Ken Hackmeister has passed

November 19, 2019

Farmington, UT - Ken Hackmeister has passed

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Very sad news this morning from the International Softball Congress (ISC) - Our good friend Ken Hackmeister has passed away.


Obituary posted 19 Nov 2019

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The ISC is saddened by the passing of former President and Executive Director Ken Hackmeister, who passed away yesterday in Farmington, Utah at the age of 78. We offer our deepest condolences to Ken’s wife Les and their family.

Following a two-year term as President, Ken served as Executive Director of the ISC for 10 years, from 2002 through 2012, bringing the ISC into the modern era.

Several innovations came under Ken’s watch as Executive director, including the PRAWN system to attempt to equalize talent, the broadening of the ISC’s international exposure with players from Latin and South America becoming mainstays, joining the influx of Kiwis and Aussies, and the addition of the ISC II division which extended ISC play into additional talent realms.

He oversaw a significant turnover in ISC personnel through the early 2000s, bringing many key influencers into the organization that continue his legacy of supporting the ISC and men’s fastpitch softball.

Ken was the managing editor of the ISC World Championship Guide, one of the key annual collectibles for fans of the game.

All told, Ken served the ISC for 38 years in various capacities. Among his many notable ISC accomplishments:

Appointed ISC Travel League Commissioner for Utah in 1980.

Developed ISC souvenir merchandise program beginning in 1988.

 Began ISC umpire apparel program in 1989.

 Started ISC presence at annual Super Show (sporting goods) in 1989 to obtain new
sponsorships for ISC activities.

 Tournament Director, 1992 ISC World Tournament and arranged national network television of 1992 ISC World Tournament.

 Inducted into ISC Hall of Fame in 1996 during 50th anniversary ISC world tournament in
 Kimberly, WI.

 In 1999, appointed ISC Executive Director Designate to begin official duties in September 2001.

 Following untimely death of ISC President Bob Welby in September 1999, was elected ISC President to complete Bob's term through 2001.

Ken's fastpitch playing career began in 1959 in Pocatello, ID, following the typical baseball activities of an 18-year-old. American Legion baseball was over, high school baseball was over, collegiate baseball was dropped by Idaho StateCollege (ISC, ironically) and two friends enticed him into playing fastpitch softball to fill the void.

He played in Pocatello through the early 60's when his job transferred him to Los Angeles in 1963. In the LA area, he played for a team based in LaHabra, CA until 1968 when he moved to Utah to become an insurance agent in Bountiful, just outside Salt Lake City.

He didn't play the 68 season, opting to concentrate on his new insurance business but began playing again in 1969 with 2 different teams in 2 leagues.

Ken's defensive catching skills were quickly noticed and he gradually moved up the ranks to better and better teams, ultimately playing at the highest level for teams such as Sizzler, Dunn Oil, Tri Arc and Larry H. Miller Toyota, where he finished his playing career in 1987.

While still playing, in 1974 he was asked to become a member of the Valley Sports Assn., a volunteer group of mostly players and managers, who organized and staged all softball tournaments for Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation. That was the start of a more than 40-year involvement as a softball administrator.

International Experience
 Coached Boys 18U and Men's A teams in several Canadian tournaments

 Coached against teams from Canada, New Zealand, Taiwan and Mexico

 Coached in two ISC North American Championship Tournaments

 Played in 12 ISC World Tournaments

 Played against numerous New Zealand teams on 3-week tour in 1988

 Played in several Canadian invitationals (1972 - 1987)

 Named head coach of USA Junior Men's team for 1997 ISF Championship but had to withdraw due to work commitment at Disney.

National Championship Playing Experience
 Played in 11 ASA men’s major national tournaments 1976-1987.

 Played in 12 ISC World Tournaments 1976-1987.

National Championship Coaching Experience
 Coached 12 ASA Boys National Tournaments from 1982-1994. During this span, Ken's various boys teams achieved 2 Championships, 2 Runner Up, 2-3rd Place, 2-4th Place and 2-5th Place finishes. Ken's boys program had teams in 23, 18, 16 and 14U age groups.

Championship Tournaments and Tournament Director
 From 1974 through 1994, 8 ASA National Tournaments, 2 ISC World/North American Championship Tournaments and 2 NAFA World Series.

