Ontario Softball Umpires’ Association Insurance Benefit now in Effect

April 4, 2007

Toronto, ON





Ontario Softball Umpires’ Association Insurance Benefit now in Effect


Toronto: The Ontario Softball Umpires’ Association (OSUA) is pleased to announce that the liability and accident insurance policy for its members is now in effect.


The policy includes $5 million in liability coverage and $20,000 in accident insurance for umpires and volunteers that are acting on behalf of the OSUA.  There is no additional charge if a member officiates more than one kind of softball. The coverage for accident insurance is cross Canada and the liability coverage is worldwide. Optional accident coverage is available for any member who wishes coverage while umpiring outside of Canada.


“We’re trying to identify the needs of softball umpires, no matter if they are involved in fastpitch or slopitch, 3-pitch, orthodox, houseleague, provincial, national or international officiating,” explained membership director Joel Balberman.  “We truly think this and all the other benefits that we are providing our members make the cost of membership worthwhile.  More than that however, we firmly believe that having an autonomous umpires’ association that is responsible for representing the interests of umpires, and working on behalf of umpires, is the fundamental reason why many officials will join our new organization.”


The OSUA’s motto is “Umpires Working for Umpires”.  Along with the insurance coverage that is now in place, members enjoy a ten per cent discount for purchases of apparel and equipment at Honig’s.Whistle Stop Canada Inc.  They can get discounts on St. John Ambulance courses and first aid supplies.  And members will be able to take advantage of new affiliations with other softball organizations, providing them with opportunities to umpire at events these organizations host, and thereby giving them increased personal growth and development.


The cost of a membership in the OSUA is only $25, which is about the same as one game fee.  Not only are members able to take advantage of OSUA benefits, but they will also be showing their support to an organization that is devoted to their well-being as umpires. 


The OSUA’s objective is to be an all-encompassing organization for umpires. Its goal is to be member-driven, offering the benefits and services that our members need and ask for.


For more information on the OSUA, its insurance and other benefits, check out the website www.osua.ca



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