Advanced Umpire School - Softball Canada

April 16, 2007

Grafton, ON

Softball Canada presents:

An Advanced Mechanics School in Grafton/Cobourg, Ontario on May 24 to 27, 2007.


This School will cover both Fast Pitch and Slo-Pitch mechanics and will concentrate on Rules, Case Plays and Mechanics in class and field drills stressing plate mechanics, base mechanics, 3 and 4 umpire systems.  Pitching machine drills and actual game evaluations will be used to instruct and provide instant feedback to all participants.

A written evaluation will be provided.

COST: $140.00 per participant with cheques made payable to Softball Canada.


OPEN TO: All officials who are registered with their home province/territory and who have LIII, LIV, or LV and LII officials with P.U.I.C. approval


Participants will receive instruction from one out-of-province instructor and one in-province instructor.  More instructors will be added as numbers increase beyond a 1 to 10 or 15 ratio.  Game classifications are female midget, junior, intermediate & senior fast pitch or men’s masters recreation 35+ and/or intermediate D Slo-Pitch.


Partial game fees will be paid for the evaluation games.

Lunches on Thursday and Friday provided.

Participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodations.

Rooms are available at

Motel 401, Cobourg, Ontario

(905) 372-0904 or (905) 372-5533 or fax (905) 373-1594


Please go to the Softball Canada web site and complete the registration form and submit it with the fee to the Softball Canada office at: Softball Canada, 223 Colonnade Road, Suite 212, Ottawa, Ontario, K2E 7K3,

Email: info@softball.ca, Phone: (613) 523-3386Fax: (613) 523-5761 attention Donna Ozarko, ozarko@softball.ca


Registration must be at the 20 minimum numbers by May 1, 2007 or the school will be cancelled.


Doug Cundall
Deputy U.I.C.
Softball Canada