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2019 OCC Schedule

September 16, 2019

Innerkip, ON - - 2019 OCC Schedule

     - The 2019 Ontario Challenge Cup - Schedule and Results

          - Friday night moved to Saturday

               - Game stats by the Stats Man

Congratulations to Innerkip Eagles, reeling off 4 straight on Sunday to win the 2019 Ontario Challenge Cup

Please find attached the 2019 OCC Schedule for Innerkip Sept 13-15, 2019


   with stats by Gary Baughman




ISC CE personnel are meeting in Innerkip at 4pm and will be making a call regarding tonight's Ontario Challenge Cup games. We are well prepped with a couple of scenarios. We will be in contact with everyone this afternoon by 530pm with an update.



Based on the weather forecast and thunderstorm warning in the Innerkip area for between 7 & 11pm, we are rescheduling the Friday night games to 8 am Saturday. We're erring on the side of caution with this call.

The first four games starting Saturday at 8am are:

Game 1 - Hickson vs Brussels Innerkip 1
Game 3 - Innerkip vs Kitchener Innerkip 2
Game 4 - Tavistock vs Arthur Innerkip 4
Game 2 - Glen Williams vs Alvinston at Hickson - please go directly to Hickson - no need to check in at Innerkip first.
Address is 99 Loveys Street Hickson N0J1L0

The Saturday schedule will pick up from there with all games starting 15 minutes from the conclusion of the preceding game on the diamond. All teams will be expected to be ready to play when that preceding game ends. It will not be a set schedule on Saturday.

Games 19 & 20 in the losers bracket may get moved to Sunday morning depending on how the day progresses and how late those games would possibly start. Teams will be notified in plenty of time.

We thank everyone in advance for their cooperation to get through what will be a challenging day tomorrow.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Blair 647 248 4700
Joe 519 532 5010
Kyle 519 276 0530


Check out NEWS-2 on a regular basis at





 OCC Games 1-4


#OCC2019 Gm1
Hickson Astros 4
Brussels Tigers 8
WP Ty Sebastian 4 inn 1H 10Ks in relief of DJ Stevenson 3inn 4R 5H 1K
LP Dan Benbow 5 2/3inn 8R 8H 6Ks 5BB relief Nate Running 1/3inn
Tigers Lane Sebastian 2-3 2-run HR; Ty Sebastian HR 3BBs; Steve Crawford 3b
Astros Jeremy Munroe 2-4 3b 2 runs; Jon Klingenberg 2-4 2b

#OCC2019 Gm2
Glen Williams Ale Stars 2
Alvinston Aces 3
WP Nic Ford 7inn 2R 5H 9Ks 2BB HBP
LP Andrew MacKay 1+inn 1R 3H 1K; in relief of Ben Brookshaw 5 1/3 2R 4H 5Ks 2BB HBP
Alvinston 1-4 walk-off RBI; Josh Hamilton 2-3 RBI 2b
Ale Stars Ricky Roscan 2-run HR; Brian Jenner 2b

#OCC2019 Gm3
Innerkip Eagles 11
Kitchener Predators 3
WP Quinn Kropf 3inn 3R 3H 3Ks 3BBs; Tim Neill 2inn 4Ks 2BBs
LP Marc Geddes 5inn 11R 9H 5Ks 6BBs
Eagles Sean McLaren 3-run HR BB 2 runs; Alex Vondervoort 2-2 3b run; Jamie Davis 3b 2runs
Predators Jeff Kolb 3-run HR

#OCC2019 Gm4
Tavistock Hops 3
Arthur Merchants 1
WP Jeremy Kropf 7inn 1R 4H 13Ks 2BB
LP Brody Lantz 7inn 3R 6H 7Ks 3BB
Hops Devin Kropf 1-2 BB 2 runs; Derek Hyde 1-3 BB RBI
Merchants Brad McClennan 1-3 RBI



OCC Games 5-7:

#OCC2019 Gm5
Allenford Astros 0
Shakespeare Falcons 3
WP Fred Follings 7inn 4H 10Ks 2BBs
LP Luke Zettel 6inn 3R 5H 6Ks 4BBs
Falcons Ryan Shannon 2-2; Randy Wicke 1-2 RBI
Astros Luke Zettel 2-3 2x3b

