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Cancun, Mexico May 1-5 for the FPS Cancun tournament

May 5, 2019

Cancun, MX - - Cancun, Mexico May 1-5 for the FPS Cancun tournament

     - Via Gary Baughman

Here is schedule on Fast Pitch Cancun.

JUEVES- Thursday

1:30PM MXLI VS. CDI                                       MXLI Presente en el  vs   CDI Mexico
3:30PM MXLI VS SENOGREV                           MXLI Presente en el vs    Senogrev Campeche
5:30PM SENOGREV VS. TELERINES                Senogrev Campeche vs   Telerines de Tamaulipas
7:30PM TELERINES VS. USA                            Telerines de Tamaulipas vs Team USA
9:30 PM USA VS. CDI                                        Telerines de Tamaulipas vs   CDI Mexico


12 pm CDI VS. TELERINES                                CDI Mexico vs Telerines de Tamaulipas
2pm SENOGREV VS USA                                  Senogrev Campeche vs Team USA
4pm MXLI VS USA                                             MXLI Presente en el  vs Team USA
6pm SENOGREV VS. CDI                                  Senogrev Campeche vs CDI Mexico

SABADO- Saturday

1pm PM GAME 11 #5 vs #4
3pm PM GAME 12 #3 vs g/w GAME 11
5pm PM GAME 13 #2 vs g/w GAME 12
8 pm FINAL 14 #1 vs g/w GAME 13


Stats and scores. G


Team USA Schedule
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Fast pitch Cancun. 5.4K likes. Torneos de Softball en el Caribe Mexicano





FPS Cancun Tournament is being streamed by Titan Scores Services …  
Commentators will be in Spanish.
Games start at 1:30 pm Iowa time
Schedule is on Al's Fastball.
Game 1
Mexicali Cervatillos    9  5 inn.       WP-  Adrian Villalobos Acosta
CDI Mexico                  0                    LP-   Jacobo Dahbah
Stats from TitanScore  Facebook As all will be except Team USA
Game 1 Pitching Stats          IP   H  R ER SO BB
Adrian Villalobos Acosta     3.0  0  0  0    6  2   Mexicali 
Gustavo Ochoa Barajas       2.0  0  0  0    4  0   Mexicali 
Jacobo Dabbah                     3.0  4  8  8    4  5   CDI
Salvador Ibanez                    2.0  2  1  1    5  1   CDI
Game 1 WP Alejandro Villalobos Sr.  Error in stats. They fixed it.
Game 2 
Mexicali Cervatillos         4       WP- Rafael Cervantes
Senogrev Campeche       0        LP- Abraham Puch
Game 3
Telerines de Tamaulipas  8     WP-  Carlos Villazana
Senogrev Campeche         0      LP - Ivan Gomez
Game 4
Telerines de Tamaulipas  3      WP- Javier Cabollero
Team USA                           2       LP-  Joel Cooley         
Game 5
Team USA                          7           WP- Tony Mancha
CDI Mexico                        0           LP - Saloman Escbnazi
Fridays scores:
Game 6
CDI Mexico                             0        LP- Salvador Ibanez                
Telerines de Tamaulipas      4        WP- Carlos Villazana
Game 7 
Team USA                            14        WP- Duane Weiler  (Perfect Game)
Senogrev Campeche           0          LP-  Ivan Gomez
Game 8
Mexicali Cervatillos             0          LP-  Gustavo Ochoa
Team USA                             9          WP- Tony Mancha
Game 9
CDI Mexico                           2           LP- Jacabo Dabbah
Senogenv                             3           WP- Ivan Gomez
Game 10 Had another outfit do streaming. No SCore No innings no Pitchers. TitanScore people answered my questions other one did not. So will have to get score and pitchers tomorrow. 
CDI Mexico was 5th  they play Senogrev Campeche at 1 pm Iowa time tomorrow.
Also Czech ExtraLiga plays tomorrow at 5 am Iowa time. Will try to get scores for that as well. 
Game 10
Mexicali Cervatillos           4    LP- Manel Cervantes
Telerines de Tamalipas    10  WP- Alejandro Villalobos Sr.
1 PM Game 11
# 5 CDI Mexico
# 4 Senogrev Campeche
3 PM Game 12
# 3 Mexicali Cervatillos
Winner of Game 11
5 PM Game 13
# 2 Team USA
Winner of Game 12
8 PM  Game 14
# 1 Telerines de Tamaulipas
Winner of Game 13
Finals Day

1 PM Game 11
# 5 CDI Mexico                       4        WP Salvador Ibanez
# 4 Senogrev Campeche      0          LP- Efrain Londeros
3 PM Game 12
Winner of Game 11 
# 5 CDI Mexico                      3           LP- Salomon Esquenazi
# 3 Mexicali Cervatillos        5           WP- Adrian Villalobos  
5 PM Game 13
Winner of Game 12
# 3 Mexicali Cervatillos        3            WP- Gustavo Ochoa 
# 2 Team USA                       2             LP-    Tony Mancha
8 PM  Game 14
Winner of Game 13
# 3 Mexicali Cervatillos              1      LP- Adrian Villalobos
# 1 Telerines de Tamaulipas      5     WP- Samuel Villalvazo