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DeKalb Hustlehogs Icebreaker in DeKalb, IL

May 11, 2019

DeKalb, IL - - DeKalb Hustlehogs Icebreaker in DeKalb, IL

2018 Tournament Announcement   (none received in 2019)

     But our good friend Gary is on the job and is collecting all the info.


Results via Gary Baughman - The Stats Man:


First Game Ice Breaker
Game 1 Kammueller (Syc) Vs Gollan (Hogs)RBI single by Fabio Silvestre scores Matt Smith to take 1-0 lead. Inning 3
Hogs lead 7-0 in the sixth. HR Aaron Leahy and multiple Hits from Thomas Clark. Dan Sardina with a sac fly.

Home and Away flips completed. Second team listed is the home team.

*Second team listed is the home team

630pm DeKalb Hustle Hogs vs Sycamore DSC

9am Sycamore DSC vs Aurora Shamrocks
1030am Hustle Hogs vs Humboldt Park All Star Bravos
1215pm Kenosha Rivals Fastptich vs Hustle Hogs
200pm Rivals vs Sycamore DSC
345pm Aurora Shamrocks vs Hustle Hogs
530pm Aurora Shamrocks vs Bravos
715pm Bravos vs Rivals Fastpitch

Single elimination tournament


Score correction.   

Hogs win 8-2. Fabio Silvestre with the win in relief of Karl Gollan. Thomas Clark has 2 hits, Aaron Leahy homered. RBI singles from Bryan Pittman, Dan Sardina, Silvestre and Justin Colombo contributed to the win. Hogs go again Vs Humboldt Park At 1030 Saturday after the Aurora/Sycamore game.


Game 2
DeLeon (Aurora) Vs Kammueller (Sycamore) in game 1 today. Sycamore leads off with a HR By Cody Varga to lead 1-0.
Sycamore wins 4-1. Kammueller the win. Over Aurora


Game 3
Humbolt Park vs DeKalb
Humboldt Park lead Hohs 5-0 in 4th. Orlando El Caballo Munoz with a 3-run HR.

Humboldt Park wins 11-0. Joel Cooley with the win. Fabio Silvestre 


Game 4 
Hogs defeat Rvlas 3-1. Fabio Silvestre with the win. Thomas Clark, Brian Crouch and Aaron Leahy all with RBI singles. Matt Smith had 2 hits for the Hogs.
Game 5
Sycamore le ad Rivals 2-0. Adam Crouch with a 2 RBI single. Kevin Kammueller on mound for Sycamore.
Sycamore shuts out Rivals. Kammueller with three win. Guaru with the loss. Wet conditions cancels rat if games today. 9am tomorrow continues pool play.
Oh well afraid of rain. Was raining in Wrigley. 
All courtesy of Hustlehogs Facebook Page. Thank Yo fro sharing with all  of us everywhere.
Game 6
Aurora leads Bravos 1-0. Mick Baker (single) singled home by Bert Reddeer.. Oscar Sanchez Vs Jameison
Aurora/Bravos ties 1-1 in the 4th
Bravos win 3- 1 over Aurora. Sanchez with the win.
Ice Breaker Playoff Schedule
Aurora (DeLeon) Vs Rivals (Michael Andrew Skora) in hr #4/5 game. Winner plays Bravos. #3Sycamore vs #2Hogs at noon.
Game 7
Aurora leads 1-0 through three innings.
Game 8
Ice Breaker game 8 Hogs defeat Sycamore 4-1. Fabio Silvestre over Kammueller. Bryan Pittman tripled home Aaron Leahy (single). Pittman than scored on a Scott Beal single. In the 5th Matt Smith singled (2-3) and Thomas Clark tripled and then stole home. Hogs on to the final.
Game 9 
Joel Cooley vs Michael Jameison 6-6 bottom of 7th in other semifinal
Bravos defeat Aurora 6-5. Ozzie Munoz with a walk off single.
Game 10
Bravos lead Hogs 4-3. Sanchez Vs Silvestre. Fred Cardella Jr, Brian Crouch each with RBI singles