#OCC2019 Gm6
Hamilton Pirates 8
Dundalk Smoke 7
WP Jon Baker 7inn 7R 7H 9Ks 1BB 1HBP
LP Matt Brown 3 1/3inn 6R 5H 2K 2BB, in relief of Kyle Fry 2inn 2R 3H 1K 1BB, relief Glenn Dorrington 2/3inn 1H 1K
Pirates Jon Baker 2-3 3b 2runs; Tyler McNevan 2-4 2b; Will Fehrman 2-run HR
Smoke Brandon Silveria-Lourenco 2-3 2x2b; Aaron DeSantis 3-run HR; Matt Brown 2-run HR

#OCC2019 Gm7
Brussels Tigers 3
Victoria Harbour Dodgers 2
WP Ty Sebastian 7inn 2R 3H 13Ks 4BB
LP Matt Davis 7inn 3R 5H 11Ks
Tigers Ty Sebastian 2-3 3b game-winning HR; Dennis Dewar 1-3 RBI; Lane Sebastian 1-3 RBI
Dodgers Stephen Ashbridge 2BBs 2 runs; Pat Masterson 1-3 RBI


 OCC Games 8-10:

#OCC2019 Gm 8
Alvinston Aces 6
Innerkip Eagles 5
WP Nic Ford 7inn 5R 5H 8Ks
LP Tim Neill 5inn 1R 2H 7Ks, in relief of Quin Kropf 2inn 5R 7H 2Ks
Aces Joey Doxtator 3-4 HR; Joe Triest 2-4 Josh Hamilton 3-run HR
Eagles Jake McKillop 2-4 HR 2 RBIs; Adam McIntryre 2-4 3b HR 2 RBIs 2 runs

#OCC2019 Gm 9
Tavistock Hops 8
Shakespeare Falcons 0
WP Ty Boyd 5inn 1H 6Ks 2BBs
LP Kirk Santala 2inn 6R 4H 1K 2BB, Fred Follings 2inn 1R 3H 3Ks, Liam Laforest 1inn 1R 3H
Hops Trevor Sauder 2-3 2b RBI 3 runs; Corey McLean 2-3 2b RBI
Falcons Matt McLaren 2b

#OCC2019 Gm 10
Wiarton Nationals 9
Hamilton Pirates 1
WP Dustin Veenhof 5inn 1R 8H 7Ks 3BB
LP Pat Ryan 2 2/3inn 9R 8H 1K 3BB
Nationals Troy Barfoot 2-3; Ryan Thompson 1-2; Ryan Heburn 1-2 BB 2 runs; Cole McDougal 1-2 2b 2 runs
Pirates Tyler McNevan 2-3 RBI


 OCC Gm 11 & 12:

#OCC2019 Gm 11
Arthur Merchants 4
Allenford Astros 3 – 9 innings
WP Tim Wright 9inn 3R 8H 4Ks 1BB 1HBP
LP Matt Hamilton 9inn 4R 12H 9Ks 1BB 1HBP
Merchants Brayden Allen 3-5 3b, 3b; Matt Hatch 2-4 2b RBI; Todd Swift 1-3 2 RBIs
Astros Mackenze Pringle HR Mitch Pringle 2b RBI

#OCC2019 Gm 12
Kitchener Predators 1
Glen Williams Ale Stars 8
WP Dave MacKay 5inn 1R 3H 7Ks 1HBP
LP Marc Geddes 7R 6H 1BB, relief Bryce Good 4inn 1R 4H 4Ks 1BB
Ale Stars Ryan Neeb 2-3 HR Mike Cole 2-3 2b run; Ricky Roscam 2-3


OCC Games 14-15:

#OCC2019 Gm 14
Victoria Harbour Dodgers 6
Dundalk Smoke 2
WP Denny Benson 7inn 2R 7H 15Ks
LP Glenn Dorrington 2 2/3inn 3R 6H 4Ks 2BB, Kyle Fry 4 1/3inn 3R 2H 5Ks 3BB
Dodgers Jeff Schilling 2-4 2b HR; Denny Benson 2-4 HR; Pat Masterson HR
Smoke Logan Bruce 1-3 2b RBI; Brandon Silveria-Lourenco 1-3 2b

