Tournament hosted by Circle Tap in Denmark, WI. Schedule is below. We look forward to another highly competitive event at one of Ontario's top fastball facilities. First games are as follows:
Gm 1 Fri 7pm Innerkip Eagles vs Alvinston Aces
Gm 2 Fri 7pm Shakespeare Falcons vs Kitchener Diamond Jaxx
Gm 3 Fri 9pm Glen Williams Ale Stars vs Glanworth Gators
Gm 4 Fri 9pm Innerkip Expos vs Kitchener Predators
Gm 5 Sat 9am Durham Dodgers vs winner Gm1
Gm 6 Sat 9am Dundalk Smoke vs winner Gm2
Gm 8 Sat 11am Minesing Mallards vs winner Gm4
Games continue all day Saturday and resume Sunday at 830am with the OCC Championship game scheduled for approximately 230pm Sunday afternoon.
     Revised 10 September 2018


    With Stats by Gary Baughman
We look forward to seeing everyone in Innerkip for the last ISC event of the 2018 season.
Best regards,
Blair, Joe, Kyle
We will be very busy this weekend and on the road a great deal but we will do our best to RT as many updates from the #OCC18 and other local tournaments as we can.  AD
#OCC2018 Gm 1
Alvinston Aces 5
Innerkip Eagles 9 - 9 innings
WP Tim Neill 5inn 2R 5H 9Ks in relief of Quin Kropf 4inn 3R 8H 3Ks 2BBs
LP Lee Hopkins 1 1/3+inn 5R 3H 1K 2BB in relief of Taylor Degraw 6 2/3inn 4R 9H 1K 3BBs
Eagles Alex Vondervoort 2HRs Walk off Grand Slam 6RBIs; Jamie Davis 2-4 2x3b
Aces Aaron Stocking 2-4 2b 2RBIs; Andy Triest 2-4 RBI SB run
#OCC2018 Gm 2
Shakespeare Falcons 10
Kitchener Diamond Jaxx 2
WP Greg Hammell 5inn 2R 4H 12Ks
LP Jeff Wise 3 2/3inn 9R 9H 2Ks 3BB 1HBP; Tim Wright 1 1/3inn 1R 4H 1K 1BB
Falcons Jamie (Black Shirt) Wicke 3-4 3b 2RBIs; Greg Hammell 3-4 2b 2RBIs;
DJaxx Will Pierce 2-3 run Jason Farrelly 3b 2RBIs Jamie Crickmore 2b
#OCC Gm 3
Kitchener Predators 4
Innerkip Expos 9
WP Johnny Baker 7inn 4R 6H 6K 3BBs
LP Mike Roote 5 1/3inn 7R 5H 7Ks 1BB relief Kyle Coles 2/3inn 2R 1H
Expos Mark Wright 2-3 2 runs, Justin Krulicki 2-4 2b 2 runs, Johnny Baker 1-3 2RBIs
Predators Jeff Kolb 3-4 2b, HR 3RBIs; Al Taylor RBI

OCC Sat 9am games

#OCC2018 Gm 6
Glen Williams Ale Stars 3
Glanworth Gators 1
Ale Stars rally for 3 in T7 to win
WP Doug Hoffman 7inn 1R 8H 6Ks 2BB
LP Ben Hodgins 2inn 3R 5H 4Ks 1BB in relief of Jake McKillop 5inn 4H 4Ks
Ale Stars Kevin Ryrie 2-4 RBI, Mike Cole 2-3 2b run, Ryan Kaake 2b
Gators Ben Hodgins 2-3 SB run, Troy Cook 3-3 RBI

#OCC2018 Gm 5
Shakespeare Falcons 12
Dundalk Smoke 3
WP Peter Hungwell 4inn 3H 7Ks, in relief of Ryan Shannon 2inn 3R 3H 2Ks 1BB
LP Kyle Fry 5inn 5R 7H 4Ks 3BBs, relief Kyle Hunter 1inn 7R 6H 1K 2BB
Falcons Peter Hungwell 2-3 Jamie Rader 3-3 RBI, Ryan Shannon 2-4 2RBIs
Smoke Carter Franks 2-3 HR 2RBIs, Kent Campbell 2b, Logan Bruce 2b