Special Events and Activities
 Coached championship team in 1989 ASA Hall of Fame Boys Tournament.

 As business manager for Larry Miller Toyota team, handled administrative duties for their participation in 3 US Olympic Festivals

 Tournament Director for 3 Utah Summer Games fastpitch events for men, women, boys and girls.

 Coordinated local appearances of teams from New Zealand, Taiwan, Canada and Mexico.

 In 1993-94, obtained a 10,000 square foot warehouse for indoor winter clincs and practices. Facility had 16 pitching lanes, 2 batting cages, soft toss/tee area and a full size infield.

 Coordinated the 1988 New Zealand tour (3 weeks) for the Larry Miller Toyota team and a group of 40.

 Served as Tournament Director of over 150 invitational tournaments.

 From 1975-1986, wrote a weekly softball column for the Salt Lake Tribune.

 From 1979-1996, served as business manager for the top Salt Lake men's team. From 1974-2001, served as founder and tournament director for Salt Lake's Pioneer Days tournament.

 In 1982, co-founded the Salt Lake boys fastpitch program with program sponsor, Carl Hansen, owner of Page Brake. Program functioned continually through the 1996 season, returning to win an ISC II championship in 2017.

 In 1984, organized the Utah Softball Hall of Fame. Initial induction ceremony had 44 inductees covering over 50 years of Utah softball.

 In 1982 and 1991, honored by Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau for organizing and obtaining a variety of international, national and invitational tournaments to Salt Lake City, bringing in thousands of visitors to the area.

 In 1996, hired by Walt Disney Co. as the first Softball Operations Manager for the newly built Disney;s Wide World of Sports complex at Disney World in Florida.

 Helped to run the highly successful AAU tournament at Disney in the 2000s.


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There was a Facebook thread on Ken Hackmeister back in August of 2019 and I responded to it:


I saw this thread on Ken Hackmeister and thought I should say a few words as in my book, he is the definition of class and people should know what a major role he has played in fastpitch in general and the ISC specifically.


Ken Hackmeister by Al Doran:

I had the distinct pleasure of working with and for Ken Hackmeister for the majority of my many years as the webmaster of the International Softball Congress (ISC). When I first met with a number of the executive of the ISC in Victoria, BC in 1997 and proposed that the organization move to a web based site to share information on our great sport, it was Kenny who stood out as the leader and I knew then, I wanted to work with him.

It was 1999 when I was formally asked to take on the job as Webmaster and to create a website for the ISC. Kenny was not yet the Executive Director of the ISC but it was obvious to me it would only be a matter of time before he took on that role. Kenny had the knowledge and more importantly, the leadership skills to take on the role of taking the ISC into the future.

In my working career, I had been very fortunate to work for a number of outstanding leaders (managers, commanding officers, directors, senior executives) in my many years with the Canadian Armed Forces then with Canada Post Corporation then York University. I can state that without exception, Kenny stood out as the absolute best of the great people I had worked for and with.

In addition to working for Kenny with the ISC, I also had the pleasure of working with him for many years with the Annual AAU Fastpitch Tournament in Orlando, Florida. Not everyone was aware that it was Kenny who created this great tournament and grew it to what it became the focal point for our men’s fastball game every January in the warm Florida sun. Sadly, the tournament did not last for long after Kenny retired from his position there.

While my position with the ISC was not actually a full time position requiring 9-5 attendance Monday to Friday, it did feel like it was, and that had a lot to do with the leadership and guidance that emanated from Ken Hackmeister. Kenny had a vision and he knew how to communicate it with the people that worked for him. He also knew how to lead the large group of ISC Commissioners who comprised the organization and who shared the workload that kept it running and growing.

For all those years that I worked in the ISC for and with Ken, I got up every morning looking forward to opening my email to find what task Ken would assign to me next. I started every day by working on whatever Ken needed done to the ISC site. The day ended, generally after midnight by my checking my email one last time for the day to see if there was anything new he needed done. It was a pleasure to work with him and personally very rewarding to be contributing to a very worthwhile venture where the guidance and leadership came from such an outstanding leader in our sport.

I wish Kenny all the luck in the world, especially right now while he is fighting the good fight. I hope we see you around the ball yard for a long time to come.

 - above from August 2019




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