#OCC2019 Gm15
Hamilton Pirates 5
Hickson Astros 8
WP Nate Running 4inn 4R 5H 5Ks 2BB, in relief of Nick Laurette 3inn 1R 3H 1K 1BB
LP Dan Anthony 2/3inn 3R 4H 2BB in relief of Rick Hames 2 2/3 5R 5H 1K; Pat Ryan Jr 3 2/3inn 2H 2Ks 1BB
Astros Jon Klingenberg 2-4 2b run; Andrew Benbow 2-4 2 runs; Isiah Whetstone 2-4 2b
Pirates Justin Warnick 2-4 run; Ty McNevan 2b; Marco Dicienzo 2b


OCC Gms 13 & 16

#OCC2019 Gm 13
Arthur Merchants 4
Innerkip Eagles 5
WP Jake McKillop 7inn 4R 8H 12Ks 2BB
LP Tim Wright 6inn 5R 7H 5Ks 1BB
Eagles Alex Vandervoort 3-3 3b run; Jake McKillop HR; Jamie Davis HR
Merchants Taylor Quinte 2-3 3b; Tim Wright 2-3 2b 2 runs

#OCC2019 Gm 16
Shakespeare Falcons 7
Glen Williams Ale Stars 0
WP Kirk Santala 5inn 2H 8Ks
LP Ben Brookshaw 2 2/3inn 5R 5H 2Ks 2BB, Andrew MacKay 2 1/3inn 2R 3H 2Ks 2BB
Falcons Andrew Medhurst 2-3 BB 2 runs; Matt McLaren 1-3 RBI; Rob Faulhaufer 1-3 RBI
Ale Stars Ryan Neeb 2-2


OCC gm 17-20

#OCC2019 Gm 20
Hickson Astros 5
Shakespeare Falcons 6
WP Fred Follings 3 2/3inn 4H 9Ks 1BB, in relief of Kirk Santala 3 1/3inn 5R 4H 7K 4BBs
LP Nic Laurette 6 1/3inn 6R 9H 6Ks 2BBs
Falcons Ryan Shannon 2-3 Walk-off HR; Andrew Medhurst 2-3 Game-tying HR; Matt McLaren 2-3 run
Astros Jon Klingenberg 3-3 HR 2 runs; Jeff Rowell 3-4 2b
#OCC2019 Gm 19
Innerkip Eagles 7
Victoria Harbour Dodgers 0
WP Tim Neill 5inn 3H 10Ks
LP Lionel Solomon 2inn 4R 2ER 5H 3K 1BB relief Matt Davis 3inn 2R 3H 6Ks, Rob Milligan 1/3 inn 1R 2H
Eagles Jake McKillop 3-4 2x3b 2runs, Adam McIntyre 2-run HR; Jon Atkinson 2-3 RBI run
Dodgers Ted Conway 1-1; Jeff Schilling 1-2
#OCC2019 Gm 18
Wiarton Nationals 8
Tavistock Hops 0
WP Dustin Veenhof 5inn 2H 8Ks 
LP Tristan Hohl 3inn 7R 6H 2BB 1HBP, Ty Boyd 2inn 1R 2H 1K 1BB
Nationals Tyler Hewitt 3-3 2 runs; Adam Stuck 2-3 2 runs Jay Miller HR
Hops Justin Wagler 2-2
#OCC2019 Gm 17
Alvinston Aces 0
Brussels Tigers 4
WP Ty Sebastian 7inn 3H 17K 
LP Taylor DeGraw 4R 6H 8Ks 4BBs
Tigers Lane Sebastian 2-2 3b RBI; DJ Stevenson RBI Darren Scholl RBI
Aces Jeff Lyons 1-2 BB


OCC Gms 21-22

#OCC2019 Gm 21
Tavistock Hops 1
Innerkip Eagles 5
WP Tim Neill 7inn 1R 5H 10Ks
LP Jeremy Kropf 4inn 2R 4H 3Ks 1BB Tye Boyd 2inn 3R 3H 1K 1BB
Eagles Adam McIntyre 2-3 RBI, Joe Thornton HR, Jamie Davis 2b
Hops Travis Ramseyer 2-4 3b Devin Kropf RBI

