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Niagara Snappers 20th Anniversary Celebration

October 11, 2018

Niagara Falls, ON - - Niagara Snappers 20th Anniversary Celebration

Niagara Falls ON,


With the 2018 Fastball schedule coming to an end, it concludes 20 seasons for the Niagara Snappers.  It honestly feels like a lifetime ago when we started this team and over the last couple of seasons, we began to compile an all-time list of the pitchers/players who dawned the Snapper Turtle over the years.  We think we have them all!  If we forgot anyone, apologizes in advance.  We would also like to offer a sincere thank you to every single one of them for their role in our success.   Here is a look back and a listing of the men who wore the jersey since 1999.


PITCHERS (in no particular order): Jay Paylove, Perry Bartley, Todd Bobinski, Wayne Bobinksi, Shane Newson, Dwayne Curtis, Kyle Jamieson, Steve Cook, Scott Young, Mike Bateman, Brian Dorrington, Jamie Simpson, Andy Hicks, Dan Duemo, Byron Demoe, Rob Fawcett, Dan Konkle, Corey Costello, Wayne Wells, Rob O’Brien, Don Scott, Rob Scott, Tim Neil, Jim Wilson, Tom Berube, Scott Wagar, Andy Jackson, Brian Belisle, Andrew Phibbs, Kyle Linton, Kevin Newhouse, Peter Dobbin, Matt Lyon, Chris Vanvolkenberg, Corey Griffiths, Dan Martin, Brad Robinson, Greg Garrity, Adam Cronin, Bill Hillhouse, Ian Wallwork, Wolfgang Walther,  Vinny Hill, Jarod Burtt, Ron Webb, Dan Edholm, Doug Hoffman, Clayton Robinson, Pat Ryan Jr., Craig Scott and James Darby.


That’s 51 pitchers over a 20-year period.  Some carried more of a load than others but regardless of the number of innings logged, all of them have our unwavering gratitude. 



PLAYERS (not named above and in no particular order):  Trevor Falk, Phil Boyer, Erik Andersen, Mark Klassen, Jason Vormittag, Dave Osborne, Alex Szockyj, Scott Campbell, Todd Dawdy, Dan Bernard, Jeff Bruneau, Matt Bedrosian, Kres Andersen, Phil John, Chris Vandemeer, Jeff Woodhouse, Darrin Newson, Ryan Rothwell, Neil Curtis, Dean Carr, Chad Costello, Wayne Stephen, Todd Kaytor, Gavin Snell, Dave Neil, Corey Lemieux, Tom Watkinson, Alex Panas, Barry Newhouse, Jamie Morey, Doug Levy, Mark Korten, Adam Breadner, Wes Short, Blake Paylove, Mike Bain, Bill Weaver, Brent Thompson (Niagara Falls), Brent Thompson (Wiarton), Eric Hemphill, Adam Alexander, Joel Langford, River Shawanoo, Jamie Robinson, Pat McCloy, Dale Racine, Tom Avery, Shawn Detzler, Blake Underwood, Colin Heffernan, Mike Reilly, Steve Gillis, Junior Rodriguez, Rob Sampano, Ron Winger, Jim White, Gary Triano, Paul Ditta, Rob Young, Mike Beckman, Brad Dyck, Jody Supernaught, Al Van Dyke, Casey Towes, Pat Ryan Sr., Jordan Pytlak, Brian Crawford, Sam Forbes, Bill Simmons, Sean Fitzgibbon, Wayne Stephen, Jim Bedard, Glen Crocker and Jay Surdyke.


Now that season 20 is behind us, it feels so right to celebrate two decades of good times and great fastball! 


On October 20, 2018 we will do just that!  Current and former Snappers are all welcome!  If you’re a fan, friend or family of the club…come on out!  If you just enjoy the game and feel like celebrating the 20th Anniversary with the Snapper family, please join us! 



Niagara Snappers 20th Anniversary Celebration

Date:  Oct 20, 2018

Time: 3pm

Location:  Paylove Residence – 535 Webber Road, Pelham ON

Need to know:  BYOB, BYOChairs and lots on parking on site



Perry Bartley

Niagara Snappers