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Peter Hallman Memorial

March 7, 2019

St. Clements, ON - - Peter Hallman Memorial

     - June 21 22 23 is the Peter Hallman Memorial Tournament

Kitchener Fastball Promotions will host two men's fastball tournaments in St. Clements this summer.
The first...June 21 22 23 is the Peter Hallman Memorial Tournament. We are looking for 8 teams for this annual competition. Two pools of 4... followed by a cross over of 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 quarter finals. 4 games guaranteed.
There will be 4 games on Friday night (21st)... all teams will have a Friday night game, either at 7 or 9pm
The balance of the pool play will continue on Saturday (22nd.) The semifinals and the championship games will be on Sunday (23rd) 10am and 12 pm...
Normally the Peter Hallman Tournament attracts some of the major fastball teams. Many of the club team players will be at the ISF/WSBC championships in Prague CZ or at the PanAm games this June and their teams, Hill United, Hallman Twins, etc will not be competing at the Peter Hallman this year.
This will be an ISC qualifier tournament.
Entry fee will be $550 (payable to Kitchener Fastball Promotions)
Rick Boyd will be the UIC.
Bernie Burnett will be Tournament Director
Contact Dennis Dosman to enter, or for any questions.