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Ingersoll ISC Qualifier Results

June 19, 2019

Ingersol, ON - - Ingersoll ISC Qualifier Results

     - With Regular detailed updates from the park, and

     - With stats by Gary Baughman

 ISC Canada East Qualifier Schedules and RESULTS June 14-16/2019


 NOTE: Some News may be on NEWS-2 as we are on the road this weekend.


Detailed results from the park all weekend via Blair Setford.





Ingersoll Qualifier Fri 7 pm

#IngersollQualifier Gm 2

Straffordville Underhill Farm Supply 45ers 3
Waterdown Hammer 8
WP Mike Roote 7inn 3R 6H 13Ks 1BB
LP Dylan Polfliet 1.2inn 5R 3H 1K 2BB in relief of Scott Lovell 3.1inn 3R 4H 3Ks 4Ks Trevor Boam 1inn 2H
Hammer Rory Miller HR, Ryan Jaynes 2-4 3RBIs, Mike Pullin 3-run HR
45ers Don Nevil 2-3 2-run HR; Tyler Hoshal 1-3 RBI
#IngersollQualifier Gm 1
Durham Diamondbacks 6
Wiarton Nationals 5
WP Matt Davis 4inn 2R 3H 6Ks in relief of Kyle Fry 3inn 3R 3H 2Ks 3BBs
LP Dustin Veenhoff 1 2/3inn 1R 2H 4Ks in relief of Steve McNaughton 4 1/3inn 5R 8H 8Ks 3BBs
D'Backs Kole Keating 3-RBI 3b SB; Whitney Bridge 2-3 2 runs; Jesse Scott 2-3
Nationals Mackenzie Pringle 2-3 3b RBI 2 runs, Cole MacDougall 1-2 2b BB SB Troy Barfoot 2-3 2-RBI 2b SB

Ingersoll Friday 9pm

#IngersollQualifier Gm 3

Fenelon Falls The Lakes 3
Dundalk Smoke 2
WP Abe Leahy 2inn 1R 2H 4Ks in relief of Luke Leahy 5inn 1R 3H 8Ks 1BB
LP Glenn Dorrington 7inn 3R 8H 11Ks 1BB
Lakes Abe Leahy 1-4 RBI; Fraser Urquhart 1-3 RBI Matt Zilkie 2b HBP 2 runs
Smoke Mike Cole 2-3 2x2b; Glenn Dorrington 1-3
#IngersollQualifier Gm 4
Glanworth Gators 9
Cobourg DRC 6
WP Eric Healey 3inn 1R 1H 6Ks 2BBs in relief of Ben Hodgins 4inn 5R 7H 5Ks 4BBs
LP Clayton Robinson 5 1/3inn 4R 6H 14Ks Jordan McDonald 1 2/3inn 5R 4H 2Ks 2BBs
Gators Randy Gray 2-4 2b Tyler Lynch 2-4 RBI Jake McKillop 2-3 2b RBI 2 runs

DRC Aaron Trude HR 2BBs 3 runs; Jeff St. Pierre 2-3 2 RBIs Dan Burham 2-4 RBI 2 runs 


Ingersoll Sat 9am

#IngersollQualifier Gm 6

Niagara Stompers 1
Waterdown Hammer 3
WP Bryan Newton 7inn 1R 2H 9Ks 2BB
LP Joran Graham 4+inn 3R 3H 6Ks 1BB; Kyle Linton 2inn 0R 2H 4Ks
Hammer Jon Klingenberg 2-2 3b RBI; Joe Triest 1-3 2 RBIs
Stompers Casey Toews 2-2 HR
#IngersollQualifier Gm 5
Elmira Expos 3
Durham Diamondbacks 2
Expos CF Corey Way throws out game-tying run at home plate for final out
WP Dan Martin 4inn 0R 2H 4Ks 1BB in relief of Matt Wardrop 3inn 2R 4H 0K 6BBs
LP Matt Davis 4inn 2R 5H 3Ks 1BB in relief of Kyle Fry 3inn 1R 2H 2Ks 1BB
Expos Matt Wardrop 2-3 HR 2RBIs; Brian Eidt 2-3 3b, 2b, Kevin Ward 1-3 RBI
D;Backs Aaron McCaw 1-2 RBI BB; Matt Davis Sac Fly RBI

