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Coldwater Early Bird Tournament

May 29, 2019

Coldwater, MI - - Coldwater Early Bird Tournament

The annual Coldwater Early Bird Tournament will take place this weekend in Coldwater, MI with the following 8 teams participating:

 May 24-26, 2019
1. Marshall Lightning (Marshall, MI)
2. New Hamburg Mustangs U23 (Ontario, CA)
3. DC Outlaws (Bremen, IN)
4. Bandits (Wabash, IN)
5. Michigan Snappers (Eaton Rapids, MI)
6. Frankenmuth Brewery (Frankenmuth, MI)
7. Wabash Pride (Wabash, IN)
8. AJ Masonry Sting (Wabash, IN)
Results will be posted on and twitter (@michiganFP)
Tournament schedule is attached.
Sean Kelly

See the results from our tournament below:


The New Hamburg Mustangs U23 (New Hamburg, Ontario) won the 2019 Coldwater Early Bird Tournament in Coldwater, MI. The championship game between the Mustangs and Marshall Lightning was rained out in the 2nd inning.  With the fields unplayable, the Mustangs were declared the tournament champions based on their 4-0 record.


Matt Zilke of the Mustangs was named the Most Valuable Hitter and Greg Hammel won the Most Valuable Pitcher award.


Game summaries and pool play results are listed below.


Game Summaries:

Game 1

Lightning                 3

Outlaws                   2

WP- Sean Kelly     2H     12K               

LP- Josh Gray        8H     6K     

HR- Doug Counterman (Lightning)


Game 2

Brewers                       15

Snappers                     6

WP- Zach Lach    3H   4K

LP- Greg Heath  

HR- Gene McKinstry, Jeff Nowaczyk, Zach Lach (Brewers); Caleb Roberts, Tim Hansen (Snappers)


Game 3

Lightning                   10

Bandits                      7

WP- Sean Kelly   3IP   2H   8K with Doug Counterman in relief

LP- Dennis Leffler with Pernell in relief

HR- Hostettler (Bandits); Darren Skirka (Lightning)


Game 4

Brewers                       7

Sting                            1

W- Jon Gwizdala   2H   14K

L- Rafael Ramos   4H   7K

HR- Gene McKinstry, Jeff Nowaczyk (Brewers)


Game 5

Mustangs                    9    

Outlaws                       4

WP- Tyler Randerson   4H   4K with relief from Greg Hammel   2H   9K

LP- Josh Gray   7H   6K

HR- Tim Lawmaster (Outlaws); Matt Zilke, Ike Whetstone (Mustangs)


Game 6

Snappers                        9  

Pride                               3

WP- Ryan Nichols    6H   9K

LP- Jordan Eckman   7H  7K

HR- Tim Hansen 3 (Snappers); Grant Sailors, Terry Coulter (Pride)


Game 7

Outlaws                       8                                                                                     

Bandtis                         2

WP- Lane Bender   2H   11K

LP- Pernell   8H   4K

HR- Josh Gray, Tim Lawmaster (Outlaws)


Game 8

Mustangs                       7

Lightning                        1                  

WP- Tyler Randerson   3H   11K

LP- Bryan Boyd   4IP  4H   4K with relief from Sean Kelly and Trevor Kelly

HR- Ryan Cadwell (Mustangs)


Game 9

Brewers                          2

Pride                               1

WP- Jon Gwizdala    2H   10K

LP- Grant Sailors   4H   5K

HR- EJ Devarie (Pride)


Game 10

Sting                              4 

Snappers                       1

WP- Rafael Ramos   3H   6K

LP- Greg Heath   5H   7K

HR- Ysidro Matos, Chris Mettler (Sting)


Game 11

Sting                              7

Pride                              0

WP- Rafael Ramos   1H   4K

LP- Grant Sailors   with relief from Jordan Eckman

HR- Ysidro Matos, Landon Cole, Carlos Cabrea (Sting)


Game 12

Mustangs                      17      

Bandits                           2

WP- Liam Laforest    4H   13K

LP- Dennis Leffler  with relief from Pernell

HR- Jeremy Amburgey (Bandits); Tyler Randerson 2, Ike Whetstone, Cam Leslie, Corey Maclean (Mustangs)


Game 13  (Playoffs)

Mustangs                       8     

Sting                               2

WP- Greg Hammel    3H   17K

LP- Rafael Ramos   8H   6K

HR- Ysidro Matos (Sting); Nick Penner, Corey Maclean (Mustangs)


Game 14

Lightning                         4      

Brewers                          0

WP- Sean Kelly   3H   9K

LP- Jon Gwizdala    7H   9K

HR- Brian Skirka


Game 15  (Championship)  rained out in 2nd inning, Mustangs declared tournament champions

Mustangs                      2    (2nd)

Lightning                       1

P- Greg Hammel

P- Sean Kelly


Final Standings:

1. New Hamburg Mustangs U23 (Ontario, Canada) 4-0

2. Marshall Lightning (Marshall, MI) 3-1

3. Frankenmuth Brewery (Frankenmuth, MI) 3-1

4. AJ Masonry Sting (Wabash, IN) 2-2

5. Michigan Snappers (Eaton Rapids, MI) 1-2

5. DC Outlaws (Elkhart, IN) 1-2

7. Wabash Pride (Wabash, IN) 0-3

7. Bandits (Wabash, IN) 0-3



Pool Play Standings:

Pool A

1. Mustangs (3-0)

2. Lightning (2-1)

3. Outlaws (1-2)

4. Bandits (0-3)


Pool B

1. Brewers (3-0)

2. Sting (2-1)

3. Snappers (1-2)

4. Pride (0-3)