Bob Tomlinson announces new pages on Fastpitch Chronicle website

April 8, 2007

Poynette, WI

Bob Tomlinson announces new pages on Fastpitch Chronicle website

April 8, 2007
Al and readers - I have been cleaning out items from the storage area of The Fastpitch Chronicle newspaper (1987-2002). In the process, I have tossed hundreds of items including copies of the issues, tournament programs, other newspaper clippings, pictures and more.
I've decided to add a page to The Fastpitch Chronicle website at http://www.fastpitchchronicle.com/historical.html
where I will post articles from those great days of fastpitch covered by "The Chronicle." The page is called Turning Back Pages and is dedicated to Irv Kawarsky, the longtime historian for both Ray Anderson's Faspitch Softball News Bulletin and for The Fastpitch Chronicle newspaper.
The first few articles are now posted on the site and include "The Chronicle's" front page story from September 1993 when Jack Fireman's Toronto Gators stunned National Health Care Discount by winning 6-1 and 4-1 in the two final games. Once there, readers can also find out who the fans in the stands chose as their favorite players at that tournament.
After publishing The Chronicle for 14 years, I know that most fastpitch fans thirst for material on and about the game. I'll also be firing up a Mens Fastpitch Trivia page on the site where fans can click into and try to answer the myriad of trivia questions that will be there. The trivia questions will probably change weekly in order to satisfy everyone's thirst.
Keep up the great job service that you have been providing since 1995 Al.
Bob Tomlinson
The Fastpitch Chronicle