 Ingersoll Saturday 11 am

#IngersollQualifier Gm 7

Toronto Batmen 7
Fenelon Falls The Lakes 0
WP Caleb Keeshig 5inn 0R 2H 7Ks 4BB
LP Matt Leahy 4+inn 5R 4H 4Ks 3BB, Luke Leahy 1inn 2R 2H 2Ks 1BB
Batmen Travis Gibsom 2-4 3b RBI, Shea Bryant 2-3 3 RBIs 2b, Scott Wilkin 1-3 RBI
Lakes Adam Harris 1-2 Dave Peterkin 1-1 BB
#IngersollQualifier Gm 8
Glanworth Gators 3
Nith River Monsters 8
WP Greg Hammell 6inn 3R 7H 13Ks, Tyler Randerson 1inn 1H 2Ks 1BB 1HBP
LP Eric Healy 4inn 5R 7H 2Ks, Ben Hodgins 2inn 3R 5H 2Ks
Monsters Nick Penner 2-4 2-run HR, Ben Heinbuch 2-3 3 RBIs; Liam Laforest 2-3 2b 2RBIs,Isiah Whetsone 2-4 3b
Gators Randy Gray 3-4 2-run HR Tyler Lynch 2-4


Ingersoll 1pm

#InnerkipQualifier G10

Cobourg DRC 13
Dundalk Smoke 1
WP Riley Manion 3inn 1R 2H 6Ks Steve McLeod 1inn 0H 1K1BB
LP Pat Ryan Jr 3inn 7R 7H Kyle Hunter 1inn 6R 5H 1BB
DRC Dan Burnham 2-2 2HRs 5RBIs; Jeff St. Pierre 3-3 HR 3RBIs; 
Smoke Carter Franks 1-2 2b Kent Campbell 1b BB
#InnerkipQualifier G9
Wiarton Nationals 10
Straffordville 45ers 0
WP Dustin Veenhof 5inn 4H 4Ks 1BB
LP Stephen deBlaire 2 1/3 3R 7H, Neil McDonald 2inn 6H 7R 1BB, Scott Lovell 2/3inn 0H
Nationals Troy Barfoot 3-3 3x2b BB; Ryan Thompson 2-3 2b 3 RBIs; Cole MacDougall 2-4 2b RBI
45ers Quinn Webber 1-2 2b

Ingersoll 3pm games

#IngersollQualifier G11

Fenelon Falls The Lakes 10 
Glanworth Gators 1
WP Chris Van Volkenberg 5inn 1R 5H 6Ks 4BB 
LP Eric Healey 3+inn 7R 7H 3Ks 2BB, Ben Hodgins 1inn 2R 2H 1BB 2Ks
Lakes Matt Zilkie 3-3 3b 4 RBIs; Andy Harris 1-2 BB 3-run HR; Dave Peterkin 2-2 3b
Gators Aaron Gould 1-2 Scott Poole 2-2 Tyler Annette 3b
#IngersollQualifier G12
Durham Diamondbacks 0
Niagara Stompers 10
WP Kyle Linton 4inn 0R 4H 9Ks 1BB
LP Kyle Fry 2.1inn 4R 5H 1BB  Matt Davis 0.2+inn 6R 5H 2Ks 2Ks
Stompers Kevin Hewhouse 3-3 HR 2b; Dave Pratt 2-3 2b 2RBIs; Steve Gillis 2-3 RBI
D'backs Aaron McCaw 1-2 2b Brayden Parent 1-2 Jordan Mitts 1-2

Ingersoll 5pm


#IngersollQualifier G15

Elmira Expos 2
Waterdown Hammer 10
WP Bryan Newton 5inn 2R 2H 6Ks 1BB
LP Dan Martin 2.2inn 8R 8H 3Ks 1BB, Matt Wardrop 1.1inn 2R 3H 1BB 
Hammer Josh Brohman 3-3 3b 4RBIs, Rory Miller 3-3; Jon Klingenberg 2-3 2-run HR
Expos Kevin Gutscher 2-2; 
#IngersollQualifier G 14

Toronto Batmen 1
Nith River Monsters 3
WP Tyler Randerson 7inn 1R 5H 7Ks 2BB
LP Yan Carlos Gonzalez Dias 3.2inn 3R 3H 6Ks 4BB, Caleb Keeshig 3.1inn 1H 4Ks
Monsters Nick Penner HR; Isiah Whetstone 1-3 RBI; Johnny Baker 1-3; Liam Laforest 3b
Batmen Justin Krulicki 2-3 3b, 2b; Derek Hyde 1-3, Cody Skelton 2b

