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Concerns about Facebook links and information

November 24, 2019

AlsFastball - Concerns about Facebook links and information

You have reached a link used by someone using Facebook as their website.

We recommend that you go to Facebook and search for their website.

We Do NOT use Facebook links or code if we can absolutely help it!
Yes, we have a Facebook account and we use it every day, however for some time now we have stopped linking stories from Facebook and we try our best to avoid using text sent to us for a story that originates from Facebook.

A number of followers have reported to us that their Anti-Virus (AV) software has warned them about links on our website. This is most unfortunate and not due to any malicious action on our part. It appears that someone or some people have sent us one or more stories copied from Facebook and we have posted those stories not knowing that the text sent to us originated from Facebook and that it contains malicious code that should be avoided.

More and more people are using Facebook as their team or organization web site instead of having their own distinct web site.  I cannot say that I blame them. Facebook is free and having a distinct web site can be costly. We hope that we never have to do that as Facebook is fraught with problems and it seems to get worse every day.

Facebook is famous for not protecting your privacy. They love to grab your personal information and sell it or use it for purposes that you never agreed to. So look out!

Here is info that I usually give to people who have already had this happen:

There are two likely possibilities. You probably clicked on a link that unknowingly installed a rogue app on Facebook or it installed a virus or malware on your computer. Or you clicked something elsewhere that installed a virus or malware on your computer. Often links with shock value that make you go read them to find out what the full story is ("You won't believe what this girl's dad did next!" Or "10 things you should know if you want to be happy") And, never ever click on coupon or prize links that seem too good to be true!! Always wave your mouse over links before you click them and see what the link is... if it's not at a legitimate web site that you know, don't click it.

We will do our best to avoid using copies of information from Facebook and will also avoid using links to Facebook. If someone sends us a link to their club, or team, or league, etc. we will not use that link, we will use a link to this story and then you can decide if you want to risk looking at their Facebook page.


BIG THANKS to those who find a bad link, usually identified by your anti virus software. THANK YOU for letting us know and for sending us a copy of the actual link, THAT is what is REALLY HELPFUL... we need the link, the URL, so we can go into that page and remove the offending bad info.




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