#OCC2019 Gm 22
Alvinston Aces 3
Shakespeare Falcons 9
WP Fred Follings 1 1/3inn 0H 2Ks 1BB, in relief of Kirk Santala 5 2/3inn 3R 5H 6Ks 7BBs
LP Taylor DeGraw 5 2/3inn 7R 8H 3Ks 4BB 1HBP, relief Nic Ford 1/3inn 2R 2H 1BB
Falcons Andrew Medhurst 2-run HR; Rob Faulhafer 1-3 3RBIs; Ryan Shannon 2-3 2 RBIs
Aces Kole Keating 1-3 BB 2RBIs Jeff Lyons 3b 3BBs


 OCC Gms 23 & 24

#OCC2019 Gm 23
Wiarton Nationals 1
Brussels Tigers 4
WP Ty Sebastian 7inn 1R 4H 11Ks 2BB
LP Dustin Veenhoff 6inn 4R 6H 6Ks 1BB 1HBP
Tigers Steve Scholl 2-3 2RBIs Dennis Dewar 2-3 RBI
Nationals Ryan Thompson 2-3 2b RBI


#OCC2019 Gm 24
Innerkip Eagles 9
Shakespeare Falcons 1
WP Quinton Kropf 4 1/3 6H 4Ks 2BB in relief of Tim Neill 2 2/3 1R 4H 3Ks
LP Ryan Shannon 2inn 4R 6H 2Ks 1BB, Fred Follings 5inn 5R 8H 6Ks
Eagles Jake McKillop 3-3 2b run; Joe Thornton 2-3 2runs; Kyle Kreiger 2-4 2b 3 RBIs
Falcons Reid Yantzi 2-2 2b Matt McLaren 3-4 3b run


 OCC Gm 25

#OCC2019 Gm 25
Wiarton Nationals 3
Innerkip Eagles 7
WP Quinton Kropf 6inn 3R 7H 4Ks Jake McKillop 1inn 1K
LP Dustin Veenhof 7inn 7R 14H 3Ks
Eagles Jake McKillop 4-4 RBI 2 runs; Joe Thornton 2-4 3 runs, Alex Vondevoort 2-4 HR 3RBIs
Nationals Tyler Hewitt 2-3 HR; Troy Barfoot 2b run


 OCC Champ Gm 26


#OCC2019 Gm 26
Innerkip Eagles 14
Brussels Tigers 9
WP Quinn Kropf 3inn 3R 5H 1K 1BB in relief of Tim Neill 3 1/3inn 5R 6H 3Ks 1HBP, Jake McKillop 2/3inn 1R 3H
LP Dennis Dewar 5inn 8R 12H 2K 1BB, in relief of Ty Sebastian 2inn 6R 5H 2Ks
Eagles Jake McKillop 4-5 2x3b 2b 4 RBIs 4runs; Joe Thornton 3-5 2 runs; Alex Vondervoort 2-4 2 RBIs, Paul McIntyre 2-4 2 RBIs
Tigers Ty Sebastian 3-5 HR 4 RBIs; Dennis Dewar 3-5 RBI; Mark Miller 3-4 2b RBI, Trent Michie 2-4 2 runs

Congratulations to Innerkip Eagles, reeling off 4 straight on Sunday to win the 2019 Ontario Challenge Cup, scoring 35 runs today en route to the championship.

Most Valuable Pitcher Ty Sebastian, Brussels Tigers, 4-0, 27 innings pitched, 53Ks

Most Valuable Player Jake McKillop, Innerkip Eagles, batted over .700 for the weekend 


 Team Stats by Gary Baughman


 Batting Stats

 Pitching Stats


Individual Team Stats





We've had a minor schedule change due to a team dropping out of the OCC. We want to thank Arthur Merchants who stepped up within 48 hours and filled the available spot.
Kitchener Predators move from Game 4 Fri at 9pm to Game 3 Fri at 7pm - thanks to the Predators who volunteered to make this switch.
Arthur Merchants move into the Game 4 slot Friday at 9pm.
No other changes.
Blair, Joe, Kyle, Bob

Schedule in PDF


 Schedule as jpg - as below


   with stats by Gary Baughman