Paul Algar update

April 5, 2007


Hi Al, as you all know I was attacked in New Zealand on the way home from my local bar by a man wheeling a crow bar.  I was knocked unconscious and repeatedly hit over the head. I was later found laying in the gutter bleeding from the head and taken to the hospital where I underwent surgery to remove bone fragments and blood from my brain, they also placed two metal plates in to raise my skull from the brain.  My nose was broken (again) and I received gashes to my ear and head that required 22 stitches.  I spent 4 days in the hospital recovering and still get frequent headaches and dizziness, within a millimeter of losing my life, thankfully I will make a full recovery.
Al, that is not my main reason for this e-mail, due to such a large amount of get well wishes that would take me a month to reply to, and most did not come with a return address unless specifically included. I really would like to thank everyone through you that sent me get well wishes, cards and emails for a speedy recovery.  I got emails from people that I have never met before who have seen me play, and from countries, team Canada, team USA, Australia and New Zealand black Sox.  Not to mention my fellow competitor, from the best the game has ever seen to young men starting out.  This was an unbelievably difficult time for me and you all lifted my spirits and touched me, thanks for your compassion, I hope I never have to return the favor. love your family, cherish life, play hard, there could be no tomorrow.
The real bad news is that I can have only one beer,for now.
Thanks again.