 11am games

#OCC2018 Gm 4
Durham Dodgers 0
Innerkip Eagles 1
WP Quinn Kropf 4inn 1H 4Ks, relief Tim Neill 3inn 1H 5Ks
LP Brady Lantz 6inn 1R 4H 4Ks 2BBs
Eagles Alex Vondervoort 2-2 HR Paul McIntyre 2b
Dodgers Brian Lantz 1-2 Dean Niron 1b SB

#OCC2018 Gm 7
Minesing Mallards 1
Innerkip Expos 3
WP Johnny Baker 7inn 1R 5H 6Ks 1BB
LP Kirk Santala 6inn 3R 4H 5Ks 4BB 1HBP
Expos Kristen Thompson 2b, Zack Stevenson 1-3 RBI, Isiah Whetstone 1-2 BB 3xSB


 1pm game

#OCC2018 Gm 8
Kitchener Diamond Jaxx 0
Alvinston Aces 7
WP Lee Hopkins 5inn 1H 5Ks 1 over the minimum
LP Jeff Wise 4inn 7R 12H 5Ks 1BB
Aces Lee Hopkins 3-3 1b, 2b, 3b 4RBIs; Brian Johnson 2-3 2x2b 2RBIs
Jaxx Chad McQueen 1-2 2SB


 3pm Games

#OCC2018 Gm 9
Kitchener Predators 9
Glanworth Gators 0
WP Mike Roote 3inn 1H 4Ks, relief Kyle Coles 2inn 2H 1K 1BB
LP Jake McKillop 1inn 7R 8H 1K 1BB, relief Ben Hodgins 4inn 2R 6H 4Ks
Predators Joel Fleming 2-2, Mike Roote 2-3 2b, Kyle Coles 2-3, Jeff Kolb 2-4
Gators Randy Gray, Ben Hodgins Troy Cook all 1-2

#OCC2018 Gm 10
Dundalk Smoke 8
Durham Dodgers 7 - 8inn
Smoke rally from down 7-2 to win in extras
WP Kyle Fry 4inn 1H 5Ks in relief of Kyle Hunter 4inn 7R 5H 3Ks 1BB
LP Brady Lantz 2 1/3inn 1R 2H 2Ks in relief of Luke Zettel 5 2/3inn 7R 5H 6Ks 4BB
Smoke Kyle Hunter 1-4 2RBI Carter Franks 1-3 2BB 2runs
Dodgers Quinton Bruce 2-4 HR 2RBIs; Chas Thomas 2-3 2b 2xSB run


5 PM Games

#OCC2018 Gm 11
Shakespeare Falcons 5
Innerkip Eagles 4
WP Greg Hammell 4 2/3 4R 5H 7Ks 2BB, relief Fred Follings 2 1/3 0H 4Ks
LP Quinn Kropf 2 1/3inn 3R 6H, in relief of Tim Neill 4 2/3inn 2R 3H 3Ks 1BB
Falcons Dave Barraclough 3-4, Greg Hammell HR 2RBIs Jamie Wicke 3b
Eagles Jamie Davis 2b, Alex Vondervoort 2RBIs

#OCC2018 Gm 13
Minesing Mallards 3
Alvinston Aces 0
WP Kirk Santala 7inn 5H 9Ks
LP Taylor DeGraw 7inn 3R 8H 4Ks
Mallards Brayden Parent 3-3, Graham McNabb 2-4 3 RBIs
Aces Aaron Stocking 2-3 2b


7pm Games

#OCC2018 Gm 12
Glen Williams Ale Stars 9
Innerkip Expos 2
WP Dave McKay 5inn 2R 2H 5Ks
LP Nick McIntyre 5inn 9R 10H 2Ks 2BB
Ale Stars Darren Curtis 2-4 3b, HR in memory of his Uncle Mark, Rob Neeb 2-run HR, Ryan Latorre 2-3 3b
Expos Justin Krulicki 1-2 run Isiah Whetstone RBI

