Aurora 2-1 at second Indoor Tourney

April 4, 2007

Davenport, IA

Aurora 2-1 at second Indoor Tourney

Davenport, IA

The Aurora Dolan & Murphy Shamrocks finished 2-1 at the second QC Indoor Tournament in Davenport, IA. Although unable to match their 4-0 performance at last month's tourney, the Shamrocks played well against some tough competition.

Aurora won its pool on Friday night by defeating Franny's (Springfield, IL) 6-0 and Log Cabin (Villa Grove, IL) 5-2 in two well-fought games (all three teams from Pool B made it to semi-final play on Saturday).

Aurora returned to the dome on Saturday for an 8:30pm semi-final game against the eventual champion, Log Cabin. The Shamrocks fell 1-0 before battling back for a 2-1 lead. Log Cabin evened the score at 2 before coming up with a timely hit in the top of the seventh to push ahead 3-2. The Shamrocks were unable to answer in the bottom half.

Jason Iuli battled for the Shamrocks all weekend, giving up only 4 runs on 13 hits in his 20 innings pitched (1.40 ERA). He recorded 36 K's vs. 12 BB's for the weekend.

Offensive highlights include:

Mike Glock (4x8 1T 3RBI), Adam Perkins (4x9 BB 1T RBI), Tom Crouch (4x10 1D 1T 1RBI), Jim Pecoraro (3x8, BB 1D 1RBI), Dave Perkins (3x8 1BB 1D 1T 2RBI).

Game 1
Aurora D&M 6
Springfield Franny’s 0
WP Iuli
Crouch 3x4 triple RBI, D Perkins 2x2 triple RBI, A Perkins 2x4

Game 2
Aurora D&M 5
Log Cabin 2
WP Iuli
LP Punke
A Perkins 2x2 triple, Pecoraro 2x2 double, Glock 2x3 triple 2RBI

Game 3
Aurora D&M 2
Log Cabin 3
WP Punke
LP Iuli
Drew 1x3 triple RBI, Schuett 1x2

Thanks again to Ron Foster and everyone else that helped make the tournament a success, and congratulations to Log Cabin fastpitch of Villa Grove!