Ingersoll Sat 7pm

#IngersollQualifier G13

Cobourg DRC 5
Wiarton Nationals 2
WP Clay Robinson 7inn 2R 2H 8Ks 3BB
LP Dustin Veenhof 7inn 5R 8H 8Ks 3BB
DRC Dan Burnham 3-3 2b Craig Buttar 2-3 Aaron Trude 2-3 2b
Nationals Brent Thompson 2-run HR
#IngersollQualifier G16
Fenelon Falls The Lakes 4
Niagara Stompers 1
WP Abe Leahy 7inn 1R 3H 5Ks 2BB
LP Kyle Linton 2.1inn 2R 3H 5Ks 4BB Joran Graham 4.2inn 2R 4H 11Ks 3BB
Lakes Matt Zilkie 4-4 2x2b 2SB 2 runs; Abe Leahy 2-4 RBI
Stompers Casey Toews 2b run; Adam Alexander RBI
We are postponing play due to rain for the remainder of the night. The Cobourg-Wiarton and Niagara-Fenelon Falls games will resume at 8am or as soon thereafter as possible and the remainder of the schedule will carry on from there. Legends & U23 playoffs will start as scheduled.  
 We are back underway on Sunday morning
#IngersollQualifier G18
Elmira Expos 2
Fenelon Falls The Lakes 1
WP Dan Martin 7inn 1R 4H 12Ks 2BB
LP Matt Leahy 3inn 2R 3H 1K 2BB Chris VanVolkenberg 4inn 1HH 8Ks 2BB
Expos Brian Eidt 2-3 RBI; Tim Freeman HR
Lakes Luke Leahy RBI 2b; Matt Zilke 1-3 run
#IngersollQualifier G17
Cobourg DRC 3
Toronto Batmen 4
Ty Sebastian walk-off HR in B7
WP: Caleb Keeshig 4inn 1R 3H 5Ks 2BB in relief of Ty Sebastian 3inn 2R 3H 6Ks 2BB
LP: Jordan MacDonald 3.1inn 2R 2H 2Ks 1BB in relief of Clay Robinson 3inn 2R 4H 4Ks 2BB
Batmen Ty Sebastian HR Travis Gibson 2-4 2b, run; Jeff Lyons 1-2 2b RBI, Shea Bryant 1-3 RBI
DRC Craig Buttar 3-4 2-run HR, 3 RBIs; Aaron Trude 2-3
 #IngersollQualifier G20

Toronto Batmen 4
Elmira Expos 0
WP Caleb Keeshig 5inn 0R 2H 7Ks 1BB Yan Carlos Gonzalez Diaz 2inn 1H 3K 0BB
LP Dan Martin 5inn 4R 8H 3Ks 1BB Matt Wardop 2inn 3H 2Ks
Batmen Cody Skelton 2-4 RBI, Shea Bryant 2-4 Justin Krulicki 2-3 3b
Expos Corey Way 1-2 Scott Lealess 1-3
 #IngersollQualifier G19
Nith River Monsters 6
Waterdown Hammer 2
WP Greg Hammell 7inn 2R 7H 6Ks 1BB
LP Bryan Newton 5inn 4R 6H 5Ks 2BB 1HBP Mike Roote 2inn 2R 3H 3Ks
Monsters Johnny Baker 2-4 Grand Slam Bryan Johnson 2-3 RBI SB Nick Penner 1-3 2b RBI
Hammer John Klingenberg 3-3 2b 2RBIs; Andrew Mathies 2-3, Brady Stafford 1-1 RBI Dallas Kipfer 2-3 3b 2 runs

Ingersoll LB Final


#IngersollQualifier G21

Toronto Batmen 11
Waterdown Hammer 0
WP Yan Carlos Gonzalez Diaz 5inn 0H 9Ks 1BB
LP Mike Roote 2inn 8R 9H 1K 1BB, Bryan Newton 3inn 3R 8H 2K 
Batmen Jeff Lyons 3-3 3-run HR, 2b Derek Hyde 3-4 RBI Scott Wilkin 2b RBI Travis Gibson 2-4 3b RBI 2b
Hammer Andy Triest BB

