PRAWN, Preliminary Rosters & Out of Region Filing Reminder

March 16, 2007

Salt Lake City, UT

The May 1 deadline for ISC teams to file PRAWN declarations, preliminary rosters and Out of Region forms, is rapidly approaching.
This is a reminder of the upcoming deadline.
PRAWN Players - Each team having PRAWN players must file a preliminary roster form by May 1, declaring their PRAWN's for the 2007 season.  The new roster form was recently announced and is one submitted by email attachment.  The form is available at  From front page, click on Rules and Forms in the left margin.  We encourage teams to download the roster form to their computer, complete the form, save it to your computer and then send your roster by email attachment to the proper statisticians.  Then, when the next roster due date arrives July 15, you only need to make changes to the saved form.
PRAWN declaration is not optional.  It is an ISC rule.
Preliminary Rosters - Preliminary rosters for both World Tournament and ISC II teams are also due May 1.  The roster form is found on the ISC Web Site  Click on Rules and Forms in the left margin.  Preliminary rosters are to be submitted to the proper statisticians whose email addresses appear on the roster form itself.  Review saving and filing process covered in PRAWN filings above.
Letter of Intent - Out of Region (OOR) Form - The 2007 season begins the new Out of Region concept, replacing the former Out of Area plan.  The newly revised Out of Region form is also displayed on the ISC web site in the Rules and Forms page.  To save teams and players time and to avoid 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation faxes, we will accept an OOR form without the players signature, provided the player sends an email to, stating their intention to play for XYZ team in 2007.  That email must arrive no later than May 1 and the team manager can mail the actual OOR form.
The operation is the same as the former Out of Area program.  The forms and fee must be postmarked to the ISC Executive Director no later than May 1.  The first three OOR players per team are subject to a $100 fee each.  The fourth and subsequent OOR players per team are subject to a $300 fee each.
Out of Region rules apply to both ISC World Tournament and ISC II teams.
If anyone has difficulty downloading or printing these forms from the web site, please email and a form or forms will be sent back to you as an email attachment.

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