#OCC20018 Gm 14
Kitchener Predators 9
Dundalk Smoke 6
WP Mike Roote 3 1/3inn 0h 10Ks, in relief of Mel Ross 3 2/3 6R 5H 6Ks 2BBs
LP Kyle Fry 7inn 9R 8H 5Ks 3BBs
Predators Kyle Coles HR 2BBs 2runs, Joel Fleming HR 2RBIs,
Smoke Kent Campbell 2-3 3b 2b 2 runs, Logan Bruce 2-3 3b



Game 15

Innerkip Expos - 2R 3H 4E

Minesing Mallards - 9R 11H 0E
WP: Kurt Glover 5IP 2R 2H 5K 1BB
        Kirk Santala (In Relief) 1IP 0R 1H 
LP: Johnny Baker 5+IP 9R 11H 1K 2BB
Innerkip: Zack Stevenson 2/3 SOLO HR RBI
               Kyle Kreiger 1/2 SOLO HR RBI
Minesing: Pat Townes 2/3 RBI Double

                Keith Rankin 2/3 RBI

Game 16
Innerkip Eagles: 0R 5H 0E
Kitchener Predators: 4R 8H 0E
WP: Mel Ross 7IP 0R 5H 6K 0BB
LP: Quinn Kropf: 3IP 4R 6H 5K 2BB
       Tim Neill (In Relief) 3IP 0R 2H 4K 0BB
               Paul McIntryre 1/3 Triple
               Nate Awde 1/3 Double
               Jeff Kolb 2/3 Single, Double, Run Scored
               Joel Fleming: 2/3 2 singles with 4 RBI


 Game 17 - Winner Bracket Final

Shakespeare Falcons 7R 10H 0E
Glen Williams Ale Stars 0R 4H 0E
WP: Greg Hammell 4IP 0R 4H 8K 1HBP
        Jeremy Kropf (In Relief) 1IP 0R 0H 2K 0BB
LP: Doug Hoffman 3.2IP 6R 7H 5K 3BB 1HBP
      Andrew McKay 1.1IP 1R 3H 1K 0BB
              Dylan Cunningham 3/3 Solo HR, RBI
              Greg Hammell 2/3 2 Run HR 3 RBI
              Jamie Radar 2/3 Double, Run Scored
Ale Stars: 
              Jay Countoni 2/3 Single & Double

Game 18

Minesing Mallards 4R 7H 1E 
Kitchener Predators 0R 3H 4E
WP: Kirk Santala 7IP 0R 3H 9K 0BB
LP: Mike Roote 7IP 4R 7H 7K 0BB
              James Fleming 2/4 Single & Double with 2 Runs Scored
              Pat Townes 1/3 RBI Single
              Brayden Parent 1/3 RBI Single
              Jeff Kolb 2/3 2 Singles
Game 19
Minesing Mallards 12R 14 H 0E
Glen Williams Ale Stars 5R 5H 3E
WP: Kirk Santala 5IP 5R 5H 5K 3BB
LP: Doug Hoffman 2.1IP 10R 11H 1K 2BB 1HBP
      Dave McKay 2.2IP 2R 3H 1K 1BB
              Graham McNabb 3/4 2 Double 3 Run HR 4 RBI
              Jeremy McNab 3/3 3 Singles 4 RBI
              James Fleming 2/4 2 Singles 2 Runs scored
Ale Stars:
              Neil Curtis 1/2 Double
              Darren Curtis 1/3 Double
Championship Final
Minesing Mallards 0R 2H 0E
Shakespeare Falcons 9R 11H 0E
WP: Greg Hammell 5IP 0R 2H 5K 0BB
LP: Chris McColl 3.1IP 7R 8H 3K 1BB
       Kurt Glover .2IP 2R 3H 0K 0BB
             James Fleming 1/2 Single
             Zach McLean 1/1 Single
             Greg Hammell 1/2 3 Run HR BB 2 Runs Scored
             Ryan Shannon 2/3 Single Double RBI
             Tyson Zehr 2/3 2 singles with RBI
             Dylan Cunnigham 2/3 2 singles
Shakespeare Falcons have earned their berth to the 2019 ISC World Tournament in Denmark Wisconsin
Kyle Smith
Host Committee
2018 U16 Boys Canadian Fastpitch Championship
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