Ingersoll Champ Game


#IngersollQualifier Final

Toronto Batman 8
Nith River Monsters 1
WP Caleb Keeshig 5inn 1R 5H 3Ks 1Bb
LP Tyler Randerson 4.1inn 8R 9H 5Ks 1BB Greg Hammell 2/3inn 1H 1K
Batmen Travis Gibson 2-3 2b 3 runs; Jeff Lyons 2-2 2b 2RBIs; Denny Benson HR
Monsters Isiah Whetstone 3-3, Nick Penner 2-3 RBI
Congratulations to 2019 ISC Canada East Qualifier Champions Toronto Batmen, their second title in three years.
Top Pitcher is Toronto Batmen's Caleb Keeshig. MVP is Derek Hyde, also of Toronto.
We thank the Ingersoll Rotary Club Host Committee led by Davis Landon for a tremendous job all weekend in and out of the rain, including a great group of scorekeepers. Ed Otterman's Blue Crew as well as the teams, players, umpires and fans who worked with us to dodge the raindrops where we could and to finish games early in the morning on Sunday. Also thanks to Al Doran and Gary Baughman for stats and score sharing and Laurie Fraser for help at the park.
Blair, Kyle, Bob & Mal 

Ingersoll Legends Friday

#IngersollQualifier Legends G1

Waterdown Hammer Legends 2
Waterloo Legends 8
WP: Doug Charlton 7inn 2R 10H 2Ks 
LP Rick Hames 2inn 6R 5H 1K 1BB, Tim Neill 4inn 2R 3H 7Ks
Legends Carl Boughner 3-4 2x2b 3RBIs; Doug Charlton 2-3 HR; Rick Kush RBI
Hammer Joe Beamish 1-3 2b RBI; Fred Killing 1-3 3b RBI
#IngersollQualifier Legends G2
Toronto Dieppe Ridge 4
Sudbury Relics 5
Relics score 3 in B7 for comeback win
WP Ward Gosse 7inn 4R 6H 15Ks 1BB
LP Tom Berube 2+inn 3R 5H 4Ks 2BB in relief of Tracy Woolridge 4inn 2R 7H 7Ks 1BB
Relics Ward Gosse 3-3 BB 2x3b, 2b 3 runs SB; Terry Challis 2-4 2b 2 RBI; Eddie Roy 2-4 2RBIs, Joel Belanger HR
Dieppe Mike Yaworski RBI; Norm Estabrook 1-3 2b
#IngersollQualifier Legends G3
Waterloo Legends 5
Toronto Dieppe Ridge 8
WP Dan Duemo 6inn 4R 7H 2Ks, Tom Berube 1R 2H 1K
LP Paul Lizzotte 3.2inn 6R 6H 2Ks 1BB Mike Crawford 0.1inn 2R 4H Scott Brookshaw 3inn 0R 1H 1K 1BB
Toronto Phil Slaney 3-4; Tracy Woolridge 3-4 2b
Waterloo Jodie Schnarr 2-4 2b; Warren Williams 2-4; Al Staats 2-3
#IngersollQualifier Legends G5

Waterloo Legends 7
Sudbury Relics 6
WP Mike Crawford 3.2inn 0R 2H 1K 1BB in relief of Scott Brookshaw 3.1inn 6R 9H 1K 1BB
LP Ward Gosse 2inn 2R 2H 3Ks in relief of Darren Zack 2inn 0R 0H; Rick Provost 3inn 5R 5H 3Ks 1BB
Legends Doug Charlton 2-2 Scott Brookshaw 2-3 2x3b Carl Boughner 2-run HR Warren Williams GWRBI
Relics Ward Gosse 2-4 Brian McGuire 2-2 3b Curtis Assange 3-3
#IngersollQualifier Legends G4
Sudbury Relics 3
Waterdown Hammer Legends 0
WP Darren Zack 6inn 0R 2H 1K Ward Gosse 1inn 1K
LP Jim Hurst 7inn 3R 12H 4Ks 1BB
Relics Joel Belanger 4-4 2b, 3b RBI; Terry Challis 2-4 2b RBI 
Hammer Danny Wilkins 1-2 Duane Greenbird 1-3
#IngersollQualifier Gm6
Toronto Dieppe Ridge 2
Waterdown Hammer Legends
WP: Tracy Woolridge 7inn 0R 4H 12Ks
LP: Tim Neill 6inn 2R 4H 1K 2BB
Dieppe Dean Begley 2-3 3b Mike Yaworski RBI
Hammer Larry Withnell 2-2
Legends Standings
1. Toronto Dieppe Ridge
2. Waterloo Legends
3. Sudbury Relics
4. Waterdown Hammer Legends
Toronto vs Waterdown
Waterloo vs Sudbury

