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2019 ISC Legends Teams

January 21, 2019

Denmark, WI - - 2019 ISC Legends Teams

The 16 teams to be invited to 2019 ISC Legends tournament are listed below:

The ISC Legends Tourney will be 16 teams for the 2019 tourney in Denmark, Wisconsin in August.
Its my pleasure to
announce 10 teams that played in 2018 tourney are returning including the champions Sudbury Relics and runner
up Bay Area Merchants.
The rest of 2018 teams are third place Waterdown Hammer Legends,  Dieppe Ridge Legends,
All Seasons Patriots, Ottawa Spiders, Ohio Battery, Calgary (Savala) Painters, Scout Logistics and Waterloo Legends.
Returning after missing 2018 will be Frank Rogers team.
The five new teams joining the tourney this year will be Portland CR Brewers, K & L Kline Farms, CircleTap Legends,
Maccabi USA and Tin Cup Legends.
The remaining teams who expressed an interest in attending 2019 tournament
will be put on awaiting list and extended an invitation should one of the initially invited teams unable to attend.
The tourney will be roundrobin 3 game guarantee and then top 2 teams out of each division will advance into a 8 team
single elimination championship play.
Details will be posted for all teams on our webpage.
This is the 10th year for the
ISC Legends and the biggest number of teams for the highly popular and competitive tourney that is held in conjunction
with the ISC World Tournament.
Dates for Legends tourney will be August 15 (Thursday) to August 17 (Saturday), 2019.                

Keith Erkenbrack, ISC Legends Tourney