 Legends & U23 Semi Final Scores

Details will follow
#IngersollQualifier Legends Semi Final Scores

Waterdown 7 Toronto 4
WP Tim Neal
LP Tom Berube in relief of Norm Estabrooks
Sudbury Relics 7 Waterloo Legends 4
WP Ward Gosse in relief of Darren Zack
LP Scott Brookshaw


Ingersoll U23

#IngersollQualifier U23 G1

Alvinston Aces 10 Wellesley Wildcats 2
WP Bailey Whiteye 4.1inn 2R 5H 2Ks 2BB, Nick Ford 1.2inn 0R 0H 2Ks 
LP Dylan Liebold 5.1inn 10R 12H 5Ks 3BB
Aces Lane O'Halloran Grand Slam HR; Clay Dolbear 2-3 2-run HR 4 RBIs Kain Hopkins 2-4 RBI
Wildcats Logan Tolton 2-3 RBI Nathan Schnarr 1-2 Ty Stemmler 2-2
#IngersollQualifier U23 G2
Owen Sound Selects 12 Dundalk Smoke Jrs 4
WP Kirk Santala 5inn 4R 4H 11Ks 1BB
LP Noah Werr 4inn 12R 12H 2Ks 4BB
Selects Quinton Bruce 3-3 HR 2b 3b 2RBIs; Mackenzie Pringle 2-2 2RBIs Mitchell Pringle 3-3 2b 3 RBIs
Smoke Jrs Jordan Franks 1-2 HR
#IngersollQualifier U23 G3
Wellesley Wildcats 8 Dundalk Smoke Jrs 0
WP Mack Fisher 5inn 1H 10Ks 
LP Jerrod Bowden 2inn 5R 5H 3Ks 2BBs Noah Werr 2inn 3R 5H 2Ks
Wildcats Nathan Schnarr 2-2 RBI; Logan Tolton 1-3 3 RBIs Mike Fueller HR
Smoke Jrs Noah Werr 1b; CJ Esquimany 1b
#IngersollQualifier U23 G4  
Alvinston Aces 8
Owen Sound Selects 7
Aces score 4 in B7 for walk-off win
WP  Bailey Whiteye 2inn 4R 5H 1K; DJ Stevenson 5+inn 4R 12H 5Ks 2BB
LP Luke Zettel 6+inn 8R 9H 11Ks 11BB
Aces Kain Hopkins 2-5 GWRBI Ryan Malott 2-3 Mark McNally 1-3 BB 2-run 3b
Selects Quinton Bruce 2-3 3b RBI 2 runs SB; Denny Benson 2-run HR Brandon Tucker 2-2
#IngersollQualifier U23 G5
Owen Sound Selects 7 Wellesley Wildcats 3
WP Kirk Santala 7inn 3R 7H 9K 2BB
LP Mac Fisher 7inn 7R 13H 8Ks 3BB
Selects Quinton Bruce 3-3; Owen Torrie 2-3 RBI
Wildcats Mac Fisher 3-3 RBI 2 runs
#IngersollQualifier U23 G6
Alvinston Aces 8 Dundalk Smoke 2
WP Nick Ford 5inn 2R 4H 5Ks 1BB
LP Jordan Franks 4inn 6R 7H 2Ks 1BB Matt Woodroffe 1inn 2R 3H 2Ks
Aces Mark McNally 2-2 3-run HR; Clay Dolbear 2-3 RBI; Gavin Vermeersch 2-2 run
Smoke Jordan Franks HR Kyle Hunter 3b Pat Ryan Jr RBI 2b
U23 Standings
1. Alvinston Aces
2. Owen Sound Selects
3. Wellesley Wildcats
4. Dundalk Smoke
Alvinston vs Dundalk
Owen Sound vs Wellesley
#IngersollQualifier U23 Semi Final Scores  
Alvinston Aces 11 Dundalk Smoke 10
Owen Sound Selects 4 Wellesley Wildcats 1

Ingersoll U23 Final

#IngersollQualifier U23 Final

Owen Sound Selects 12
Alvinston Aces 0
WP Kirk Santala 4inn PERFECT GAME 7Ks
LP Nick Ford 1 1/3inn 6R 6H 1K, Bailey Whiteye 2/3 5R 3H 2BB; Ryan Malott 2inn 1R 3H 1BB
Selects Quinton Bruce HR Mackenzie Pringle HR Jeremy Torrie HR Jordan Baumber 3-3 2x2b; 
Selects Kirk Santala selected Top Pitcher; Quinton Bruce named MVP
Congratulations to Owen Sound Selects defending their ISC Canada East U23 Championship